SHOCK! New software for phishing does not win the normal 2FA (two-factor authentication)

Last month, all those who feel like they write that 2FA (two-factor authentication) is in danger because of the quality of the fake pages. Actually, the title of the article parodies one of these posts on Habré. Of course, 2FAs are different. In some "very advanced" European banks, you can still get hold of a sheet of disposable TAN-codes.
 3r33333. But for several years the industry has not stood still, and instead of disposable TAN /PIN codes arriving by SMS or through applications like RSA Token, Steam Guard, Google Authenticator, there are other options.
 3r33333. Here is ...
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Fit tutorials on YouTube

 3r31135. 3r3-31. On YouTube dofiga FREE training and courses and tutorials. 3r31111.  3r31135. 3r31111.  3r31135. Fit tutorials on YouTube 3r31111.  3r31135. 3r31111.  3r31135. I lead freeCodeCamp, YouTube channel without ads . We have complete video courses and tutorials on many popular programming languages ​​and frameworks (including ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 3112? 3r? 3115. Python, ? ? 31? 31? 31? 31? 31? 31122., 3r? 319. Ruby 3r? 31?. ++
, Angular 3r3-31122. And
Not only 3r331122.). 3r31111.  3r31135. 3r31111.  3r31135. I also stumbled upon many other YouTube channels that ..
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California public transportation in 20 years should be environmentally friendly

California public transportation in 20 years should be environmentally friendly  3r371.
 3r371. Days when California residents in the United States breathed exhaust fumes from passing buses may soon have articles in history. The fact is that the authorities of the region decided to make all public transport “without a exhaust” for 20 years.
 3r371. The bill became law after 3r313. holding a unanimous vote 3r3r64. This Friday. Separately, it is worth noting that state authorities do not agree with Trump’s policy of lowering environmental transport standards in order to promote the oil and gas industry and related products.
 3r371. ...
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