Google: removing "pirated" links from the issue will not solve the problem of illegal content

 3r361. 3r3-31. Google: removing "pirated" links from the issue will not solve the problem of illegal content Google Corporation published regular report on anti-piracy activities. The main idea of ​​the document - search engines are not the main source of traffic for pirates. It is interesting that the company's conclusion is based on the results of a study of the American Film Association MRAA. According to her, search engines give "pirates" only 19% of views.
 3r361. In addition, approximately 50% of search queries that may lead a user to a link indicating the location of downloading or viewing illegal copies of films, have the name not only of the content, but also of the specific ...
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The boring company of Mask: the tunnel to the stadium and the opening of the

tunnel.A few days ago, Ilon Musk, who is the founder of the Boring Company, tweeted that his first tunnel would be available to the public on December 10th and uploaded a video that went through the whole tunnel from beginning to end, calling it “frighteningly long”. Construction began a year ago in the parking area, near the SpaceX headquarters, which was relevant news . 3r3394. 3r3394.3r311. - Elon Musk (@elonmusk) November ? 201 3r318. 3r3394.3r33939. 3r3394. 3r395. 3r3394. 3r3394. Previously, the next news passed unnoticed. The tunneling company created by ...
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The second life of electric oven "Kharkov"

The second life of electric oven "Kharkov" 3r33848. 3r3-31. Hello. 3r33836.  3r33848. 3r33836.  3r33848. I will not do a long and lyrical introduction about how short and cruel the fate of household appliances. What was perceived yesterday as the last achievement of progress will now be a familiar part of the average household, and tomorrow it will simply be thrown into a landfill, in spite of its full working capacity or, at best, dismantled as a donor of parts. For "there are buttons, but I want a sensor," and "design is soviet" and "there is no this chip." And it’s okay if we are talking about some kind of Chinese microwave or kettle...
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Backup Beer-party

Russian Backup User Group and Asbiscloud are invited to offline Beer-party. The program of the evening - beer and snacks, the presentation of the company WD "Western Digital Ultrastar Storage Platforms - the best home for your data", communication with colleagues. The best option to finish a short work week. Address: Moscow, st. Butyrskaya d. 46 p. 1. Beginning at 16-30. Registration 3r314.
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