We improve Redux

We improve ReduxHello, Habr! I present to your attention the translation of the article " Redesigning Redux " By Shawn McKay.
Should state management cause problems today? Intuitively, developers see the hidden truth: state management is much more complicated than it should be. In this article, we will discuss a few questions that you are sure to ask yourself:
Do you really need a library to manage the state?
Did Redux deserve popularity? Why or why not?
Can we think of a better solution? If yes, which one?

Is the library needed to manage the state?

The front-end developer is not ...[/h]
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Reactive programming in Objective-C

Reactive programming in Objective-COver time, programming languages ​​are constantly changing and evolving due to the emergence of new technologies, modern requirements or a simple desire to refresh the style of writing code. Reactive programming can be implemented using various frameworks, such as Reactive Cocoa. It changes the framework of the imperative style of the Objective-C language and this approach to programming has something to offer a standard paradigm. This, of course, attracts the attention of iOS developers.
ReactiveCocoa introduces a declarative style in Objective-C. What do we mean by this? The traditional imperative ...
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Postgres Enum

Postgres EnumPostgres supports the notion of enumerations ( ? enum
I hastily tried to understand what is it for the bd and for the client in general:
enum is a static ordered set of values ​​
The enum value occupies 4 bytes
on the disk.  
The register has a value, that is, 'happy' and 'HAPPY' are not the same
Different enums can not be compared among themselves (you can, if you lead to a common type or sip the operators for them)
It is impossible to palm off a value in the column of the enumerated type, which is absent in the enumeration
Ok, like everything as usual, only in Postgres
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How to pass the MTCNA test (Mikrotik) at 100%

This article will be useful to those who first met to receive a certificate from Mikrotik, but are afraid of "unexplored" and profukakat money.
Yesterday (14-04-2018) I passed the MTCNA test for 100% and will share with you how I achieved this.
How to pass the MTCNA test (Mikrotik) at 100% OSI . If you think that the data unit at the transport level is a bit, then you are too early for MTCNA.
The same applies to the understanding of IP protocol . You need to understand what the address space is formed from and how to calculate the mask.
Practice. You should have ...
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How IaaS helps develop the car market

The emergence of self-managed cars and the development of the carseeing literally in a few years has transformed the automobile industry and the passenger transportation market. Many services quickly showed results and captured a significant share of this market due to active use of virtual infrastructure . More about this - under the cut.
How IaaS helps develop the car market

/photo Stròlic Furlàn CC BY-ND
[h2] Promotes the development of the 3sr3131 carding service.
There are three main types of carsharing ...[/h]
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HMD + Kinect = Augmented virtuality

HMD + Kinect = Augmented virtuality  
In this article I want to talk about the idea and Proof-Of-Concept of adding real-world objects to the Virtual Reality.
In my opinion, the idea described in the near future will be realized by all players of the VR-market. IMHO, the only reason why this has not been done so far is the desire to roll out the ideal solution, and this is not so easy.
We add it as an ordinary plugin in any UE project.
I did not understand how to connect a lib file using a relative path, so in OpenNI2CameraAndMesh.Build.cs we register the full path to OpenNI2.lib
Then p...
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JupyterHub, or how to manage hundreds of Python users. Lecture of Yandex

JupyterHub, or how to manage hundreds of Python users. Lecture of YandexThe Jupyter platform allows novice developers, data analysts, and students to quickly start programming in Python. Suppose your team is growing - it is now not only programmers, but also managers, analysts, researchers. Sooner or later, the lack of a common working environment and the complexity of the setting will start to slow down the work. To cope with this problem will help JupyterHub - multi-user server with the ability to run Jupyter with one button. It is great for those who teach Python, as well as for analysts. The user only needs a browser: no problems with installing the software on ...
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Digest of interesting materials for mobile developer # 249 (April 9 - April 15)

In the new dive, we have Flippy Bird with the Crown, GDPR, the search for a quadroge, the best open projects, flat icons and measurements of programmers, advertising networks and the fundamentals of data science.
Digest of interesting materials for mobile developer # 249 (April 9 - April 15)


Flippy Bird: - Let's go

This is a story about how to write your game on Corona. The level of entry is minimal (and the botanist from the algebra department will understand).

[h3] We defeat the Android Camera2 API using RxJava2 ...[/h][/h]
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GDPR. Practical advice

Everyone has heard of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (Regulation (EU) 2016/679), which enters into force on May 2? 2018. Fines are large and will have to match. Like any official document, it is written dry and can be interpreted in different ways. Over the past six months, I analyzed a dozen different web systems for GDPR compliance, and the same problems were encountered everywhere. In this regard, the purpose of this article is not to explain what the GDPR is (it has already been written about this), but to give practical advice to technical people on what needs to be done in ...
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Docker-images with support for GOST certificates in openssl, curl, php, nginx

In this article I will talk about how I solved the problem of integration in a test mode with services that work using algorithms defined by GOST R ???-2001 (obsolete) and GOST R ???-2012 . I will give examples of some of the problems that I encountered in solving the problem, I will give links to the ready solution and I will show some examples of their use.
GOST-engine . On the Internet, it is often mentioned that a Russian company has made efforts to develop it, but there is no information about the authors of the product in the repository itself. Taking this opportunity, I ...
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