Training FastTrack. "Networking basics." "Basics of wireless LAN". Part two. Eddie Martin. December, 2012

About a year ago, I noticed an interesting and fascinating series of lectures by Eddie Martin, which is incredibly intelligible, thanks to his history and examples from real life, as well as his tremendous experience in teaching, allows him to gain an understanding of quite complex technologies.
Training FastTrack. "Networking basics." "Basics of wireless LAN". Part two. Eddie Martin. December, 2012  
We continue the cycle of 18 articles on the basis of his lectures:
Training FastTrack. "Networking basics." "Understanding the OSI model." Part one. Eddie Martin. December, 2012
Training FastTrack. "Networking basics." "Understanding ...

Managers need to wake up

Managers need to wake up  

"Do not you have a cycle that you can write?"

My most popular article is called "Why does your programmer just want to encode" . By now, it has been read more than 6?000 times.
The article tells about the programmer Jamie, who came to the company overflowing with enthusiasm and ideas. After a couple of years - and Jamie became one of those who "just want to code." One of those who does not offer new ideas, new ways of working - but only wants to be left alone, just write code.
[h4] Unfortunately, I received almost no response from managers or managers about this story. ...[/h]

25 billion requests per hour: Database ServiceNow

Twenty-sixth of February passed conference MariaDB M | 1? which was attended by 330 IT companies. The representative of ServiceNow spoke at the conference. He shared a management case "85 thousand databases around the world." The average number of requests per hour is 25 billion. As in ServiceNow work with such loads, we will tell under the cut.
25 billion requests per hour: Database ServiceNow

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Why ServiceNow uses MariaDB

Representative ServiceNow ...[/h]

5 trends in virtualization: what to expect in 2018

5 trends in virtualization: what to expect in 2018According to study MarketsandMarket, during the next 5 years, the virtualization market will grow. As the main "drivers" of the market, experts note the demand for specialized software and infrastructure for working with large amounts of data.
In 201? this market was estimated at ??? billion dollars. It is expected that by 2022 its value will reach ??? billion. Meanwhile, the average annual growth rate (CAGR) during the forecast period will be 21.1%. In this material, we will describe in more detail which directions will be the main ones for the development of the virtualization market ...

The most adequate ways to master new software

The modern requirements for your qualification are possession (preferably) as many programs as possible in your specialty. When you say that you have different platforms on the shoulder, then this is certainly your competitive advantage.
The programmer looks better with the knowledge of several programming languages ​​
The designer plays into the hands of the opportunity to move from Adobe Illustrator to CorelDraw or InDesign
For sound engineers, work is performed in several DAWs and with dozens of different plugins
PR man and advertiser is good if he can dig into personal offices of ...

Digest of interesting materials for mobile developer # 243 (February 26-March 4)

In our first spring digest, the continuation of the history of "Micro-mathematics", the study of Swift in 60 seconds, unit tests and animations, interfaces, Flutter, ARCore and benchmarks for mobile marketers. All the spring!
Digest of interesting materials for mobile developer # 243 (February 26-March 4)


A mathematical package for Android "Micro Mathematics": what's new?

In this short note, I want to present a new version of the application that is currently preparing for release, as well as share all the positive things that were received in the framework of the release.
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How to make the best sites in Russia

How to make the best sites in Russia
On March ? the ceremony of awarding the Golden Site-2017 contest was held, the next day the ratings of the competent jury were published. Back in the autumn of last year, the author of this article decided to take part in this fascinating event, and the process from serious (which was meant at the beginning) turned into an interesting one (what happened as a result). I would like to share some of the trends of web development, which manifested itself in the sites that won the contest.
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Among the nominees was also the site "You can do more" (work ...

Duke Nukem Forever, who was not

Duke Nukem Forever, who was not
We will not conceal sin, - for many, the legendary long-term construction Duke Nukem Forever , which began to develop in 1997 and released [leech=http://] only after 14 years [/leech] , in the 2011th, - was a real disappointment . This, of course, did not stop your humble servant from getting together with friends and going through the game overnight, quite enjoying yourself; however, about the cult status as the Duke Nukem 3D could not be a speech .
During the development of the game, they managed to christen the "Holy Grail" and ...

Digitalization and reality. Is it worth changing anything?

Digitalization and reality. Is it worth changing anything? Another attempt to explain to a person what is Digitalization and why it is worth always analyzing its location in this coordinate system made another appeal to the literature on the topic. Literature, unfortunately, so far only foreign.
Information technology will continue to change our lives and we have no way to escape or protect ourselves from these changes.
Under the slogan "Russia is not behind" I share with you free translations on the topic.
the original is available on the network. .
The study was foresaw with the participation of more than 60 companies. Purpose: ...