Roskomnadzor is going to collect a fine from Google

 3r3394. 3r3-31. Roskomnadzor is going to collect a fine from Google Today it became known that Roskomnadzor has launched a procedure for collecting a fine from Google, about which 3rr33. reported 3r380. Vedomosti. The first stage is the notification of a protocol on administrative violation.
 3r3394. The agency invites a representative of an American company to participate in the procedure. The minutes will be drafted at the end of this month. The problem is that the company has not connected to the state system with a list of sites banned in the Russian Federation. The fact is that search services are obliged to exclude websites that have been blocked ...
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Traffic minimization in ASP.NET Web Forms, clickable div and periodic server polling

 3r33333. 3r3-31. ASP.NET Web Forms technology is slowly but surely becoming a thing of the past. It is replaced by Web API with Angular 6 and similar stacks. But I inherited the project on Web Forms with a huge legacy. I have some friends who have a plus or minus situation. Long written applications on old technology that need to be developed and maintained. Web Forms has the ability to not update the entire page on PostBack, but only a part of it. What is wrapped in UpdatePanel. This adds interactive, but it still works rather slowly and consumes a lot of traffic, because rendering takes place ...
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Better way To Code

Better way To Code 3r3952. 3r3-31. 3r33897. From the translator:
 3r3952. I am neither a professional programmer nor a professional translator, but the appearance of the tool described in the article from the creator of the popular library 3r3r61. D3.js made a strong impression on me. 3r340940.  3r3952. 3r340940.  3r3952. I was surprised to find that on Habré, and indeed in the Russian-language Internet, more than a year unfairly ignore this tool. Therefore, I decided that I simply had to contribute to the development of the art of programming, in jаvascript in particular. 3r340940.  3r3952. [/i] 3r340940.  3r3952...
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Hearts of a fiery engine: a review of the QardioCore

 3r33333. 3r3-31. Hearts of a fiery engine: a review of the QardioCore
3r33333.  3r33333.

The story of one stroke

3r33333.  3r33333. In 201? investment banker Marco Peluso spoke to his 66-year-old father, Giuseppe, by phone. Suddenly, an elderly man had a stroke. The son realized that something was wrong, but he could not personally help the parent living in Naples. The neighbors of the family took my father to the hospital, where doctors could not make the correct diagnosis. Six months later, doctors discovered an arrhythmia, which was able to identify the initial problem. At that time, the patient, who was vigorous and active for his age before the ...[/h]
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Communications as a performance zone of work of a timlid

Communications as a performance zone of work of a timlid 
3r3-31. The participants of Saint TeamLead Conf called the report of Alexander Ziza one of the best, probably because much depends on the communication skills of the team leader, and they are usually not well developed.
Below you will find the video and text version of this speech, but just to watch or read it is not enough. We must try to immediately start applying the approaches in practice, and Alexander will convince you of this. In fact, this is part of the program for the development of managerial competencies, for pumping skills of the team leader with a detailed guide to action and ...
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Deep neural networks for automatic call evaluation

3r3-31. Call evaluation is a key part of quality control for call centers. It allows organizations to fine-tune workflow so that operators can do work faster and more efficiently, and also avoid meaningless routine. 3r33410.  
Bearing in mind that the call center should be effective, we worked on automating the evaluation of calls. As a result, we came up with an algorithm that processes calls and distributes them into two groups: suspicious and neutral. All suspicious calls were immediately sent to the quality assessment team. 3r33410.  
3r33393. Deep neural networks for automatic call evaluation ...
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Convert XLS files to Google Spreadsheet using Google Apps Script

Convert XLS files to Google Spreadsheet using Google Apps ScriptMy name is Alexander and I am a freelancer, my main specialization is Google Apps Script. One of the customers needed to programmatically convert Microsoft Excel files to Google Spreadsheets. I had never encountered such a task before, so I called Google for help. I rummaged through a bunch of forums, but did not find a ready-made solution. I had to write my bike. And although the code was short, it took quite a bit of time to find a solution. Here is what happened: 3r380.  
3r3338. function convert (folderId) {
var folderIncoming = DriveApp.getFolderById (folderId);
var files = folderIncoming.getFilesByType ...
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Media holdings agreed with Yandex about the removal of pirated materials

 3r3633. 3r3-31. Media holdings agreed with Yandex about the removal of pirated materials  3r3633.
 3r3633. On November ? the largest media companies in Russia, including television holdings and online cinemas, signed an official memorandum on combating piracy with Internet companies, about which 3r-37. report
Vedomosti. The most important point in the signed document is the obligation of Yandex to remove links to pages with pirated content from the results of the search results for users.
 3r3633. Despite the fact that the revenue of legal video services is growing, right holders consider piracy to be the main factor hindering the development of this market. If we ...
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Stop hiring "effective managers." They are not only useless, but also harmful

 3r3162. 3r3-31. Each company goes through several life cycles from the moment of its foundation to its own “coffin lid”. The end for different companies is different: someone does not compete with younger and more flexible teams whose products haven’t gotten out of the state of early beta for years, but still are more successful, others become part of larger corporations. 3r33150.  3r3162. 3r33150.  3r3162. Stop hiring "effective managers." They are not only useless, but also harmful 3r318. 3r33150.  3r3162. 3r3-300. Who are “effective managers” and where do they come from 3r3-30101. 3r33150.  3r3162. To begin with, it is worth understanding the terminology. An “effective manager” is...
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Proactive optimization of Oracle

Proactive optimization of Oracledatabase performance. 3r3-1055. 3r3-31. If you work with combat servers, then you have a good idea of ​​what performance incidents mean. You need to drop everything and quickly solve the problem. RNKO "Payment Center" LLC works with many agents, and for them it is very important that such problems be as small as possible. Alexander Makarov at HighLoad ++ Siberia told what was done to significantly reduce the number of performance incidents. Proactive optimization came to the rescue. And why and how it is produced on the combat server, read below. 3r31042.  3r3-1055. 3r31042.  3r3-1055. Alexander Makarov (3r3133...
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