What will happen to error handling in C ++ 2a

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Introduction to WSGI Servers: Part One

 3r3406. 3r3-31. This article is a translation of Kevin Goldberg’s “An Introduction to Python WSGI Servers: Part 1” article blog.appdynamics.com/engineering/an-introduction-to-python-wsgi-servers-part-1 with minor additions from the translator 3r33382.  3r3406. 3r33382.  3r3406. Introduction to WSGI Servers: Part One 3r33382.  3r3406. 3r33382.  3r3406. 3r33380. A brief history of servers WSGI Python
3r33382.  3r3406. 3r33394. WSGI [/b] Servers appeared because web servers at that time could not interact with applications written in Python. 3r33394. WSGI [/b] ( Pronounced “whiz-gee” with a solid “g” ) Was developed ...
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Do applications on Flutter dream about platform-oriented widgets?

3r3-31. Hi, Habr! I present to you the translation of Article "Do Flutter apps dream of platform aware widgets?" 3r3195.  
Do applications on Flutter dream about platform-oriented widgets? 3r3195.  
When developing applications on Flutter with native design for iOS and Android, I was faced with the fact that I had to write a bunch of conditions to check the platform on which the code is executed, while doing two similar implementations of the UI. I did not like it and I am glad that I came across an article that helped me solve my problem. 3r3195.  
3r311. 3r3198. 3r3195.  
About the author: Swav Kulinski - Lead Android Developer in The App Business, Flutter GDE...
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How Microsoft rewrote the C # compiler in C # and made it open

 3r3176. 3r3-31.
The author of the article is Mads Torgersen, lead architect of C # at Microsoft
3r3162.  3r3176. 3r3162.  3r3176. 3r3154. Project Roslyn [/b] 3r3162.  3r3176. 3r3162.  3r3176. 3r3154. Roslyn [/b] - this is the code name that was assigned to the open-source compiler for C # and Visual Basic .NET. The project began in the deepest darkness of the last decade of Microsoft's corporate life - and ended as an open source project, a cross-platform, public universal C # engine (and VB, which I will take for granted in the rest of the article). 3r3162.  3r3176. 3r3162.  3r3176. The first talk ...
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Installing FreeSWITCH 1.8 on Debian 9 (Raspbian Stretch, the basic image of the SmartDomain system MajorDoMo on Rasbperri Pi)

Installing FreeSWITCH 1.8 on Debian 9 (Raspbian Stretch, the basic image of the SmartDomain system MajorDoMo on Rasbperri Pi) 3r33434. 3r3-31. I continue a small series of articles devoted to the creation of a “smart home” and step-by-step instructions for self-installation /configuration. 3r33411.  3r33434. But now it will be mainly about Freeswitch and IP telephony. 3r33411.  3r33434. In August, the developer of the open VoIP IP telephony platform FreeSWITCH, ClueCon, published a public release of the new software version - 1.8. (??? has already been released). 3r33411.  3r33434. In connection with the release of this version of the Freesfitch 1.8 IP telephony platform, there was a decision to install it on Raspberry ...
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Installing kubernetes via kubespray (local-storage, installing ELK, prometheus)

Installing kubernetes via kubespray (local-storage, installing ELK, prometheus) 3rr3465. 3r3-31.
How to raise the High-Availability Kubernetes cluster and not to blow up the brain?
 3rr3465. Use Kubespray, of course.
 3rr3465. Kubespray is a set of Ansible roles for the installation and configuration of an orchestration system with Kubernetes containers.
 3rr3465. Kubernetes is an open source project designed to manage a cluster of Linux containers as a single system. Kubernetes manages and runs containers on a large number of hosts, and also provides co-location and replication of a large number of containers.
 3rr3465. Carefully, under the cut 4 screenshots of elasticsearch ...
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Haiku R1 /beta1 Review - BeOS revision, 18 years after its last official release

 3r33337. 3r3-31. Haiku R1 /beta1 Review - BeOS revision, 18 years after its last official release
 3r33337. In the early 2000s I experimented and used BeOS R5 Pro when the company that created it went to the bottom. I have been following the development of Haiku with interest over the years. Although it can be argued that both the old BeOS and the new Haiku do not have some important functions that are inherent in modern OSs, the fact is that a lightweight operating system can always be, for example, a great way to bring new life to the old or new, but not too powerful piece of iron.
 3r33337. Gobe ​​Productive ...
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Trial and installation methods for Arch Linux

Trial and installation methods for Arch Linux 
3r3-31. Now we will talk about installation in various versions of such a well-known Linux distribution kit - Arch Linux. At the time of this writing, it takes on distrowatch honorable 12th place in the number of search queries for 6 months with an honorable average rating of the distribution 9.3 /10. Many people consider it a real Linux, for real programmers, but first of all it is famous not for this, but for its nontrivial installation process. When launching a bootable media, the user first of all sees not the usual “click here to install X” interface, but a large black window into ...
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October 2? 2018 Atlassian User Group meeting in Raiffeisenbank

Hello! 3r3386.  3r395. 3r3386.  3r395. The Atlassian User Group (AUG) is a community of Atlassian users. The community holds regular meetings where we share our experience on using Atlassian products. On October 2? AUG will meet in the office of Raiffeisenbank. 3r3386.  3r395.
3r3386.  3r395. 3r3386.  3r395.
Schedule a meeting 3r317. 3r3386.  3r395. 3r3386.  3r395.

18:30 We start registration and get acquainted

3r3386.  3r395. 3r3386.  3r395. [h3] 19:00 Migrating configurations or automating the delivery of changes to pro 3r3-359. 3r3386.  3r395. 3r3386.  3r395. Danila Koshel, IPONWEB, Atlassian ...[/h][/h]
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3r3-31. Hello! 3r3115.  
Our course "jаvascript Developer" On the whole, it is dedicated to the front and the tools for it, but, as it turned out, not everyone has an idea of ​​what lies behind the phrase front-end design. We found some interesting material where the author is trying to explain what is behind this. 3r3115.  
Go. 3r3115.  
Frontend-design 3r3115.  
Somewhere between design - the world of people, pixels and polishing - and engineering - the world of logic, cycles and Linux - lies the frontend design. Frontend-design includes working with HTML, CSS, and presentation ...
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