Speed ​​limit for electric cars

Speed ​​limit for electric cars 3r361.  
In different countries there are a variety of programs that encourage you to buy electric cars, but perhaps the most unusual of them is the one offered by the government of Austria. 3r361.  
It announced three new programs. 3r361.  
These are dedicated public transport lines available for electric vehicles, free parking spaces for electric vehicles and another one that attracts the most attention - an increase in the maximum speed limit for electric vehicles on highways. 3r361.  
Cars with internal combustion engines at high speeds pollute the atmosphere ...
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Your new ally in the sky is Mavic 2 Enterprise

3r3-31. Your new ally in the sky is Mavic 2 Enterprise 3r3111.  
For fans of DJI technology, the last three months have been rich in releases and presentations of new products. In late August, we were shown at once two models from the Mavic line: Mavic 2 Pro and Mavic 2 Zoom. October 15 introduced a modified Phantom 4 - Phantom 4 RTK, which will become an indispensable tool for land surveyors and cartographers. And today, a new quadrocopter, Mavic 2 Enterprise, has appeared on the company's website, with which the company plans to conquer the industrial segment of the drones market, as well as the public safety niche. What DJI will interest ...
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Approach to RBAC implementation in ReactJS


Hello dear reader!
Some time (about a year) I was faced with the need for conditional rendering of components in ReactJS, depending on the current user rights. The first thing I began to look for ready-made solutions and "best practices." The article "3r3-312. Role based authorization in React 3r3-33259." Made the most impression with its use of 3r314. Higher-Order Components
(HOC). But, unfortunately, I did not find a solution that satisfies me.
Apparently, I missed something after all
or did not know about the existence of contexts. At the time of writing, stumbled ...
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How to set up or disable lint in the

built-in code editor.Under the cut there is a small note on how you can configure the rules for linting in the built-in WordPress code editor.  wp_code_editor_settings 3r3128.  The first parameter it takes is an array of options for the code editor. In it we are interested in only a few properties. See 3r3152 for details. .  3r33132. add_filter ('wp_code_editor_settings', 'change_code_editor_settings');function change_code_editor_settings ($ settings) {/*** Array of parameters passed to codemirror* @see https://codemirror.net/doc/manual.html#config* /$ settings/*** Array of parameters for CSSLint* @see https://github.com/CSSLint/csslint/wiki* ...
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Security Week 41: Good News

Security Week 41: Good News This is enough in the information security industry for dramas. The latest means of hacking, grandiose failures in the protection systems of programs and hardware - or the complete absence of these same systems. The daily routine of spam with malicious appendages and phishing, cryptographers and stuff is not as interesting as the most complex cyber attacks, but they have to be dealt with the most. 3r3398.  
Finding out that the password does not fit your router - it's about how to detect a broken lock in the front door. And yet, although cyber threats should be taken seriously, the real work on security ...
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Web development for ecommerce: 5 technology trends for 2019

3r3-31. Web development for ecommerce: 5 technology trends for 2019  
Online shopping is fast becoming one of the main ways to purchase goods in the world. According to forecasts, by 202? global e-commerce sales will reach $ 4.5 trillion, which is almost two times more than in 2017.
This growth is largely due to the introduction of modern technology. Today we will talk about what technological trends will be relevant in ecommerce in the coming year. 3r311. 3r3141.
[h2] The development of e-wallet technology r3r3122.
In the field of e-commerce, one of the main problems has always been the acceptance and processing of payments. Retailers needed to store ...[/h]
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Wrong, wrong, WRONG! methods of DDoS mitigation

Habr, this is a transcription of speeches CTO Qrator Labs Tyom ximaera Gavrichenkova at RIPE77 in Amsterdam. We could not translate its name into Russian with preservation of meaning, and therefore we decided to help Habra in entering the English-language market and left everything to as it is 3r311. Wrong, wrong, WRONG! methods of DDoS mitigation  
This is a quote from one of my favorite bands. Dave Gahan from Depeche Mode is a living proof that you can say the word “wrong” 65 times in 5 minutes and still remain a rock star. Let's see if I can ...
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Testing an application on Go as a black box using Rspec

Testing an application on Go as a black box using RspecWell-written tests significantly reduce the risk of “breaking” the application when adding a new feature or fixing an error. In complex systems consisting of several interrelated components, the most difficult is to test their points of contact. 3r33320.  
In this article I will talk about how we faced the difficulty of writing good tests when developing a component on Go and how we solved this problem using the RSpec library in Ruby on Rails. 3r33320.  
3r311. 3r33320.  
3r33333. Adding Go to the technology stack of the
project. 3r33320.  
One of the projects, which is developed by ...
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Freshman: High School. Instruction 1.0

Freshman: High School. Instruction 1.0 3r33578. 3r3-31. It always seemed to me that there is no person more vulnerable and lost in reality than a freshman in his first semester. More precisely, it did not always seem so, but starting from its first course. Then there were sessions, graduate school, work as a teacher in the unfortunate first year and the opinion was only strengthened. Imagine: a person was pulled out of school and placed in a completely different environment with strange features: the group resembles a class, the same desks and blackboard, textbooks and an evil librarian, the same couples, so similar to the lessons...
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“Lock-free, or not lock-free, that is the question.” Or “Healthy sleep, worse than bitter radish”

3r3-31. 3r33347. On writing this article, I was moved by comments to the article "3r333. How to right and wrong sleep
3r33347. This article will discuss the development of multi-threaded applications, the applicability of lock-free to some cases arising in the process of working on 3r339. LAppS
, about function 3r311. nanosleep
and scheduler violence.
NB: Everything discussed concerns development in C ++ under Linux, but it can be applied to all POSIX.1-2008 compatible systems (with an eye on a specific implementation). 3r33333.  
3r33347. In general, everything ...
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