Machine vision. What is it and how to use it? Image processing of the optical source

Machine vision Is a scientific direction in the field of artificial intelligence, in particular robotics, and related technologies for obtaining images of real-world objects, their processing and use of the data obtained for solving various kinds of applied problems without participation (full or partial).
Machine vision. What is it and how to use it? Image processing of the optical source
Historical breakthroughs in machine vision
1955 - Oliver Selfridge. Article "Eyes and ears of the computer."
1958 - Frank Rosenblatt. Computer implementation of perceptron.
1960s - the first image processing systems.
1970s - Laurence Roberts. The concept of machine construction ...

What are programmers afraid of?

The programmers, like all people, have phobias. Someone is afraid of maniacs, someone is a duck, who is watching a person, someone is panicking in violation of the usual routine of the day, someone starts to poke from suddenly disappeared communication in the smartphone.
All this, if I may say so, universal phobias inherent in whole generations, countries and continents. But there are also purely professional phobias, which are unlikely to be understood by representatives of other professions.
Phobias are evil, both in life and in work. Because the object of fear is fictitious, and fear ...

Developing games under NES on C. Chapters 17-21. Own game

In this part we will collect everything together and make a simple scrolling shooter on the space theme: the ship flies and shoots enemies
with lasers.  
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Developing games under NES on C. Chapters 17-21. Own game
one of the articles .
Background with stars [/b]
Vert_scroll2 = ((Vert_scroll & 0xF8) 2);
Sprite_Zero (); //wait for the collision of the zero sprite
SCROLL = Vert_scroll;
PPU_ADDRESS = Vert_scroll2;

There were difficulties: in a few seconds everything was moving away. In the FCEUX debugger...

The process of porting Linux device drivers

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Sometimes it happens that there is a need to switch to a newer version of the Linux kernel and, accordingly, carry out the transfer of existing device drivers.
The process of porting Linux device drivers  
The transfer process can take from a few minutes to a longer period of time. It depends not only on the complexity of the driver, but also on which and what version of the kernel you are going to go to (the API has the property to change - hence all the problems come from), and also from the quality of code implementation, it is sometimes easier to rewrite than transfer , but this will not happen.
Unfortunately, I...[/h]

"Chip-puzzle": by order of DARPA, a non-explosive

"Chip-puzzle": by order of DARPA, a non-explosiveprocessor will be developed.Earlier this year, information about the processor vulnerabilities Meltdown and Specter became The first high-profile theme of cybersecurity in 2018. Unprotected cache of program commands for Intel, AMD and Arm chips, issued over the past 20 years, has led to the whole galaxy litigation and still is discussed. in the media. As consider. in the Office of Advanced Research Projects of the US Department of Defense (DARPA), 40% of all software exploits can be avoided if the shortcomings of hardware are eliminated.  Therefore, the Office thought about developing an unbreakable ...

The Power of Open: The power of openness

The Power of Open: The power of openness


The world experienced an explosion of openness. Starting with individual artists showing their creations in anticipation of contributions from other people, ending with governments that require that publicly funded works be accessible to the public. Both the spirit and the practice of joint use are gaining momentum and yielding results.
Creative Commons began to grant licenses for open exchange only ten years ago. Currently, more than 400 million CC licenses are available on the Internet: from music and photos to research results and whole college courses. Creative Commons has ...[/h]

Multi-classification of Google-queries using a neural network in Python

Multi-classification of Google-queries using a neural network in PythonIt's been a long time since the publication of my first article on the topic of natural language processing. I continued to actively explore this topic, every day discovering something new.
Today I would like to talk about one of the ways to classify search queries, into separate categories using a neural network on Keras. The sphere of cars was chosen as the subject area of ​​inquiries.
The basis was a data set of ~ 32000 search queries, classified into 14 classes: Autoinsurance, Auto Insurance, Driving License, Complaints, Entry to the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate, Record at the MADI...

Service Portal: how does the single interface work with IaaS-provider

According to Steven Van Belleghem, a customer relations expert and author of The Conversation Manager, Steven Van Belleghem, 70% of users expect that the company's website will have a self-service portal. At the same time in Zendesk argue that 53% (out of 7 thousand respondents) customers prefer to find solutions to problems without the help of support services.
In this article we will describe what a self-service portal is, what functions it performs, and what its benefits are for the IaaS-provider and its customers.
Service Portal: how does the single interface work with IaaS-provider


Analog clock, CSS and nothing more than

Analog clock, CSS and nothing more than

What's wrong here?

Hello, I recently listened to the new issue of Web standards and there was a moment with the discussion of article "Time of variables" where the author decided to experiment with CSS variables and create an analog clock based on them. Everything looks chic and the main thing works, but I got a lot of questions and I decided to experiment a little and at the same time tell you about my conclusions.
Do not think anything wrong, I like CSS variables and everything new in CSS, but as always there are a couple of but. Firstly, I personally do not like the idea of ​​writing in D...[/h]

(Not) the original congratulation on March 8

I think many in the childhood painted homemade cards for moms, sisters, grandmothers. At school, that's for sure. However, after a certain age, the fascination with such things remains the lot of a very small number of people. It's unlikely that you once gave something like your girlfriend /wife. But they will surely like it,
psychology and all that
(Not) the original congratulation on March 8
WowoViewPager . I do not advise you to use it for such projects.
Description and minuses [/b]
The library allows you to create animated slides that work through ViewPager. Scrolling by default is done with svaypami. You can fully customize the ...