Portrait of listeners of evening courses

Good afternoon.
Since the spring of 201? I am combining the development in the field of BI and teaching the basics of programming in the evening courses of professional (re) training. For four years I have a certain classification of listeners. Next, I will outline in general terms what kind of people meet, what problems they have, how they can be solved. Well, as a bonus: how in the interview to recognize in the listeners of evening courses a potential talent.
I admit that such a classification is relevant only in my context, so I will tell you a little about the organization. Courses ...
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City art gallery in London with the competition of works

City art gallery in London with the competition of worksDear artists, creative people and generally creative readers. In London, the city's art gallery opens for all comers with a competition. You can put your work right on the showcase at the stops in central London. There is no restriction on the country of residence of the contestant. The only condition is that the job should be yours. The best job wins 1?000 pounds. Winners of 5 categories (design, picture, drawing, illustration, word) receive 1000 pounds each. Read more about the terms of the contest and send your work can here .
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Crib for technical interview

Crib for technical interview
This cheat sheet will help you prepare for a technical interview so you can brush up on key things. In fact, this is the content of the course on computer science without any details.
tuples from set theory.
The array is one of the oldest and most used data structures.
What you need to know:
The array is optimal for indexing; It's bad for searching, inserting and deleting (if you do not do this at the very end of the array).
The main variety is
linear arrays
, or one-dimensional.
Their size is static, that is, when a linear array is declared, a fixed size is set.
Dynamic arrays
are ...
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Issue # 13: IT training - current issues and tasks from leading companies

We selected questions and tasks that meet applicants for interviews with the world's leading IT companies.
Issue # 13: IT training - current issues and tasks from leading companies
In the selection were the tasks assigned to the job interviews as a development engineer. Tasks of different levels of complexity, ranging from simple. We suggest you try your hand and try to solve the problems yourself - then the questions at the interview are unlikely to catch you unawares.


2 kind of pills
A pillar and pillar, A pillar, A pillar, A pill. The pills are taken by first dissolving them in water.
The man has a jar of A pills and a jar of B pills...[/h]
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Acquaintance with the advisory systems

Acquaintance with the advisory systemsHello, Habr!
Let's return to the topic of machine learning and neural networks that is periodically touched upon. Today we will discuss the main types of advisory systems, their merits and demerits. Under the cut - an interesting article Toby Degle with the code in Python,
Above the cat - link to great presentation our remarkable author Sergei Nikolenko, whose book " : Deep Learning: Immersion in the World of Neural Networks ", written in collaboration with Arthur Kadurin and Ekaterina Arkhangelskaya, we just do not have time to pre-print. The presentation describes the main types ...
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Configuring the bundle proftpd + {mysql /postgresql} with storing passwords in md5 + salt

For a long time to me did not give rest the fact that passwords of users at me in a DB are stored in an open kind. It was also very inconvenient to manually add /remove users and change their passwords.
As a result, I configured the bundle proftpd + mod_sql + mod_sql_passwd with the storage of passwords in the form md5 + salt, and also wrote three scripts to add, delete and change the users password.
In view of the fact that on different servers I use somewhere PostgreSQL, and somewhere MySQL, I spread the description of the settings for both DBMS.
The servers are running ALT Linux ...
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Teacher's notes. Expectations and Reality

Teaching programming is a complex and controversial matter. However, the selection of educational material is not the most important in this. It is important how and by whom it is presented. There are not enough traditional methods here, and innovative ones, too, do not always give the proper effect. Why? Let's look at the current situation in vocational education.
"Where should I go to work?" Is a question that inevitably arises after the solution of the question: "Where should I go to study?". The problem is that you have to think about both issues almost simultaneously.
Few of us have ...
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Cybersecurity for drivers: how to avoid cyber attacks on connected cars?

Cybersecurity for drivers: how to avoid cyber attacks on connected cars?In early January, at the World Economic Forum in Davos 3 r3r34 were announced. the most serious global risks of 2018
. In the fourth, immediately after the risks associated with extreme weather events, natural disasters and environmental degradation, cyber attacks entered. Today they cause the greatest concern among entrepreneurs in advanced economies. Concerns about cybersecurity are due to people's dependence on digital technology. By 202? experts expect that humanity will use 20 billion connected devices, which certainly expands the possibilities for cyberattacks. Today CISO company Bright Box ...
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Unity 2018 and ProBuilder: create, edit and text 3D models directly in the editor

Unity 2018 and ProBuilder: create, edit and text 3D models directly in the editor
As you know, in Unity it was impossible to create three-dimensional models. Those. There are no native tools and tools for editing 3D models in Unity, there are several built-in objects (cube, sphere, etc.), but with them it is impossible, again, with built-in editor tools to perform such manipulations as adding (moving, rotating, deleting ) vertices, edges, polygons, you can not apply textures to individual polygons, you can not create chamfers and draw polygons.
February 1? 2018 Unity Technologies in its blog posted a wonderful news: starting with the version of Unity 2018 in the editor will be ...
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Gentleman's set in the field of marketing and sales of the company-developer of custom software

Gentleman's set in the field of marketing and sales of the company-developer of custom softwareIn first article we talked about our first experience in marketing and sales. In this article we will tell you why you need to do marketing and sales yourself, even if you have studied mathematics and programming all your life, and do not rely on the "gurus" from the market, and what minimum actions in marketing and sales should the custom software company make in our time, to be a profitable company and to be able to develop steadily. This article will not cover the topic of promotion and sales of products, mobile applications, games and much more, since the experience of Maxilect is mainly ...
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