“We are a team of Android P engineers. Ask us!”

 3r3611. 3r3-31. 3r? 3597. “We are a team of Android P engineers. Ask us!” 3r3600. 3r33595.  3r3611. 3r? 3597. July 1? 2018 Reddit passed a round of questions from the Android developer community and answers from the Android team of engineers on the latest innovations of the framework (but not limited to this list): 3r300600. 3r33595.  3r3611. 3r33333.  3r3611.
Android Jetpack
Power - app standby, app restrictions
Display cutout
Actions and Slices
Compatibility and non-SDK interface restrictions
Android P Beta devices, Project Treble
 3r3611. 3r33356. 3r33595.  3r3611...
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Vulnerability in jQuery plugin actively exploited by hackers

3r3-31. Vulnerability in jQuery plugin actively exploited by hackers
Vulnerability in the popular plugin. jQuery File Upload active. operated attackers to introduce malicious files and seize control of servers. The plugin and more than 7800 forks are used in a huge number of projects, CRM systems, WordPress plugins, Drupal add-ons, Joomla components and many other applications.
discovered this vulnerability a few years ago:
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Criteria of the human mind, from the point of view of one programmer

Criteria of the human mind, from the point of view of one programmer 3r3162. 3r3-31. Consciousness. Many copies are broken on this topic. We are inspired by the jerk of digital technology and the growth of computing power with caution we expect the appearance of the first artificial intelligence. As it will be? Perhaps in some garage, someone's computer will display the question: "Who am I?". Or the mega corporation of good /evil will put a big black box on its sidelines, which from time to time will secretly take all the decisions in this corporation I have not a very rich imagination, and therefore I will leave up thinking up the options for creating AI for ...
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Data-mining and Twitter

 3r? 3516. 3r3-31. 3r3502. Among social networks, Twitter is more suitable for extracting text data due to the hard limit on the length of the message in which users are forced to put all the most essential.
3r?500.  3r? 3516. 3r3502. 3r3164. I suggest to guess what technology is framed by this cloud of words? 3r3165.
3r?500.  3r? 3516. 3r3502. Data-mining and Twitter
3r?500.  3r? 3516. 3r3502. Using the Twitter API, you can extract and analyze a wide variety of information. An article on how to do this using the programming language R.
dressing in the US Congress 3r3504. in the wake of the investigation ...
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Local NPM repository in 5 minutes with its packages and caching

Good day!
Sooner or later, organizations have problems with the proliferation of js modules between projects, the time has come when this question has arisen in our company.
Copy and paste the code is the way to the dark side, so it was decided to write not just js code, but create from it npm packages to distribute between their projects.
The search for free, private npm repositories led to a dead end, and the use of private repositories on 3r3166. npm
requires a fee (and this is not our mentality).
Since the office has a server that always works (almost), it was decided to deploy ...
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Metamorphosis of the attributes of the class

 3r33150. 3r3-31. A short note from the “You Warned” series
 3r33150. The transition from classical programming languages ​​to Python delivers a lot of surprises. 3r3138.  3r33150. We read documentation:
For example, it is important to say that
3r3138.  3r33150. 3r3138.  3r33150. Let's try to play
 3r33150. 3r3122. class Vessel:
#class attribute
vtype = "boat"
3r33150. #instance attribute
def __init __ (self, name):
self.name = name
3r3138.  3r33150.
3r330. 3r3138.  3r33150. Create two objects and check the values ​​of all attributes: 3r3138.  3r33150. 3r3122.
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Friday help: 5 tools for PHP developer

3r3-31. Friday help: 5 tools for PHP developer  
Programmers know how much ancillary tools can speed up the development process, making it easier for the specialist. We decided to publish small collections describing such tools on Fridays. In small portions, so as not to overload you. On the eve of the weekend, complex information is not perceived too well, but the small collections that make life easier are what the doctor prescribed. “The profession of web developer” 3r3105. .
We remind you: for all readers of "Habr" - a discount of 1?000 rubles when writing to any Skillbox course on the promo code "Habr".
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What I liked about Field Allen

3r3-31. What I liked about Field Allen 3r3365.  
The memoirs of Bill Gates about Paul Allen, with whom they, while still students, founded the company Microsoft in 1975 (the name of the company was suggested by Paul) 3r-38. 3r3365.  
Paul Allen, one of my oldest friends and the very first business partner, died on October 1? 2018. I want to express my regrets to his sister Jody, his family, and many of his friends and colleagues around the world. 3r3365.  
I met Paul in Grade ? and this acquaintance changed my life. 3r3365.  
I immediately began to equal myself with him. He studied two classes ...
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Diagnosis of sensesensitivity

3r3-31. Today, it is accepted to call cells (old) cells in which the cell cycle is stopped under the influence of various factors (stress or exhaustion of the division resource). As a result, these cells do not divide and are not updated. 3r3195.  
At the “Cell Senescence in Cancer and Aging” conference held at the University of Cambridge, the definition of cell aging was given: “3—3—3115. Cellular aging is called a steady stop of proliferation caused by various molecular triggers, including the activation of oncogenes, as well as an excessive amount of cell division. In addition, senescent ...
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In the wake of trends, or moving towards RxJava and LiveData

 3r3013. 3r3-31. In the wake of trends, or moving towards RxJava and LiveData 3r33386. 3r33333.  3r3013. For illustration, I will use the small class Work, which is some long-term operation that needs to be brought into the background thread. In the test application, I put a spinning ProgressBar on the screen to see when work will be performed on the main thread. 3r33333.  3r3013. 3r33333.  3r3013. 3r33357. 3r33358. class Work {
fun doWork () = try {
for (i in 0 until 10) {
Thread.sleep (500)
"work is done"
} catch (e: InterruptedException) {
"work is canceled"
3r33333.  3r3013.


3r33333.  3r3013. With this approach, each task ...[/h]
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