Learn OpenGL. Lesson 6.4 - IBL. Mirror irradiance

 3r31659. 3r3-31. Learn OpenGL. Lesson 6.4 - IBL. Mirror irradiance 3r3161313.  3r31659. In 3r31488. the previous lesson
we prepared our PBR model to work with the IBL method — for this we needed to prepare in advance an irradiance map that describes the diffuse part of indirect illumination. In this lesson we will focus on the second part of the expression of reflectivity, the mirror one: 3r3161613.  3r31659. 3r? 31304. 3r? 31308. 3r? 31304. 3r31475. 3r31477. 3r? 31308. 3r3161313.  3r31659. 3r318. 3r31644. 3r3161313.  3r31659.
Contents 3r3303.
Part 1. Start ...
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Translation of Andrew Un’s Passion for Machine Learning Chapters 28 - 29

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Streamer from MiniDV-camcorder

Sometimes you may want a strange one. That seems to be the MiniDV video camera itself and it lies. There are no requests. And what if we take and write on her cassettes not even a video at all, but, say, files. Record is still digital. Let the volume of the cassette is only about 13 GB (for the data it turned out to take about 9.5 GB), even if the read speed is 3.5 MB per second, but you’ll get a simple home drive. So to say, “streamer for the poor.” Why not send to multiple tapes, say, any important files. Just so, just in case. Let's try!
 3r395. ...
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Why is SRE documentation important? Part 1

 3r3182. 3r3-31. Good evening everyone! 3r3167.  3r3182. 3r3167.  3r3182. The intensity of our launches varies from month to month. September students did not have time to finish the second month of the course 3–3–36. “Devops - practices and tools” 3r3-33170. , as we have the next stream. So we are again ready to share with you useful materials on the topic and look forward to at least open lessons . 3r3167.  3r3182. 3r3167.  3r3182. Today we will look at the first part of the article on how documentation allows SRE teams to manage new and existing services. 3r3167.  3r3182. 3r3167.  3r3182...
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Distribute and Conquer: tools for creating and testing distribution lists

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nanoCAD Mechanics 9.0: The Basics of Modern Design

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Creating your own color palette

 3r33357. 3r3-31.
Adapted from our future book "UI refactoring"
3r33333.  3r33357. 3r33333.  3r33357. Have you seen these trendy color palette generators? When you choose a color, you adjust several parameters with musical words like “triad” or “fourth major” - and get five perfect colors for your website? 3r33333.  3r33357. 3r33333.  3r33357. Creating your own color palette
3r33333.  3r33357. Well, if you do not want the site to look like this:
 3r33357. 3r33333.  3r33357. 3r3331. 3r33333.  3r33357. 3r33333.  3r33357. 3r33333. What you need is actually
3r33333.  3r33357. You do nothing with five hexadecimal codes. To build something ...
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Summary of the report “Monolith for hundreds of client versions” (HL201? Badoo, Vladimir Yants)

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Another reason why Docker containers are slow

Another reason why Docker containers are slow3r3128. In the last 3r318. post 3r3142. I talked about Kubernetes, about how ThoughtSpot uses it for its own development support needs. Today I would like to continue the conversation about a short but not less interesting debugging story that happened just recently. The article is based on the fact that containerization! = Virtualization. In addition, it clearly shows how containerized processes compete for resources, even with optimal cgroup restrictions and high machine performance.
 3r3154. 3r311. 3r3147. ...
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Julia and the movement of a charged particle in an electromagnetic field

3r3-31. 3r33586. Julia and the movement of a charged particle in an electromagnetic field 3r? 3593. 3r3-3589.  
3r33586. We fix the skills of solving and visualizing differential equations on the example of one of the most common evolutionary equations, recall the good old Scilab and try to understand whether we need it Under the cut of the picture (kilobyte per seven hundred) 3r33593. 1 3r???. , 3r3444. 2 , and here about Octave therefore, we restrict ourselves to references to Wikipedia 3-333588. and on 3r350. homepage . 3r3-3589.  
From myself I will add, about the presence of a convenient interface ...
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