An overview of the active QuietOn

noise suppressors.3r3165.  Hi, Habr!  I decided to join such a favorite form of leisure of the local public as testing products from the assortment of “Dadzhet”. And the first pancake I will have a set of active noise suppressors QuietOn. I have a case for this thing, but about it later. And with that   Of course, you can listen to music on a noisy simulator by simply placing ordinary headphones under construction. But it is not only less elegant, but also the ears will sweat. So despite the drawbacks (some suppression and necessary sounds, the danger of losing miniature noise suppressors like Bluetooth headphones)...
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Create puzzle games on Puzzle Script

Create puzzle games on Puzzle Script 3r33055. 3r3-31. Puzzle Script is a minimalistic game engine for creating puzzles for HTML? has open source. Examples of ready-made games can be viewed here is . 3r33040.  3r33055. 3r33040.  3r33055.

Part 1. Create the first game on Puzzle Script.

3r33040.  3r33055. 3r31412. Puzzle Script
- is a free online program that is used to create puzzle games. She is best known for creating push puzzles like my The Nodus . In this part we will create a game by examining the basic functions of the Puzzle Script, and in the next we proceed to programming. 3r33040.  3r33055. 3r33040.  3r33055...[/h]
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Pulse power unit for teletype from the 1940s (with luminous mercury thyratrons!)

3r3-31. Recently, we began the process of restoring the Teletype Model 1? a naval communications system from the 1940s to 3r-32r.[1]
. [3] . 3r3633.
Pulse power unit for teletype from the 1940s (with luminous mercury thyratrons!)
3r33470. Partially disassembled teletype Model 19 [/i]
3r?500. Current loop
Teletypes communicate with each other through a 60mA current loop: the presence of current in the circuit gives the value "marker" (teletype, respectively, perforates punched tape), and if the current is interrupted, then we get a value called "space". Each character is transmitted in seven bits: the start bit, 5 data bits and the stop bit. If you have ever used serial devices ...
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Why did Kodak die, and Fujifilm flourished: the story of two film makers

 3r33333. 3r3-31. Why did Kodak die, and Fujifilm flourished: the story of two film makers Kodak
passed, and today's version of the company Fujifilm thrives on surviving a cardinal reorganization. Before you - a detailed analysis based on first-hand information, obtained from top managers and from real financial data, allowing you to understand how and why the fates of two similar companies diverged in opposite directions. 3r33351.  3r33333. 3r33351.  3r33333. 3r33333. The situation before the film crisis: a safe and lucrative market
3r33351.  3r33333. Although Kodak and Fujifilm produced cameras, their main business was photographic film and the sale of post-processing ...
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The immediate future of NetApp

3r3-31. Clouds, clouds and clouds again. Movement in the cloud, whether it is your private cloud in your data center, private cloud from the provider or public providers such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, Google Cloud, is inexorable. I especially noticed this when I moved to the USA. Here they talk about everything and always - the air is literally saturated with this topic. Manufacturers of both software and hardware understood this perfectly and don’t want to miss this window of opportunity in this changing world.
The immediate future of NetApp ...
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Git subtree in detail

When deciding whether to use one or another tool in our own projects, the engineer has to not only study the accompanying documentation, but also conduct a series of experiments in order to avoid potential problems in the future. If we are talking about a CM policy designed for the long term, the price of a mistake of choice becomes quite high.
The purpose of this paper is to study the subtree management tool 3r3113 in practice. Git
Starting with revision ??? 3r332322. upstream repository Git in the directory ...
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Very corporate post: opening in Moscow or why November 10 and 11 are good days for buying electronics

 3r3114. 3r3-31. Today is a small post about a corporate event, which is significant for us and will probably be useful for our Moscow readers, as well as for those who find themselves in the capital on November 10th and 11th. 3r3398.  3r3114. 3r3398.  3r3114. 3r3-300. For those who have already prepared to brand us for advertising in the comments, let me remind you that in more than two years of existence of this blog, we have not published denim posts. All the ads that we had appeared in the paragraphs labeled as “jeans”, as well as in widgets. [/i] 3r3398.  3r3114. 3r3398.  3r3114. Very corporate post: opening in Moscow or why November 10 and 11 are good days for buying electronics ...
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Flying Pigs, or Optimizing Interpreters Bytecode

3r3-31. 3r3804. Flying Pigs, or Optimizing Interpreters Bytecode 3r3809. 3r3802.  
"You can, however, make a faster pig" (a commentary in the Emaks source code)
3r3804. Everyone knows the fact that pigs do not fly. No less popular is the opinion that bytecode interpreters as a technique for executing high-level languages ​​cannot be accelerated without the use of time-consuming dynamic compilation. 3r3809. 3r3802.  
3r3804. In the second part of a series of articles on bytecode interpreters, I will try to show by the example of a small stack virtual machine PVM (“Pig Virtual Machine”) that not everything is lost for hard-working piglets with ambitions ...
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How to pass a cyber test on "Checkpoint"

How to pass a cyber test on "Checkpoint" 3r33464. 3r3-31. Hello everyone, I'm Nikita Curtin , curator of the Israeli IT and Security High School HackerU
 3r33464. This summer, the leading Israeli company in the field of information security Checkpoint , has published a series of cyber tests.
 3r33464. The tasks were divided into six categories:
 3r33464. • Logic 3r3452.  3r33464. • Web 3r3452.  3r33464. • Programming 3r3452.  3r33464. • Networking 3r3452.  3r33464. • Reversing
 3r33464. • Surprise
 3r33464. Two tasks for each direction. In this post I will tell you how only four ...
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Good deeds for Google money: a new AI Impact Challenge

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