Tesla /Panasonic batteries are the most affordable

Tesla /Panasonic batteries are the most affordableon the market. 3r362. 3r3-31.  3r362. 3r362.The translation of this article led me to the argument that Tesla was not able to, or a bubble, nothing new, the batteries were bought on Aliexpress, and Mask or D. B. Strobel praise their product in vain. 3r3338. 3r362. 3r362. According to UBS analyst Colin Langan (Colin Langan), disassembling lithium-ion rechargeable batteries from Panasonic /Tesla, LG Chem, Samsung SDI and Contemporary Amperex Technology (CATL) showed that Panasonic /Tesla batteries are about 20% cheaper than the following best deal from LG Chem. 3r362. hefly.com , ft.com  3r362. 3r362.Supplement ...
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Ledger Nano S: the key to the room where 710 tokens and cryptocurrency can lie

Ledger Nano S: the key to the room where 710 tokens and cryptocurrency can lieMy old friend Myetherwallet reminds me long and tirelessly of how wrong I, Uncle Yegor, eat a sandwich, accessing it through a browser using a private key. Using web-wallets is one of the risky ways to access cryptoactive assets along with storing them in a crypto-exchange. It has long been time to explore alternatives. Public opinion, of course, was for the "iron" hardware wallets. But I was not particularly in a hurry: protection against hackers is, of course, an argument. But no one has yet canceled offline threats, and in life something happens more often. And external associations with flash ...
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Tale of coursework

Hello. I want to talk about my coursework or what causes curiosity.
It’s been a long time from nothing to do writing a program for simbian. And from time to time faced with the oddities in the assembly. Everything pointed to the elf2e32 utility. Her task is to convert the input binary file of elf format into another, specific for Symbian - e32 image. I was curious for a long time - how does this utility work at all and why is it sometimes buggy? A little later, I began to pester another question - the topic of the course work =) I decided to combine business with pleasure and downloaded ...
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Creating an outline for LWRP in Unity

Creating an outline for LWRP in Unity 3r33471. 3r3-31. Hello.
 3r33471. I will tell you how to create a simple outline effect on the new Lightweight Render Pipeline (LWRP) in Unity. This requires a version of Unity 2018.3 or higher, as well as an LWRP version ??? or higher.
 3r33471. The classic outline consists of a two-pass shader (two pass shader), but LWRP only supports a single pass shader. To fix this flaw in LWRP, it became possible to add user pass to certain rendering steps using interfaces:
 3r33471. 3r33333. 3r33354. IAfterDepthPrePass
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Using ClickHouse in VK, or Why we wrote KittenHouse

3r3-31. Using ClickHouse in VK, or Why we wrote KittenHouse At the beginning of the year, we decided to learn how to store and read VK debug logs more efficiently than before. Debug logs are, for example, video conversion logs (mainly the output of the ffmpeg command and a list of steps for pre-processing files), which sometimes we need only 2-3 months after processing the problem file.
At that time, we had 2 ways to store and process logs - our own logs engine and rsyslog, which we used in parallel. We began to consider other options and realized that ClickHouse from Yandex is quite suitable for us - we decided to implement it.
In this article I will ...
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Check out the PI - the only way

Check out the PI - the only way 3r3178. 3r3-31. For each article on Habré, concerning the advantages or disadvantages of an IT person’s design, such as an IP, hundreds of comments are written by supporters and opponents of this scheme. It feels like the market still has a choice. But I am sure that with the development of remote work, with all sorts of agile-approaches and practices that have developed in interaction with remote teams, there is simply no other way in IT. PI is the only form of relationship that corresponds to reality, and not “stretches” on it with difficulty (if you do not consider more “cunning” cases - LLC...
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How to turn a “hundred year old” usb hub into a “smart” managed one and save at the same time $ 300

How to turn a “hundred year old” usb hub into a “smart” managed one and save at the same time $ 300 3r3761. 3r3-31. Somehow I needed a hub long ago, preferably with a large number of ports and with a fairly convenient form suitable for embedding instead of a floppy disk drive into the 3.5 ”bay. A quick look at the flea market threw the model D-link DUB-H? and even in the combination “2 for the price of 1”. External inspection did not give anything special, the hub as a hub, made soundly, a major "printer" USB AM-BM on the back and 3 A power supply. As always, the first thing I did was disassembled, I was glad for a small number of empty places instead of elements together with high-quality soldering ...
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Competent choice of the UPS will optimize the costs of the enterprise

Competent choice of the UPS will optimize the costs of the enterprise 
3r3-31. According to IDC forecasts, in 201? the expenses of small and medium enterprises for hardware, software and IT services will reach almost 602 billion dollars, which is 4.9% more than in 2017 3-33192.  
Further more. 3r3192.  
In 202? the expenditure rate of enterprises with a staff of less than 1000 people will reach 684 billion dollars, with an average annual growth rate of 4.7% in the period 2016–2021. 3r3192.  
Power supply is one of the main items of expenditure, and proper management of it is one of the best ways to reduce costs. 3r3192.  
3r3178. What do small and medium ...
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DEV Labs 2018. Online MAP for web developers. December 1st

We invite you to the next open online Soft Labs series mint, which this time will be devoted to web development. Mitap will be held on Saturday, December ? from 3:00 pm to 7:30 pm Moscow time.
The program has three reports: 3–3–39.
3r314. Vyacheslav Lapin will tell what problems JHipster solves - for what and to whom it may be needed. During the talk, you will be shown how to install and configure JHipster; a simple project will be generated and launched, its structure, additional tools and much more will be considered.
is required to participate in the mitap and access to the videos...
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Go to Androidx or an exciting journey on the rake

Go to Androidx or an exciting journey on the rakeThe theme of the transition to Androidx is now in the air. There are already A short article in English from Daniel Lew , there are Report 3-333214. . But they all quite superficially consider the transition scenario described in
Google documentation

 3r33333. I want to share my experience. In my project, Moxy and Cicerone are used, I find my experience interesting, because the official telegram channels of these libraries periodically raise the question of when they will be transferred to Androidx.
 3r33333. 3r314.
 3r33333. 3r3198. Just Migrate to AndroidX
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