Creating a safe AI: specifications, reliability and warranty

Creating a safe AI: specifications, reliability and warrantyAmong the authors of the article are the safety team from the DeepMind company.
Build a rocket hard. Each component requires careful study and testing, with security and reliability at its core. Rocket scientists and engineers get together to design all systems: from navigation to control, engines and chassis. Once all the parts are assembled, and the systems are checked, only then can we put the astronauts aboard with the confidence that everything will be fine. 3r33333.  
If artificial intelligence (AI) is 3r3r14. rocket
then someday we all get tickets on board...
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Proof of the Collatz hypothesis

3r3-31. I will continue the started. previous 3r331. post topic proof
Collatz's conjecture
What is this hypothesis? Take any natural number
Proof of the Collatz hypothesis
. If it is even, then divide it by

and if it's odd, then multiply by

and add
(we receive

). On the resulting number, perform the same actions, and so on. Collatz's conjecture is that whatever the initial number is 3r-3254.
we neither took, sooner or later we will get a unit.
3r330. 3r3331.
[h4] Proof of the Collatz hypothesis ...[/h]
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What is ZFS? And why are people crazy about her?

What is ZFS? And why are people crazy about her? 3r3178. 3r3-31. We will now discuss ZFS advanced file system. We will discuss how it appeared, what it is, and why it is so popular in technical circles and enterprises. 3r3r1616.  3r3178. 3r3r1616.  3r3178. Although I am from the UK, I prefer to pronounce ZedFS instead of ZeeFS, because it sounds cooler. You can choose the pronunciation for yourself. 3r3r1616.  3r3178. 3r3r1616.  3r3178.
Note: In this article, you will see that ZFS is repeated many times. When I talk about features and installation, I mean OpenZFS. The paths of ZFS (developed by Oracle) and OpenZFS have diverged since Oracle ...
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Another way to see application communications is

 3r3114. 3r3-31. 3r3102. Good afternoon, colleagues. As you know, there is a very useful utility - 3r311. sysmon
. In a nutshell, it allows you to collect and "log" events that occur in Windows. One such event is an attempt to establish a network connection. Thus, you can try to find out where your applications go. For this we need:
3r3-300.  3r3114.
itself. sysmon
configuration to it, I prefer to use here this
module PSQuickGraph module
and a little fancy
 3r3114. 3r330...
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KTRU (Catalog of goods, works, services) or the death of IT public procurement

A long time ago in the field of public procurement was a big scandal. The smart chief physicians bought not just medicines for the active substance and dosage, but medicines of a particular manufacturer, inserting into the technical task for state procurement all sorts of cunning requirements for the medicine.
According to the results of the scandal, an analysis was carried out and it was decided that government orders were mired in corruption, expose unreasonable requirements for goods, and even call the requirements themselves by tricky, so that an honest supplier becomes more confused. (For ...
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Tips for student programmers

Hi, Habr! I present to your attention the translation of the article " Advice for programming students ".
There are many things that I would like to know when I began my journey as a student programmer. Almost 10 years have passed since then, and, unfortunately, I cannot share my experience and knowledge with my past self, only with my younger colleagues. This post consists of some helpful tips that I would like to hear when I was 18 years old.
categories , if you just want to learn how to create something practical (say, an interface) ...
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As we put together a 12-story technology stack and didn't go insane

 3r3302. 3r3-31. Appodeal is a company of about 100 people who work in Moscow, San Francisco, Kirov, Barcelona, ​​and since June 201? also in Minsk.
 3r3302. We are engaged in the monetization of mobile applications through advertising to users. We started with advertising mediation, but the technology stack is constantly growing, so other products from the Ad Tech industry were added to the mediation.
 3r3302. As we put together a 12-story technology stack and didn't go insane
 3r3302. For those who are not yet familiar with Ad Tech - this is the area of ​​work of technology companies that work in the field of advertising. When you tell someone ...
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Product Design Digest, September 2018

Product Design Digest, September 2018The digest collects fresh articles on interface design, as well as tools, patterns, cases and historical stories since 2009. I carefully filter a large stream of subscriptions so that you can upgrade your professional skills and better solve work tasks. Previous issues: April 2010-August 2018 3r3-3998. . 3r33986.  
3r3998. 3r33986.  
3r33966. Patterns and best practices
3r33973. 3r33986.  
The most elegant memo on working with interface animation from Taras Skytskyi. He reviews real-world situations in working with digital products, rather than abstract laws from the world ...[/h]
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Invincible armada of Garmin

 3r33860. 3r3-31. Invincible armada of Garmin 3r33849. 3r33845.  3r33860.

Three Garmin Bears

3r33845.  3r33860. The fifth generation of Garmin Fenix ​​multisport watch came out in 2017. It replaced the previous and very prolific family of Fenix ​​? which in a few years has grown to a dozen basic models. A curious moment - the absence of the fourth generation Fenix. In Chinese, the name Fenix ​​4 can be read as “Ascension to a quick death,” so the American manufacturer decided to skip one digit. So, just in case. 3r33845.  3r33860. 3r33845.  3r33860. ...[/h]
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Review “Top 3D Expo. Digital Education 2018

 3r33333. 3r3-31. Review “Top 3D Expo. Digital Education 2018 . At the event, manufacturers and users of 3D-technology and other means of digital production met, interested in the innovations of technical progress and the use of its fruits in the educational sphere. 3r33333.  3r33333. 3r311.
3r33333.  3r33333. and 3D scanners , materials and accessories for them, laser and milling machines. , vacuum casting equipment, apparatus and Software for 3r330. VR and AR
. 3r33333.  3r33333. 3r33333.  3r33333. 3r33333.  3r33333. 3r33333.  3r33333. 3r33333.  3r33333. 3r33333.  3r33333. ...
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