Pre-election race through the eyes of search robots

Pre-election race through the eyes of search robots
We daily perform a cut of documents located on the main pages of the million of the most visited sites in the world. Today we will consider how the number of references to candidates for the presidency of the Russian Federation correlates with the events that take place offline.

The reference to the graph, scale - linear
The figure corresponds to the number of found mentions in the text from the body of html documents received by the crawler daily, which allows us to output the index for each candidate. Usually we build similar indices for brands for marketers /pr-specialists, but elections ...
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Open lesson "Designing UX /UI: design in the modern world"

Good day to all!
We conducted here in the framework of our second "non-program" course - "Designing UXUI" an open webinar on the above topic, where they analyzed what "design", "designer" and the role of all this in the world of the company.
Our teachers also talked about modern trends and perspectives in this area. So, we hope that you will be interested:

As always, we are waiting ...
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Integration between monitoring and ITSM

Integration between monitoring and ITSM At the request of workers, we present new material from cycle of articles the integration of a variety of IT-systems in the customer's infrastructure. This time, we will dwell in greater detail on such a symbiosis as the monitoring system and the ITSM-system.
What are these systems individually can be told for a long time. A properly tuned and working monitoring system helps to avoid or prevent many troubles, and the ITSM-system allows to manage IT-processes and record events happening in the infrastructure. We will not delve into the intricacies of the operation of these systems individually, but we ...
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Composition of interfaces in Go

One of the most pleasing concepts for me is the ability to composition interfaces. In this article, we will take a look at a small example of using this language feature. To do this, imagine a hypothetical scenario in which two structures process user data and execute http requests.
Ben Johnson .
Perhaps you are curious about the implementation of HTTPClient ?
type (
//wrapper for http requests
HTTPClient struct {
.req * Request
//structure for representing the http request
Request struct {}
//returns the configured HTTPClient
func New (r * Request) * HTTPClient {
return ...
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