MicroTik & OpenWRT & DNSCrypt

MicroTik & OpenWRT & DNSCryptThe decision of this quest is inspired by this article .
This article is designed for a user who has a home router made by MicroTik, so the moments directly related to compilation and assembly are omitted, and examples on MicroTik in pictures.
So, briefly, the problem statement is as follows: raise the cut-down version of OpenWRT as a virtual machine (guest) on MetaROUTER, and already on it to raise the DNS + DNSCrypt bundle, which is used for encrypted data exchange with external DNS servers.
set (Separate the OpenWRT ...
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Twirp against gRPC. Is it worth it?

If you are using a micro-service architecture, you probably know that the overhead of communication between services often becomes a significant problem and if you have encountered this problem, then you probably started using Protobuf and its implementation from Google gRPC or Go-Kit from Peter Bourgon or something else. To retell what this is and how to use it does not make sense, everything is well enough described before me. I myself actively use gRPC in my projects, but here is Twich decided to release its implementation ...
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ScadaPy Creator for python

Accelerate the process of creating modbus.py.

Another time I want to share my experience and the results of experiments in the field of industrial automation.
At the moment, we have slightly changed the concept of constructing a device polling system using the python language.
Most modules SCADA systems are built on the principle of a bunch of "Executable file - configuration file" . here.
There remains one problem, the solution of which we have not yet found.
The running polling driver selects 100% of the processor's resources, if you start two drivers, then ...[/h]
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Again about the trees

Again about the treesSpring - it's time to think about the trees. Trees in DB are one of the most pressing issues when working with data. In this topic, we compare the performance of the Materialized Path and Adjacency List methods using the "explain analize" command.
The other day I was interviewed by one good company and came to the conclusion that not everyone is ready to learn the subject with which they work more thoroughly. Namely, that sometimes an implicit and wrong at first glance solution can be the most correct.
I decided to understand a little more in detail, what is the problem and to test the ...
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Riddles of the resume. Part 1. The choice of the form

Riddles of the resume. Part 1. The choice of the form So, you're going to find a new job. Where to begin? With the search for a suitable job, maximally reflecting your wishes for a new position and organization. And then Then the feverish search for a template begins, in which all the best that you could about yourself could fit. And here the first difficulties arise. Forms summary is a lot, and you have a beloved one. What to choose?
Of course, it is simpler to take and fill out a prepared form on one of the job sites, or copy an accounting sheet that may be stored in your organization in the personnel service. And can use the designer of the resume writing ...
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A brief history of information security in China: how to build the Great Chinese firewall

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the birth of the idea of ​​filtering content on the Internet of China. Now this technology is known throughout the world as the "Great Chinese Firewall".
In the last article we are already affected regulation of the sphere of information security in China. Now let's look at the history of the "Great Firewall", which embodies the country's cybersecurity policy.
A brief history of information security in China: how to build the Great Chinese firewall

/Flickr / Andi Gentsch ...
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Calculation of logical expressions in a string inside Java /Scala /Kotlin code

I needed to evaluate the validity of expressions of type
in runtime.  
a> 10 && b
located in the Row.
The code itself is on the Rock, but I did the evaluation of various libraries for this on Kotlin, just to play with it. The expression I get from the client, but from the internal, so I did not have to take care that in the expression I did not erase the files from the disk.
I evaluated different libraries for 1) can they do what they need 2) the execution speed of
were tested.  
interpolation of
Js Engine
[h4] R...[/h]
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What to read at the weekend: 5 books on practical information security

What to read at the weekend: 5 books on practical information security  
We are often asked which books are worth reading to those who take the first steps in the field of information security? Our team of experts on penetration testing compiled a selection of books that will help us to learn the practical issues of information security. Hacking: Art of Exploitation
IS researcher and security specialist Jon Erickson wrote a book in which instead of simply studying vulnerabilities and exploits, deeper approaches to finding errors made by software developers are considered.

Hacking the Xbox: An Introduction to Reverse Engineering

American engineer Andrew Huang (Andrew Huang) in 200? published a guide to repair and modify the Xbox. But this is not a simple instruction, but a book that describes approaches and practical examples of reverse engineering.
[h2] ...[/h][/h]
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The interiors of the protocol to which the browsers transmit voice and video

The interiors of the protocol to which the browsers transmit voice and video

WebRTC, the technology of voice and video calls in browsers (as well as the realtime transfer of arbitrary data, peer-to-peer NAT punching and screen capture) has never been easy. A long history, incompatibilities between browsers, confusing documentation, a lot of solved problems and used protocols. The ability to call and receive a call from the browser has always been one of the key "chips" of our Voximplant platform, and since we are well versed in this, we try to follow interesting articles and adapt them to the audience of Habr. Under the translation of a recent article from the guys from callstats.io ...
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Performance of Joomla on large volumes of content

Performance of Joomla on large volumes of content
Joomla very poorly digests the database even with several thousand articles in the _content table. With several tens of thousands of requests to the base of standard modules such as mod_articles_popular can hang for a second.
It's all about the ACL (Access Control List), an access control policy. Verification of the legality of user access to materials takes over 98% of the query execution time.
In the meantime, there are sites that do not need it. For example, a news site showing the "Most Read Articles" module in the left column for everyone. What to do in this case? Disable ACL checking in ...
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