Root access through TeamCity

Root access through TeamCity GitHub was under the largest DDoS attack , a little discussed in the general chat room in the evening. It turned out that very few people know about the remarkable search engines and .
Well, I'm interested in the sake of it, right for the wow effect I looked for TeamCity (hereafter TC), tk. I remember cool bug with regus in older versions.
As it turned out, it did not even need to be applied, because in many cases, administrators did not close registration, and on some of them access was available under the guest.
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SEO optimization of the article: the actual plan

It's about optimizing the article page for search engines. This material is more suitable for promotion in Yandex
Specially for Khabrovtsev, green mark SEO optimization of the article: the actual plan I've noted all the section headers that you can apply to Search Engine Optimization for Khabrastaty , so she got in the top of the Yandex issue. And in the conclusion there is list all sections applicable to Habrastaty.

The purpose of the article - clearly show how the content works and if we see this page in the Yandex top on the query " , Optimization of article ", Then everything is done right and the article is relevant.
Meaning selection
Analysis of competitors ...
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Implementation of object-oriented design in PHP

Implementation of object-oriented design in PHPHello again!
Well, the next "new" course, which started in late December, is coming to an end - "Backend developer on PHP" . We took various small roughnesses and started a new one. It remains only to look at the release and everything, we'll put another tick.
And for now, let's look at one interesting article.
In this article, you will learn how to use PHP to manage your company's next DDD project and effectively model real-world situations to help determine your business logic.
Object-oriented design (Domain-Driven Design, hereinafter - DDD) is a software development ...
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Acquaintance with jet streams - for Java-developers

Acquaintance with jet streams - for Java-developersHello, Habr!
Today we will return to one of the topics covered in our remarkable book " .Reactive design patterns ". It's about Akka Streams and streaming data in general - in the book by Roland Kuhn, chapters 10 and 15-17 deal with these issues.
Reactive flows Is a standard way of asynchronous processing of data in a stream style. They were are included in Java 9 as interfaces java.util.concurrent.Flow , and now they are becoming a real wand-wand to create streaming components in various applications - and this arrangement will continue for the next few ...
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Aytrekings, emotions and VR: technology convergence and actual research

Aytrekings, emotions and VR: technology convergence and actual researchVirtual Reality, Emotion Recognition and Aytracking - three independently developing fields of knowledge and new technology markets that are attractive from a commercial point of view are increasingly being considered in the recent years in the focus of convergence, fusion, synthesis of approaches to create products of a new generation. And in this natural process of rapprochement there is hardly anything surprising: besides the results, which can be talked about with caution, but also with considerable user enthusiasm (by the way, the recent film ...
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And again about translating PHP

And again about translating PHPdocumentation.   Prehistory  When two years ago I needed to read a description of one of the functions, I opened Google, inserted the name of this function, and clicked on the link to the Russian description on the website. In the eyes immediately rushed, that the description was incorrect - the third parameter, added in far not the latest releases of PHP, was trivial. I shrugged and switched to the English version, where everything was correct and corresponded to the current state of affairs.  However, the splinter remained in my memory and, after a while, I decided to study the question and find ...
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Dangerous pickles are malicious serialization in Python

Dangerous pickles are malicious serialization in PythonHello!
Panta rhei and now the launch of the updated course is approaching. "Web developer in Python" and we still have the material that we found very interesting and which we want to share with you.
What are the dangerous pickles?
These pickled cucumbers are extremely dangerous. I do not even know how to explain how much. Just trust me. This is important, you know?
"Explosive Disorder" Pan Telare
Before diving into the opcode, let's talk about the basics. In the standard Python library, there is a module called ...
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Generating code while the application is running: real examples and techniques

Generating code while the application is running: real examples and techniquesGenerating code in runtime is a very powerful and well-studied technique, but many developers are still reluctant to use it. Usually the study of Expression Trees begins with some simple example of the type of creating a predicate (filter) or a mathematical expression. But not Expression Trees the .NET developer is alive. Most recently, it was possible to generate code using the compiler itself - this is done using the API of the Roslyn /CodeAnalisys libraries, which provide, among other things, parsing, bypassing and generating source code.
This article is based on the report of Raffaele Rialdi ...
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Choose Yii2 or laravel

Choose Yii2 or laravel


I already wrote a similar article, but it was very incomplete and not provided with examples, so I decided to take a second attempt and try to solve this issue most fully!
In this article, all the subtleties of development on frameworks will not be considered, since it is not possible to lay it down within the framework of one article. However, you can explain in sufficient detail those nuances that will help in choosing to study or implement a particular project. Compare will be Yii2 and Laravel. I understand that this is a fairly holivar topic, the result of which usually ...[/h]
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Online statistics in Telegram

Online statistics in TelegramDo you like the waiting process? When it is necessary to sit and wait until one of the statistics /analytics /metrics is loaded
"But everything is fine with us," you will answer. - We have tough specialists, our pages load in a fraction of seconds, we even can cache. "
And how about the mobile Internet? When you have to plunge into the past, 10 years ago and you can guess the layout elements as the page is rendered?
The method described below does not pretend to be original, I think that there are Habarovsk people who have used it for a long time, I just want to open it to the masses.
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