Some dictionary internals in CPython (and PyPy)

Some dictionary internals in CPython (and PyPy) 3r3407. 3r3-31. The internal structure of dictionaries in Python is not limited to bucket and closed hashing alone. This is an amazing world of shared keys, caching hashes, DKIX_DUMMY and quick comparisons that can be made even faster (at the cost of a bug with an approximate probability of 2 ^ -64).
 3r3407. If you don’t know the number of elements in the newly created dictionary, how much memory is spent on each element, why now (CPython 3.6 and later) the dictionary is implemented with two arrays and how does this relate to maintaining the insertion order, or simply didn’t watch the ...
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How do you like it, Ilon Musk: BMW and Porsche have developed a system that charges electric vehicle batteries in just 3 minutes

3r3-31. How do you like it, Ilon Musk: BMW and Porsche have developed a system that charges electric vehicle batteries in just 3 minutes  

Electro-gas station in Bavaria, Germany. Source: BMW Group

Operation of electric vehicles is becoming increasingly simple, thanks to both the improvement of the vehicles themselves and the gradual development of the relevant infrastructure in different countries. One of the most difficult problems is fast charging of electric vehicle batteries. This is necessary in order to full charge did not have to wait for hours.
Earlier, Tesla Inc introduced a technology that allows you to replenish 80% of the battery in just 15 minutes. This is a Tesla Supercharger. A typical Tesla system charges ...
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Oracle Bitmap Index Techniques

Oracle Bitmap Index Techniques 3r3196. 3r3-31. And again, good evening! 3r3181.  3r3196. 3r3181.  3r3196. We start the second stream of our new course 3r336. "Relational DBMS" 3r3184. which we did a little bit after the first run: additional classes on MySQL and Postgres clusters, docker was in demand, and various “file improvements”. So wait for open lessons (in which part of old topics have been carried out) and interesting materials. Today we delve into the techniques of Oracle. 3r3181.  3r3196. 3r3181.  3r3196. Go. 3r3181.  3r3196. 3r3181.  3r3196. Oracle Bitmap indices are very different from standard B-tree indices. In ...
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Numerical modeling in a large industrial company

Numerical modeling in a large industrial company 3r3119. 3r31-10.  
Hello, Habr and his dear readers! 3r31-10.  
I was lucky. I work in a large metallurgical company, where innovations are valued, there is modern equipment, a good laboratory base, and partners all over the world. But this does not mean at all that it was easy to introduce and make needed a new research tool. I want to tell why we took up this topic, what obstacles we faced, what results we managed to achieve and where we want to develop. I will pay special attention to the question of why, with numerical simulation, we came to our clients. Welcome under the cut! 3r31-10...
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Open lesson "Feature Engineering on the example of the classic dataset of the Titanic"

 3r33333. 3r3-31. Hello again!
 3r33333. In December, we will start training for the next group "Data scientist" therefore, there are more and more open lessons and other activities. For example, just recently, a webinar was held under the long title “Feature Engineering on the example of the classic dataset of the Titanic”. He spent 3r3327. Alexander Sizov
- an experienced developer, Ph.D., an expert on Machine /Deep learning and a participant in various commercial international projects related to artificial intelligence and data analysis.
 3r33333. Open lesson took ...
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Virtual memory in ARMv7

Virtual memory in ARMv7Hello!
The article provides an overview of the virtual memory system architecture ARMv7.
Headline spoiler [/b]
It does not consider the subtleties of caching, DMA, LPAE and the like. For a more detailed description, refer to the literature at the end of the article.
[h2] The introduction of 3r-3262.
The virtual memory system performs several tasks. First, it allows you to place user processes in separate, isolated from each other, memory spaces. This allows you to increase the reliability of the system, the errors of one process do not affect the operation of other processes. Secondly...
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"Content-2018": we look wider, we dig more deeply

"Content-2018": we look wider, we dig more deeply 3r3305. 3r3-31. November 2? we again gathered a bunch of people to share content marketing experiences.
 3r3305. No, everything was wrong, we have already done it once. Let's about augmented reality! Balloons! Art! Retraining of the humanities! The current "Content" was picked up by a fountain of fresh themes in 20 reports. The keynote of the conference was the topic of acquaintance of editors with programming. After all, who writes on Habr: either techies who have mastered the field of writing, or vice versa - humanists who have mastered the expert field of techies. To do this...
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From aircraft to programmers in one year, or how to become a Jedi

From aircraft to programmers in one year, or how to become a Jedi 3r3196. 3r3-31. 3r3179. 3r33180. Yoda: Master Qui-Gon, is there anything else to say to you? 3r3181.  3r3196. Qui-Gon Jin: With your permission, Master. I found the point of concentration of the Great Force. 3r3181.  3r3196. Yoda: Concentration, you said? 3r3181.  3r3196. Mace Windu: Inside a living being? 3r3181.  3r3196. Qui-Gon Jin: In the boy. His cells contain the highest level of midichlorians from all that I have seen. He was probably conceived by midichlorians. 3r3181.  3r3196. Mace Windu: You are hinting at a prophecy about the Chosen One that will bring balance to the Force. Do you believe ...
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Apple Metal in MAPS.ME

Apple Metal in MAPS.ME Hello! 3r3662.  
In the world there are a huge number of applications on OpenGL, and it seems that Apple is not quite agree with this. Starting with iOS 12 and MacOS Mojave, OpenGL has been rendered obsolete. We integrated Apple Metal into MAPS.ME and are ready to share our experience and results. We will tell how our graphic engine refactored, what difficulties we had to face and, most importantly, how many FPS we have now. 3r3662.  
Anyone who is interested or is thinking about adding support for Apple Metal in the graphics engine, we invite under the cat. 3r3662.  
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Why should marketers learn programming

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