Master class: vacuum molding of plastics in silicone

 3r? 3569. 3r3-31. Master class: vacuum molding of plastics in silicone Top 3D Expo
, talk about small-scale production of plastic parts method 3r33550. vacuum casting
in silicone, the master class for which was organized at the conference with the help of our friends from “3r3111. Foliplast 3r33557. ". 3r33548.  3r? 3569. KLM 3r33557. , Germany 3r3493. 3r33548.  3r? 3569. 3r33548.  3r? 3569. 3r3-300. 3r33548.  3r? 3569. 3r33548.  3r? 3569. 3r3105. 3r33548.  3r? 3569. 3r33548.  3r? 3569. Vacuum injection molding systems 3r33552. WINGS TECHNOLOGY , China 3r33548.  3r? 3569. 3r33548.  3r? 3569. 3r3118. 3r33548.  3r? 3569. 3r33548.  3r? 3...
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Camunda BPM Meetup Raiffeisenbank

December 18 r3r37. We invite you to the first open mitp 3r336. Camunda BPM which will be held at the Raiffeisenbank site in Nagatino.
 3r3394. It is very important for us to form communities and share knowledge and experience both within the company and outside. That is why on a regular basis we hold open meetings in different directions. This time we open the doors and invite you to the first mitap of Camunda BPM. Within the framework of the mitap, we also want to create the Camunda BPM User Group chat, it is much easier to live with the chat, because then you have the opportunity ...
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Robotaxy Waymo One earned as a commercial transport network

Robotaxy Waymo One earned as a commercial transport network  3r380.
 3r380. About Waymo did not write and did not speak just lazy. It’s no joke - robotaksi, which can deliver people in automatic mode. For several years, developers have been testing the service, but now it has finally begun work. True, still with a man behind the wheel - for now, without a security operator, this is the title of this position, you cannot ride on the roads.
 3r380. At first, the Waymo will only bring passengers who have participated in the service test. Then the transport network will be available to everyone. At the forefront of the company puts the safety of passengers and ...
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Walmart starts using

Walmart starts usingcleaning robots. 3r3-31. 3r388.  3r388.  Feeling nehily 3r340. danger of 3r382. on the Amazon side, the world's largest retailer is introducing new technology 3r310. one for 3r382. 3r314. another . Until the end of January, Walmart is going to install 360 autonomous robot cleaning machines in supermarkets across the country - in addition to the one hundred units that are already being tested by the company. Brain Corp, the company that developed Brain OS, the platform with artificial intelligence that drives the machines, will help with this retailer. It will allow cleaning robots not to collide with shelves ...
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Overview of Android Design Support Library v28

Overview of Android Design Support Library v28Hello again. 3r3638.  3r3650. 3r3638.  3r3650. Approaching the launch date, our new course “Android Developer” , there is nothing left and there are some interesting materials that we share with everyone, including potential listeners. 3r3638.  3r3650. 3r3638.  3r3650. Go. 3r3638.  3r3650. 3r3638.  3r3650. The 28th Android Support Library was recently announced. In the current alpha version, we have access to a set of new interesting components. In this article I want to look at the additions that have been made to the Support Library in the form of Material View components. 3r3638.  3r3650...
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Antiquities: AlphaSmart Dana, Zen and the Art of Caring for the Palm

Collecting old devices is often nostalgic for the past. But I did not have this device at the beginning of the two thousandth, and it could not be. Alfasmart Dana is the largest Palm OS based Palm OS, an almost perfect typewriter with batteries, a unique device that I just could not get past.
Antiquities: AlphaSmart Dana, Zen and the Art of Caring for the Palm  
Released in 200? Dana has become the coolest model in the Alfasmart line of devices. This company has been producing devices for American schools for more than ten years, with relevant requirements: centralized management, maintainability, low cost, reliability. Already after the cessation of the release, the ...
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Ktor as HTTP client for Android

 3r33548. 3r3-31. Retrofit? as an Android developer, I like it, but what about trying to use Ktor as an HTTP client? In my opinion, for Android development, it is no worse and no better, just one of the options, although if you wrap everything up a bit, it can turn out very well. I will consider the basic features with which you can start using Ktor as an HTTP client - creating requests of various kinds, receiving raw answers and answers in the form of text, deserializing json into classes through converters, logging. 3r???.  3r33548. 3r???.  3r33548. Ktor as HTTP client for Android
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Storage Class Memory in the storage system - if you need even faster

 3r3174. 3r3-31. Storage Class Memory in the storage system - if you need even faster As you probably remember, HPE has long invested in the topic of new types of data warehousing (of course, The Machine ) And in optimizing access to the repositories (our membership in Gen-Z consortium ). 3r3143.  3r3174. 3r3143.  3r3174. The goal of this movement is to speed up the work of our customers' applications. And the movement is multilevel: while the completely new architecture of the computer systems The Machine (the so-called memory-centric architecture) is being forged, we understand that we need to accelerate now. Let's see it can be done today, and what will HPE have ...
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Support, service, headache and all-all-all

Support, service, headache and all-all-all  
Hello to all.
I decided to write this opus in order to give an insight into how the official support of Dell (including service support) now works.
This is not a criticism, not a cry for help, but simply your own experience.
Perhaps he will be useful to someone or be useful.
Intel Community . Moreover, they say that even Dell will be more useful, who can promptly inform Intel about this and solve the problem together.
Everything is good, but only the circle is closed.

Act 3. Happy ending.

All this correspondence and the war took me about a week and ...[/h]
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As we prepare stores for the new year

 3r3303. 3r3-31. As we prepare stores for the new year  3r3303.
 3r3303. Our new year begins on August 2? and then we gradually prepare for the invasions of crowds of customers in December. December brings us revenue like July 4th.
 3r3303. We already know that if something falls in IT, it will be an ass. Last year, all the box office in the country fell by almost a day on December 2? and it was 3-3-311. Day P 3r3166. . But we were partially ready for all-around and left with minimal losses. In addition to these days, there are still regular breakdowns, overloads in the infrastructure and a lot of fun.
 3r3303. Therefore...
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