SASS: Optimize the media screen

About a month ago I wrote an article in which I put forward the idea of ​​optimizing @media screen . The idea is to be able to write values ​​for all screens in one line. More details can read by reference . Most of the comments are criticism of the implementation, unfortunately no one has thrown ideas. But if you look at the other side, you can get an idea out of every criticism, therefore, based on the readers' opinion, I set myself the goal of writing a mixin, which:
  • easy to read (maximally repeating sass /scss /css syntax);  
  • easy to maintain ...
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Hell's Project

Hell's Project A few years ago I was invited as a consultant for a single software project for a major French technology company. What I saw went beyond anything I could imagine in the design. The mere absence of professional competence was not the worst. Much worse was the extreme contempt for human dignity, which seemed to me comparable to the prison in the form in which I represent it. Here is the list, check yourself.


Development of software for the state agency.
Complexity is low, with a few tricks.
The government pays an advance of several million euros. Development plan for two or three years...[/h]
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Rsyslog 8. Centralized collection of logs

Rsyslog 8. Centralized collection of logsAll good.
We finish this month the first stream of "Administrator of Linux" and run slowly the second, which will now be significantly redesigned and strengthened by new teachers. One of them is Alexey Tsykunov today shares a small useful note.


There are several servers running programs that store logs in their directories.
It is necessary to store all these logs centrally in the subdirectories by the name of the servers, saving the file names.
The ability to reconfigure programs for logging directly to syslog is not.
server ...[/h]
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VulnHub Basic Pentesting

VulnHub Basic Pentesting
Good day to all.
Many of you know about Pentest, someone had even dealt with him, and someone just heard and would like to feel like a mini specialist in this field. Long ago, maybe not long ago, at VulnHub there was a laboratory devoted to this.

IP of our laboratory
ACT III - Basic Pentesting
After as
scanned our virtual network, we saw that 3 ports were open at the laboratory:
21 - ftp
22 - ssh
80 - http
We try to connect on port 80. To do this, open the browser (in my case it's FireFox)

Excellent! The site is working. Let's check which directories he hides from us. For this we will use the remarkable program nikto and look at the result.

OSVDB-3092: /secret /: This might be interesting
should ...
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NumPy in Python. Part 1

Foreword of the translator

Good day, Habr. I start a series of articles that are a translation of a small mana by numpy, reference . Enjoy reading.


NumPy is an open-source module for python that provides common mathematical and numeric operations in the form of precompiled, fast functions. They are combined into high-level packages. They provide a functional that can be compared to the MatLab functional. NumPy (Numeric Python) provides basic methods for manipulating large arrays and matrices. SciPy (Scientific Python) extends the functional numpy with a huge ...[/h][/h]
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Ruby Blob: The hidden order in color chaos

Ruby Blob: The hidden order in color chaosI was lucky at work doing my favorite thing in a strong team with good people. We built and destroyed the air locks, fought with windmills, introduced, supported and did not worry. One day I wanted to build my castle. Having argued from different sides, I decided that it will be small and I will build it myself, it will be a hobby project. I had several ideas, I chose one and started to develop, it was a game.
Cube Rubik and R-functions of VL Rvachev . What is the idea: there are elements on the ...
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"The Internet has become a little safer": the IETF Committee approved TLS 1.3

After 4 years and 28 drafts, the Internet Engineering Council (IETF) approved updated TLS 1.3 protocol. Next, we will tell you what is the reason for the long approval of the protocol, and let's talk about its features.
"The Internet has become a little safer": the IETF Committee approved TLS 1.3

/photo Solo se puede CC

Why so long

Approval of the new version of the protocol took so long, as the update caused some companies, in particular banks, fears. TLS 1.3 does not allow to decrypt the passing traffic on the network, since the architecture of the new protocol uses ...[/h]
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Limiting the length of the text through the gradient

Limiting the length of the text through the gradient
Consider creating the effect of leaving text in transparency as an alternative to cropping the text with an ellipsis.
A bug with transparent in Safari:
   Consider creating the effect of leaving text in transparency as an alternative to cropping the text with an ellipsis.  A bug with transparent in Safari:  ...
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Igor Sheludko, FSPro Labs: "Working as a tracker, I see the evolution of many ideas

This spring, the outbound conference of IT exporters ISDEF Spring will take place on the territory of Rostov Southern IT-Park . We asked the most active speakers of the conference to talk about what the Southern IT Park is doing and what is useful for the development of the industry.
The first responded ISDEF activist from Taganrog Igor Sheludko, head of FSPro Labs , part-time tracker of South IT-Park. Igor is not afraid, unlike many, to share in their cases not only successes, but also analyze failures. This year, he will talk about the experience of sales of desktop B2C ...
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20 modules for Node.js, about which it is useful to know

Philip Akerman, the author of the article, whose translation we are publishing today, says that in recent years the Node.js platform is becoming more popular and popular. It is often used to create server parts of web applications, as well as to solve other tasks that arise during the development of software. Currently in the register npm , the package manager for Node.js, there are more than half a million modules.
20 modules for Node.js, about which it is useful to know

We bring to your attention an overview of ...
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