Five reasons for SEO failure. Analysis of unsuccessful promotion experience with examples

Five reasons for SEO failure. Analysis of unsuccessful promotion experience with examplesIn this article, I decided to try to structure the experience that has accumulated over almost 15 years of active work with client projects. Something from our company had to endure and reflect on their mistakes, somewhere else it was enough for others to understand.
Today, when clients who have a negative SEO experience from other companies turn to us for promotion, it is quite difficult to surprise us. Unless what bizarre and ridiculous external forms can arise in the relationship of two companies, between which there is no understanding.
Moreover, a client with negative experience is ...
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Is your Windows so old?

As a vigorous discussion of recent articles on shows. Habré dedicated to Windows systems, a large number of advanced and not so much users prefer their “outdated” Windows 7 and are not in a hurry to switch to Windows 10. The reasons are very different - from dissatisfaction with the privacy policy and large volume of telemetry to the banal habit and unwillingness to go on about Microsoft marketers.
In this article I want to consider the case when Windows ? and even earlier versions, are required by the developer for the qualitative solution of their work responsibilities. It's no secret ...
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The math in Gamedev is simple. Vectors and integrals

The math in Gamedev is simple. Vectors and integrals 3r33420. 3r3-31. Hello! Today I would like to talk about mathematics. Mathematics is a very interesting science and it can be very useful in the development of games, and in general when working with computer graphics. Many (especially beginners) simply do not know how it is used during development. There are many problems that do not require a deep understanding of such concepts as: integrals, complex numbers, groups, rings, etc., but thanks to mathematics you can solve many interesting problems. In this article we will consider vectors and integrals. If interested, welcome under cat. Illustrating ...
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Personal data leakage from Moscow MFC

All media have already trumpeted about 3r3322. the terrible
leakage of personal data from Moscow multifunctional centers providing state and municipal services (MFC) “My Documents”.
3r3365.  3r375.
3r3365.  3r375.
Let's try to understand the situation
3r3365.  3r375.
Kommersant Edition, which discovered
writes: 3r330. As it turned out, “Kommersant”, the place of leakage of personal data may well become multi-functional centers (MFC). Each MFC has a shared computer connected to the scanner. And any visitor to the MFC can independently use it, for example, to upload copies of documents ...
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Trading robot optimization algorithms: an effective way to trade a million in hindsight

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New at JDK 9/11 review. Migrating a project from 1.8 to 11

Recently, our training project Spring 5 /JPA (Topjava) migrated from JDK 1.8 to JDK 11. I offer you a small video review of all JDK changes, starting from 9 and changes in the project + useful links on new features. Past project migrations:
New in Spring 5. Project migration to Spring 5
3r318. Migration to JUnit 5 in 10 minutes Measure time tests with Extensions
3r330. 3r3331.
Oracle Java SE 11-3rc3236.
3r350. Oracle Java Support Roadmap

3r3355. Using Java 11 In Production
3r360. Oracle JDK vs OpenJDK
3r3365. Source code restriction with OpenJDK
[h3] ...[/h]
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Are you afraid of burning out or becoming lazy? Believe me, being a workaholic is even worse.

Are you afraid of burning out or becoming lazy? Believe me, being a workaholic is even worse. 3r3146. 3r3-31. The topic of professional burnout has not kicked at Habré just lazy. There were stories about how to deal with it, and stories of people who personally encountered this problem, and articles like "how to avoid burnout." In fact, the topic is important and necessary. For many developers, their profession translates not only into a way of earning, but also into personal hobbies. People get real pleasure from what they do, and when they leave the office in the evening they return home and pick their own pet-projects.
 3r3146. But for some reason everyone either bashfully ...
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How we learned to talk to millions of people

3r3-31. Marketing in the X5 - is a large amount of data. Pyaterochka, for example, sends more than 30 million communications every month, and this number is constantly growing. One client can simultaneously send several offers, and it is important to choose the right ones. Special offers of the store should be interesting to the client and economically viable for the retailer. In this post we will describe how we tried to apply machine learning to these calculations. 3r33358.  
How we learned to talk to millions of people 3r33358.
3r33333. 3r3128.
3r33333. 3...
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Strategic program of the party nestov

 3r33150. 3r3-31.
Strategic program of the party nestov  3r33150. Nestah - this ageless people. There is no such now. But there are willing. I wonder what principles would be taken as a basis by statesmen who love life so much that they put the fight against aging in the first place.
 3r33150. For example, in Russia, the president sets the task of increasing life expectancy. Sounds good. However, in reality, out of all public funds allocated in 2017 for research, only 5% went for health research (the “fight against aging” column, by itself, is absent).
 3r33150. For comparison, 55% was spent on applied scientific research ...
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Generation of environment based on sound and music in Unity3D

Hello. This article is the first of a series dedicated to the generation of content based on music and sound. In fact, such a generation is quite a complex technical task, so this material will be introductory, more focused on game design and a general understanding of the subject, after which we will plunge into the technical aspects of this topic. 3r3640. 3r3650.  
Generation of environment based on sound and music in Unity3D 3r3693. 3r3650.  
In this article we will look at a specific genre of games in which content is generated based on sound and music. The general theory of sound will not be given here, but in the material you can find links ...
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