As we hosting created

As we hosting createdI have long wanted to share our experience in creating a hosting company. And this day has come. The history of the main hosting project "N", which was created in 201? when it was 18 years old. Prior to this, there was experience with other hosting companies as a system administrator. With your partner, they came up with the names, twisted for a long time and came together on the name “N”, deciphered this Networking Engine (Network Engine). The names approved, then bought two servers FUJITSU, two unit, placed in DC, only in Dnepropetrovsk was then, and only built. Thought out the design of the ...
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The Guardian: "You won't have a jet pack, live with it"

There are also “opponents” of jetpacks, such as the journalist Dean Burnett from The Guardian, we will know them by sight.
Dude, there will be a jetpack for you.
3r3163. The Guardian: "You won't have a jet pack, live with it"
3r33170. Article dated September 2? 201? 3-33-317.
Typical complaints about science are connected with jetpacks - you see, we still don’t have them, but “promised.” However, their absence is not connected with the failure of scientists, but with physical and anatomical limitations, not to mention the fact that the creation of a jet pack is a terrible undertaking.
3r33170. “Where is my jetpack?” 3r3171.
You have probably ...
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8 interesting beta bugs iOS 12 and how we searched for them

 3r33434. 3r3-31. 8 interesting beta bugs iOS 12 and how we searched for them
3r3013.  3r33434.  3r33434. 3r3013.  3r33434. 3r33333.  3r33434.
changing the position of the “Remind me later” button so that some inattentive users accidentally click on the update button; 3r3013.  3r33434. 3r33380.  3r33434.
not allowing downgrade version ; 3r3013.  3r33434. 3r33380.  3r33434.
showing a red marker on the settings icon; 3r3013.  3r33434. 3r33380.  3r33434.
Finally, my favorite move is the daily display of update messages. 3r3013.  3r33434. 3r33380.  3r33434. 3r33382. 3r3013.  3r33434.
3r3409. 3r3013.  3r33434...
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Browse Free 2D CAD

 3r? 3513. 3r3-31. Every year in the field of design automation, parametric three-dimensional CAD systems are increasingly strengthening their positions. The usefulness of this approach in engineering is now beyond doubt, and the scope of application of this approach is extensive. 3r301501.  3r? 3513. Nevertheless, in engineering there is still room for traditional two-dimensional design, and there are appropriate tools for that. 3r301501.  3r? 3513. 3r301501.  3r? 3513. Browse Free 2D CAD 3r301501.  3r? 3513. 3r311.
3r301501.  3r? 3513. In the comments under the articles on the subject of CAD (for example, 3-3315. 1 3-3-3496...
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The principle of least action in analytical mechanics

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Migrating a non-downgrade database schema for postgresql using the example of django

 3r31644. 3r3-31.
Introduction 3r31473. 3r? 31506.  3r31644. 3r? 31508. Hi, Habr!
3r? 31506.  3r31644. 3r? 31508. I want to share the experience of writing migrations for postgres and django. This is mainly about postgres, django is a good complement here, since it automatically migrates the data schema for model changes out of the box, that is, has a fairly complete list of work operations for changing the schema. Django can be replaced with any favorite framework /library - approaches are likely to be similar.
3r? 31506.  3r31644. 3r? 31508. I will not describe how I came to this, but now, reading ...
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Suspension of the system unit under the standing table

I have been using the standing table for many years. Until that time, he used only laptops. Recently, I bought a system unit, and I had a problem placing it in the workplace. In this article I will tell you how I purchased the suspension for my system unit and what requirements I had for it. 3r33112.  3r3119. 3r33112.  3r3119. Suspension of the system unit under the standing table 3r33112.  3r3119. 3r311.
3r33112.  3r3119. 3r33112.  3r3119. 3r33939. Where to put the system officer
3r33112.  3r3119. Let us ask ourselves why I decided to buy it. Well, where can I place the system unit? Option one - just put it on the table. But this is absolutely not my option...
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How to break the blockchain and cryptocurrencies: 6 successful attacks "51 percent"

3r3-31. How to break the blockchain and cryptocurrencies: 6 successful attacks "51 percent" 3r3124.  
Image: Unsplash 3r3124.  
One of the main threats to information security for cryptocurrencies created on the blockchain technology is the so-called attacks of 51%. They allow attackers to control the network and the transactions taking place in it. In 201? the victims of such an attack 3r3-15. steel 3r3127. six cryptocurrency projects. underwent attack in april 2018. This altcoin was launched based on the CryptoNight algorithm. After ...
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Machine learning is going to finally catch the elephant

 3r33177. 3r3-31.

The visual rally revealed the Achilles' heel of computer vision systems: unlike people, they are unable to re-examine something incomprehensible

3r3161.  3r33177. Machine learning is going to finally catch the elephant “I didn't notice the elephant.” 3r3161.  3r33177. I. A. Krylov 3r314. 3r3161.  3r33177. One point in favor of the human brain. In the new 3r317. study
computer scientists have found that AI systems do not pass a visual test that a child could easily cope with. 3r3161.  3r33177. 3r3161.  3r33177. “This is an ingenious and important study that reminds us that“ deep learning ”is not such a deep thing,” said ...[/h]
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Download JivoSite dialogs via API

Download JivoSite dialogs via API 3r314. 3r3398.  3r3105. 3r3398.  3r3105. As a solution, I took a bottle of vermouth, a couple of evenings and an API, which JivoSite offers. It turned out that it was quite easy to get all the chats via web hooks, the main thing is to set them up correctly. 3r3398.  3r3105. 3r3398.  3r3105. I decided not to zhlobstovovat and arrange everything as a web service on symfony, which everyone could use. If you are a representative of a bank or another company where 100% security is required - please in a personal, I will give you all the sources, you can easily raise such a service. 3r3398.  3r3105. 3r3398.  3r3105. 3...
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