Guide on St. Petersburg IT movement

Guide on St. Petersburg IT movement3r33357. Sometimes developers from other cities and students ask me where to go to an IT specialist in the cultural capital. During the organization of mitapov for pitonists, I collected IT events in order to adopt the best chips and adapt them to our target audience. This review summarizes the impressions of the regular meetings of the largest IT communities in St. Petersburg: Golang Piter, Fprog, C ++ User Group, SpbDotNet, PiterPy Meetup, PyLadies, Django Girls, Spb Python, Frontend Spb, PiterJS, ODS, SpBDSM, workshops at JetBrains Research ITMO and its research institutes, CSC, RAS. The events ...
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We correct typos in search queries

We correct typos in search queriesProbably, any service that generally has a search, sooner or later comes to the need to learn how to correct errors in user requests. Errare humanum est; users are constantly sealed and mistaken, and the quality of the search inevitably suffers from this - and with it the user experience. 3r3r6956.  
Moreover, each service has its own specifics, its own lexicon, which should be able to operate on a typo fixer, which greatly complicates the use of existing solutions. For example, such requests had to learn to rule our guardian:
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Fault Injection: your system is unreliable if you have not tried to break it

Hi, Habr! My name is Pavel Lipsky. I am an engineer, I work in the company Sberbank-Technology. My specialization is testing the fault tolerance and performance of backends of large distributed systems. Simply put, I break other people's programs. In this post I will talk about fault injection - a testing method that allows you to find problems in the system by creating artificial failures. To begin with, I came to this method, then we will talk about the method itself and how we use it.
Fault Injection: your system is unreliable if you have not tried to break it ...
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TeamCity 2018.2: GitHub Pull Requests support, secondary server, installation of plug-ins from repository, screenshots in tests

 3r3191. 3r3-31. 3r3176. Hi, Habr! Recently a new version of TeamCity - 2018.2 has been released! JetBrains CI /CD server gets better and more beautiful with each release, and this time is no exception. 3r3179. 3r3174.  3r3191. 3r3176. You can look at the full list of changes in the documentation 3r3164. , and here I will focus on the most juicy features of this release. 3r3179. 3r3174.  3r3191. 3r3176. TeamCity 2018.2: GitHub Pull Requests support, secondary server, installation of plug-ins from repository, screenshots in tests 3r3164. 3r3174.  3r3191.

Building GitHub Pull Requests

3r3174.  3r3191. 3r3176. TeamCity was able to work with pull-requests earlier, but in 2018.2 we added the ability to set up filter ...[/h]
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How to maintain healthy communication habits of remote teams

3r3174. Note trans. : This article is written by Taurie Davis, a designer from GitLab who likes to “identify problems, create reliable solutions and create intuitive interfaces.” It provides simple tips on how to improve communication, not only in remote teams, but also in our daily life. Even if they seem obvious, their value manifests itself when we do not forget to constantly use them, forming a useful and advantageous habit for all. 3r3179. 3r3190.  
3r3174. In our company ("Flant"), we regularly conduct a performance review for all engineers (and not only) and are constantly ...
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Production of the case for the robot with a limited budget. Vacuum forming

Production of the case for the robot with a limited budget. Vacuum formingHow to show investors a beautiful robot? Develop a beautiful body. How to do it while there is no investment? I tried to briefly describe my path. We develop Golf Ball Robot at the driving range . 3r3208. Without a beautiful body is very difficult to explain how the robot will look. [/b] In this article I will tell you how for 24000 rub. get a case of 1000mm x 800mm x 250mm, as well as what kind of rake we collected along the way. Perhaps this will help you avoid our mistakes.
casting under pressure , but the cost of making molds is a huge barrier for a startup...
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Theory of Sharding

Theory of Sharding 3r31423. 3r3-31. It seems that we have plunged so deeply into the jungle of highload development that we simply do not think about basic problems. Take sharding, for example. What to understand in it, if you can write conditionally shards = n in the database settings, and everything will be done by itself. So, he is like that, but if, rather, when something goes wrong, the resources really start to be missed, I would like to understand what the reason is and how to fix it.
 3r31423. In short, if you contribute your alternative implementation of hashing in Cassandra, then there are hardly ...
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React Training Course, Part 2: Functional Components

React Training Course, Part 2: Functional Components 3r33411. 3r3-31. In one of our previous r3r32. materials 3r33399. we asked you a question about whether it is advisable to do on the basis of of this course on React a series of traditional publications. You supported our idea. Therefore, today we present to your attention the continuation of the course. Here we talk about the functional components. 3r33393.  3r33411. 3r33393.  3r33411. 3r311. 3r33399. 3r33393.  3r33411.
3r33399. 3r33393.  3r33411.

Lesson 6: Functional Components

3r33393.  3r33411. →
3r33393.  3r33411. 3r33393.  3r33411. At the previous practical ...[/h]
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New legislative initiatives to protect information

New legislative initiatives to protect information  
Last week, three bills were introduced to the State Duma aimed at amending Federal Law No. 149-ФЗ dated July 2? 2006 “On Information, Information Technologies and Information Protection”. These bills are likely to be considered at the spring session of the State Duma. I suggest to get acquainted with their content today.
Full texts of the bills can be found at:
1. 3r312.
The first draft ...
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Snom D725 IP Phone Review

Snom D725 IP Phone Review 3r3108.
We continue a series of articles with reviews of multifunctional office IP-phones by Snom. This time the story will be about the model D72? relating to the average price segment.

Features model

The ergonomic keyboard has all the main keys to control the phone and calls. In addition to them, there is also a block of eighteen additional function keys, thanks to which the D725 has turned out to be a little more than the younger models in the D7xx lineup, and it is no longer inferior in size to the older ones.
The display is monochrome, with adjustable brightness. It is only slightly larger than the youngest models. Recall that in the D7xx line, the angle of inclination of the display can be ...[/h]
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