Training FastTrack. "Networking basics." "The value of Cisco in data centers." Eddie Martin. December, 2012

About a year ago, I noticed an interesting and fascinating series of lectures by Eddie Martin, which is incredibly intelligible, thanks to his history and examples from real life, as well as his tremendous experience in teaching, allows him to gain an understanding of quite complex technologies.
Training FastTrack. "Networking basics." "The value of Cisco in data centers." Eddie Martin. December, 2012  
We continue the cycle of 27 articles on the basis of his lectures:
01/02: "Understanding the OSI model" Part 1 / Part 2
03: "Understanding the Cisco Architecture" ...

As I blakecoin the miner did

As I blakecoin the miner did  
I do not know how anyone, but I was shocked by the rapid rise of bitcoin in 2017. Now, of course, the excitement has already left, and in the 17th year, about crypto-currencies they talked and wrote to everyone who is not lazy.
I saw that people are trying to earn on crypto-currencies. Who knows how. Someone bought up video cards for all the savings and started independently to mine in the garage. Someone was investing in cloud mining. Someone is trying to organize their pool. Someone has started producing chocolate bitcoins, and some are producing mineral water:

How to get a phone (almost) of any beauty in Moscow, or an interesting feature of MT_FREE

In the Moscow subway there is such a wonderful thing as a free wifi.
The only thing you need to enter it is to enter your phone number. And since the subway - though a convenient, but often a long, free network is used by almost everyone. In this interesting world, we liked the girl at the table opposite.
airodump-ng . Sometimes it's even possible to enter wi-fi without looking at ads, if the real owner of the mac-address paid for premium access.
Drain the data about yourself
But if you are not among the paid wi-fi, then you will be greeted by the page In addition ...

Efficient use of memory for parallel I /O operations in Python

Efficient use of memory for parallel I /O operations in PythonThere are two classes of tasks where we might need parallel processing: I /O operations and tasks that actively use the CPU, such as image processing. Python allows you to implement several approaches to parallel processing of data. Let's consider them in connection with input-output operations.
Prior to Python 3.? there were two ways to implement parallel processing of I /O operations. Native method - the use of multithreading, another option - libraries like Gevent, which parallelize the problem in the form of micro-streams. Python 3.5 provided built-in concurrency support with asyncio. I ...

Unexpected difficulties with earnings on the Internet

Unexpected difficulties with earnings on the Internet  
Before that I left Google to work on my own start-up, I did not think about monetization. It was assumed that if so many websites do this every day, then charging for online services will be easy. But when I started developing Kapwing, a site for editing video with a simple model of freemium, I encountered an amazing amount of dangers on the way to a simple profit. In this article, I will share some unexpected problems that we faced, so that other start-up entrepreneurs avoided them when they start earning on the Internet.

Pre-launch before monetization

After leaving this summer with ...[/h]

A script for centralized backup of configurations of Mikrotik routers on Powershell

After the overgrowth of the infrastructure, a large number of routers of this manufacturer faced the issue of backup configurations in one storage. There were solutions to scripts executed on routers with unloading to ftp, but this is somewhat inconvenient, because requires the configuration of scripts on all routers is identical.
I decided to do this centrally by running a backup on the router using the ssh command to a temporary temp.backup file and uploading it via ftp.
# set the policy right away so that the command is not flushed during the transfer of
Set-ExecutionPolicy remotesigned ...

dev || bet - the battle of programmers and technologies

dev || bet - the battle of programmers and technologies  
Dogs vs cats, drivers vs pedestrians, Coca-Cola vs Pepsi, BMW vs Mercedes, sausage vs cheese, vvs vs mors, good vs evil, after all! But no, we, as always, argued about which programming language is better. In the course were the classic performance arguments with links to benchmarks that no one tested, syntactic buns that you use once a year, graphs of popularity, lists of reputable programmers using one or another language Then the conversation went smoothly into a discussion of Oximiron's battle with someone there. Well, any conversation for more than 20 minutes reduces to a discussion of the price ...

How to assemble a GSM phone based on SDR

How to assemble a GSM phone based on SDR  
It's not a secret that in the smartphones already common to most of us except for the main processor there is a separate communication module, thanks to which the smartphone is still a phone. Regardless of the underlying operating system, whether Android or iOS, this module most often runs under a proprietary closed-source operating system, and takes care of all the work related to voice calls, SMS messages and mobile Internet.
Unlike proprietary software, open source projects always receive more attention from security researchers. The ability to look under the hood and find out how one or another ...

Performance and runtime at the conference JPoint 2018

Performance and runtime at the conference JPoint 2018We all have some expectations from the conferences. Usually we go to a very specific group of reports, quite specific subjects. The set of topics differs from platform to platform. That's what javists are interested in:
Virtual machines and 3 r3r3153 runtime features.  
JDK 9/10 /
Large data and machine learning
JVM languages ​​(including Kotlin)
Various small topics
The program of the conference is drawn up so that for each of the topics one tries to select at least one good report. JPoint is held for two ...

How to make good UI-animation excellent

In the material, the translation of which we publish today, designer Pablo Stanley offers several recommendations for animating micro-interactions in the user interface. In each example shown here, two versions of animations are considered. The first option is good, the second, in the author's opinion, is simply excellent. Improving animations is due to small changes, which, in the end, can significantly improve the perception of interfaces by users.
How to make good UI-animation excellent

The animations ...