Notes for the source code editor (development environment)

In this article, we will talk about improvements and decorations that could complement the already sufficiently advanced development environment.
can not be disabled in PyCharm and PhpStorm .

A beautiful display of the code

First, as you can see in the figure at the beginning of the article, I propose, in addition to the vertical "rulers" displayed in many IDEs, to add horizontal ones.
Secondly, many double operators can be displayed as single symbols: instead of ==, ≠ instead of! = Etc. (Somewhere on Habr there was an article devoted to such decorations (not
? this
, But ...[/h]
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9 best books about IT and programming that you could miss

9 best books about IT and programming that you could miss
Remember, Lewis Carroll wrote: "Here you have to run at full speed to just stay in the same place, and to get to another place, you need to run twice as fast"? This phrase is perfectly suited for the IT world: technology is rapidly evolving, and every day you need to learn something new to remain in demand by a specialist. Each programmer probably has 5-6 paper books, which have become classics. About some of these books we already have wrote . But in order to remain popular with the encoder, you need to constantly update the library. Last ...
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A short way to Data Science: a first-person story

The main thing that companies need today is experience. About 90% of failures are due to the lack of practice in the applicant. So where can you get experience if you do not get to work without it? Supplement the knowledge gained by practice can be done in the case-study. A month of participation pumping is not worse than a six-month internship and significantly increases the chances of getting a dream job.
Case studies are competitions in which large companies offer participants to solve business problems from their own practice. At each stage of the team receive a case, which must be solved ...
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400 thousand servers can be exposed to RCE-attacks because of vulnerability in the mail agent Exim

400 thousand servers can be exposed to RCE-attacks because of vulnerability in the mail agent Exim
In the popular agent for sending messages Exim
is detected. A serious vulnerability that allows attackers to remotely execute code. The problem was discovered by researchers at Devcore Security Consulting, according to their estimates, a vulnerable version of Exim can be used by approximately 40?000 servers around the world. bulletin security, which stated that it is difficult to assess the severity of the vulnerability at the moment: "We believe that it is not easy to exploit it." The bug was fixed in Exim ??? version - all users are recommended to install it as soon as possible.
In addition...
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A couple of tips for beginning gamedevelopers from a beginner gamedeveloper

Good afternoon, Khabarovsk citizens. This article is dedicated to people who are only trying to connect themselves to the sphere of game development or just think about it.
Being vexed by the complete (almost) lack of any resources with game themes, whether youtube channels or blogs in the social network. networks, I wanted to share a couple of thoughts that I acquired in such a short pastime in the realm of gaming. Do not get me wrong, the information on the game sphere as such in the Russian-speaking segment of the Internet is full, but of rather mediocre quality. With great difficulty you ...
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Moscow JS 40 - report, guest reviews and videos of

Hello! We did not have time to look back, as all offline places on ended. Moscow JS 40 , which took place in our office on March 1. Not everyone was able to enroll. Good news: videos and presentations from speakers already appeared. Under the cut - videos, presentations, links to the photo report and feedback from listeners.
Participants in the meeting spoke about the motivation and difficulties of creating a service for screenshots of web pages, discussed developer experience and flow, dealt with AST-parsers and conducted an excursion into computer linguistics.
Moscow JS 40 - report, guest reviews and videos of ...
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Everything simple again became complicated

This speech took place on October 1? 2017 at the conference Mirror Conf in Braga (Portugal) and again on February ? 2018 at Awwwards Conference in Berlin.
Everything simple again became complicated This summer, after a lecture at a web conference, I had a fascinating conversation with a young student who was studying digital design. It was interesting to compare our career paths. I have fifteen years of design experience for web clients, she has one year, but somehow we were in the same situation: we enjoyed the work, but were completely disoriented and discouraged by the rapidly growing complexity of everything around. What nonsense ...
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And you know where you can apply expression's in your project or optimize the creation of tests

0. The lyrics are

Let's talk about unit testing. For large and age-related projects, the problem of "thick" services is very actual. I am now talking about a large number of dependencies passed to the constructor. If we add to this a few dozen methods that need to be tested, it becomes obvious that a lot of time is spent on wetting unnecessary parts. The problem will be solved by automation. those. Creation of an instance of the required type and wetting of unused dependencies during execution.
It turns out we need
var myService = new MyService (A.Fake
(), new Sevice2 (),
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Working with the KOMPAS-3D API → Lesson 7 → Getting to know the

Working with the KOMPAS-3D API → Lesson 7 → Getting to know thesettings.We continue the series of articles on working with the CAD KOMPAS-3D API Sergey Norseev, the software engineer of VNII Signal, the author of the book Developing Applications for KOMPAS in Delphi. C ++ Builder is used as the environment. In this lesson, let's talk about the settings of the COMPASS system.     Fundamentals  2. Drawing of the drawing  3. Correct connection to KOMPAS  4. The main inscription is  5. Graphical primitives  6. Saving the document in different formats  7. Introduction to the settings. 8. More complex methods of writing in the main inscription   Reading the...
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Dagaz: Faster, Better, Smarter

Dagaz: Faster, Better, Smarter - How the angels soar together in a row
- Together in a row, amicably in a row
- They raise their heads! And fly! And fly!
Sir Terry Pratchett "The Night Watch"

Sooner or later, there always comes a time when the quantity inevitably goes into quality. New games that need to be comprehended accumulate, project overgrown with new opportunities, opportunities are combined with each other. If everything does not collapse under its own weight, the result can exceed the boldest expectations. What does not kill - makes us stronger!
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