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Atomic CSS - order and clarity

Atomic CSS - order and clarity  3rr3465.
 3rr3465. From the first lines of code, each person begins to understand the importance of properly organizing it and optimizing the workspace as a whole.
 3rr3465. 3r311.
 3rr3465. It does not matter which industry to talk specifically, but it’s important to understand that wherever there is code, there must be rules for its creation and storage.
 3rr3465. In the first couple, of course, it may seem that sticking to certain rules and orders only takes time, which in practice looks quite different. The quintessence of any code writing principles is that we do not write it once and for all - we ...
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Under the hood JobIntentService

Under the hood JobIntentService 
3r3-31. 3r3142. In this article, we will discuss one problem with the JobIntentService, about which there are many questions on relevant resources and reports in the Google tracker bug. And also about the reason for which, judging by everything, Google does not consider it a bug and close the data reports. 3r3143. A detailed description can be found in the documentation 3r3-33130. 3r3143. 3r33140.  
Life cycle and pitfalls
3r3142. Both types of tasks have the same life cycle. Tasks are controlled by a handler and have a status. 3r3143. 3r33140.  
3r3142. Although these states are ..
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Two worlds or "engineers have something to say." About the various types of complex tasks and processes associated with them

I think the heads of departments of the IT department will agree with me that sometimes it seems that we are on the border of two worlds living according to different laws, in different temporal rhythms, and we have to live in both these worlds. And, if we are broadcasting the “way of life” from top to bottom, from senior managers to engineers, we do it regularly due to our official duties, but in the opposite direction - alas 3r3113.  
Therefore, this post that I, as an engineer, want to say to our dear managers and those who consider their “way of life” as the only true one. ) 3r3113...
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Conversation with the "Higher Mind". The formula of consciousness is

The last excerpt from the story " Higher Mind ". This time there is a certain “claim” on the formula of consciousness with an explanation of its origin. At once I want to note that all the given theses are based on modern scientific data (cognitive sciences). Still, this is my opinion, I do not pretend to absolute truth and do not argue with anyone. Everyone has the right to have his own opinion, but other people's opinions are interesting to me, if they have a valuable thought that will help me to advance in search. So:
3r3172. Conversation Seventh [/b]
- Amy, the main question is what ...
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Tesla has patented technology for vehicle positioning.

3r3-31. Tesla has patented technology for vehicle positioning. 3r366.  
Tesla is engaged in the development and implementation of systems necessary for autonomous driving of vehicles, so-called. autopilot Currently, these systems are at an early stage of their development and require constant monitoring from the driver. For the 4-5 level of autonomy, better algorithms of behavior and environmental recognition are needed, including using satellite navigation. 3r366.  
This patent reveals the details of systems and methods that will help improve the positioning of the car on the road. 3r366.  
This is how Tesla describes the prerequisites ...
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Metal-air transistor will extend Moore's law - how technology works

Metal-air transistor will extend Moore's law - how technology worksAustralian experts 3r31616. submitted 3r33212. metal-air transistor, the principle of which is reminiscent of the work of vacuum transistors. We tell what the essence of technology. 3r3196.  
3r311. Shane Gorski CC BY-ND [/i] 3r3138. 3r3196.  
3r3r166. Why did such a technology emerge? 3r3196.  
It is believed that Moore's law has lost its relevance. The past few years, the density of transistors on a crystal increases r3r333. not so fast
, like before. Although the transition from the process to the process [leech=] ...
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Smart home, I still made you

Smart home, I still made you 3r3173. 3r3-31. A smart house, quite a hackneyed topic in our time and in this publication I will not tell you about new technologies, manufacturers and current trends of this topic, everything is written to me once a hundred. I will try to briefly describe the process of creating a smart home (hereinafter UD) without deep technical narratives. If this topic is of interest to readers, I will lay out completely all the listings of programs, MK firmware, diagrams and everything needed to make this miracle the heart of your home. 3r3-33160.  3r3173.
3r3-33160.  3r3173. The main concepts in the development ...
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Yandex opens the Cloud. The architecture of the new

Yandex opens the Cloud. The architecture of the newplatform. 3r33180. 3r3-31.  3r33180. 3r33180. Today Yandex.Oblako 3r3r1616 became available. all Now, any user can go to Cloud and deploy the resources he needs, gaining access to Yandex technologies. For example, to machine translation and speech recognition and synthesis. 3r33180. 3r33180. Today I want to introduce you to Yandex. Cloud and tell you how it works inside. Under the cut you will learn a little about the history, team and architecture of our platform. 3r33180. 3r33180.3r3168.A bit of history 3r3158. 3r33180. Despite the fact that the Yandex cloud platform was first publicly shown not so ...
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Why you should never use Quora

Why you should never use Quoraagain. 3r3178. 3r3-31.  3r3178. 3r3178. December 3 service 3r337. Quora 3r3128. announced 3r3128. that 100 million user accounts have been compromised, including their personal activity, such as cons for comments and private messages, thanks to the actions of “malicious third parties”. 3r3178. 3r3178. Data leaks are an annoying part of the life cycle of any online service: the more their popularity grows, the bigger they become. Almost all major online services have ever had a security hole: Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo, Tumblr, Uber, Evernote, eBay, Adobe, Target, Twitter, and Sony have suffered ...
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