Half of the cars sold in Norway are electric cars

 3r33939. 3r3-31. Half of the cars sold in Norway are electric cars  3r33939.
 3r33939. Jaguar I-PACE - took the 5th place among all electric vehicles in October 2018.
 3r33939. According to data 3r311. InsideEVs
sales of electric cars in Norway in October 2018 accounted for 55.5% of the market (the 2nd figure for all time). In general, 6466 units were sold (a 20.8% increase compared with October 2017). It is also noted that there is a shift in buyers' preferences from hybrids towards electric vehicles on rechargeable batteries: 3r370.  3r33939.
electric cars with rechargeable batteries: 4496 (growth 69.1%; 38.6% - the share of sales ...
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I study Rust: How I made the game "Snake"

I study Rust: How I made the game "Snake" 3r3618.  3r33625. I recently started learning the Rust programming language, and since when I learn a new language I make on it. The Snake I decided to make her own. 3r3618.  3r33625. For 3D graphics, the 3r3r11 library was used. Three.rs
which is the port of the Three.js
library.  3r33625. → Code 3r3618.  3r33625. → Download and play 3r3618.  3r33625. 3r3618.  3r33625.
3r3618.  3r33625. 3r3618.  3r33625. 3r3331.
Screenshot game [/b] 3r3334. 3r3335. 3r3618.  3r33625.
3r3618.  3r33625. 3r3618.  3r33625.
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DeOldify: a program for coloring black and white images

DeOldify: a program for coloring black and white images 3r33464. 3r3-31. In short, the task of this project is to color and restore old images. I’ll go into the details a little bit, but first let's see the pictures! By the way, most of the original images are taken from the r /TheWayWeWere subdit, thank you all for such high-quality large images. 3r33450.  3r33464. 3r33450.  3r33464. 3r33383. These are just a few examples, and they are quite typical! [/b] 3r33450.  3r33464. 3r33450.  3r33464. Maria Anderson as Little Fairy and her page Lyubov Ryabtsova in the Sleeping Beauty ballet at the Imperial Theater, St. Petersburg, Russia, 1890 3-3-312. 3r33450...
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Creating and integrating a VK bot into a group via VkBotLongPoll[Python]

 3r31096. 3r3-31. In this article we will create a bot and integrate it into the VK group in Python 3.x
 3r31096. [h3] Who is this article for? 3r31050.
 3r31096. For those who want to write a simple bot for their community, who knows how to define commands and display the appropriate answer 3r31082.  3r31096.
The main stages 3r31050.
 3r31096. 3r31063.  3r31096.
First, let's create a bot in the VK, configure the API key and enable the Long Poll API 3r31085. 3r31075.  3r31096.
Configure Long Poll
Add definitions of commands that will be processed by the
bot.  3r31096.
Create ..
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Comparison of products using Elasticsearch for the competitor price monitoring service

 3r33584. 3r3-31. Back in 201? the idea arose to develop a service for monitoring the prices of competitors. Its distinctive feature from other similar services should have been the function of daily automatic comparison of goods. Apparently because of the almost complete lack of information on how to do this, price monitoring services offered only the possibility of manual comparison by the clients themselves, or by service operators with a price from 0.2 to 1 ruble for the fact of comparison. The real situation with, for example, 10 sites and 2?000 products on each, inevitably requires automation ...
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Under the hood, Bitfury Clarke - how our new mining chip works

Under the hood, Bitfury Clarke - how our new mining chip worksAt the end of September, we submitted 3r33232. A new ASIC chip designed specifically for SHA256 mining in the Bitcoin network. Today will tell what's inside.
use decomposition in a modified Taylor series.
Hashes in the bitcoin blockchain are calculated using the SHA256 algorithm. It includes 64 iterations, during which there is a "mixing" of the transaction bits in the block using the shift and "modulo 2 addition" operations. The result of using the SHA256 function is considered irreversible; for this reason, the target hash is found by brute force. Learn more about mining ...
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Little convenience in student life

3r3658. A simple story about how I felt ashamed to constantly ask the groupmates for missing information and I decided to make our lives a little easier. 3r3661. 3r3662.  3r3777. 3r3658. Little convenience in student life 3r3661. 3r3662.  3r3777. 3r3658. I suppose that many of my peers are familiar with the situation when in the general chat, where important information flashes quite often, there are about 30 active interlocutors who constantly load Vkontakte databases with their messages. Under these conditions, it is unlikely that everyone will see this important information. It happens to me. A year ago, it was decided to correct this ...
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Alamofire + DictionaryCoding = NetworkService

When I wanted to develop my library for network requests for swift, I came across article
Why you shouldn’t use delegates in Swift I ran through the article and made my decision.
3r3196. 3r3197. class NetworkService {
Alamofire.request (URL_MOVIE_LIST, method: .get, headers: headers) .responseJSON {response in
switch response.result {
case .success:
let code = response.response? .statusCode
if (code == 200) {
if let result = response.result.value {
let jsonData = result as! NSArray
do {
let decoder = DictionaryDecoder ()
for moviesData in jsonData {
let moviesResp = try ...
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Basics of electrical safety in the design of electronic devices

Hi, Habr! 3r33434.  
After the wave raised by my previous post , a rather noticeable number of people asked me (on facebook, in a personal, etc.), to which, in fact, pay attention, so that instead of a smart outlet on arduino not to get another 3-3310. the wash-euthanasic
. 3r33434.  
Basics of electrical safety in the design of electronic devices 3r33434.  
The topic is large and complex, but I will try to highlight the main points - not least because of the errors that I saw in various real devices and projects, including those published on Habré. I will not be long and tedious to list GOSTs, but I will list quite basic things ...
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The Ministry of Communications proposed to create alternative social networks and instant messengers

The Ministry of Communications proposed to create alternative social networks and instant messengers Yesterday it became known about the proposal of the deputy r3r383.  3r395. Minister of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media Alexei Volin, which he did at the IV Chinese and Russian media forum. The official said that since the Russian and Chinese media are facing unfair competition and restrictions on the dissemination of information, Moscow and Beijing should be prepared to create alternative networks and instant messengers. About this reports RBC.
 3r395. “Russian and Chinese media today, having become ...
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