We write heavenly bees on Cloud Haskell

We write heavenly bees on Cloud Haskell  
Hello, Habr!
Only 11577635 seconds have passed since the end of the autumn school GoTo in ITMO. The week of Distributed Systems began with the prototyping of a distributed system on Cloud Haskell. We started cheerfully and therefore quickly found out that the existing documentation without PhD is difficult to understand - and decided to write a methodology.
Under the cut, the introduction to p2p cloud haskell, a slightly functional stack of RS prototyping, motivation and "but why".
libp2p !! And he will be right. Partially.
libp2p solves the transport ...

Analysis of the market trends of crypto-currencies (for Bitcoin example)

Analysis of the market trends of crypto-currencies (for Bitcoin example)At the moment there is an endless number of publications analyzing the market of crypto currency from experts of all colors and ranks. The topic is so in demand that did not make its review only lazy and not sophisticated. The forecasts of analysts sometimes differ so much that you can not decide what to do next: look for a bank that can be put into an apartment and invest in another "-coin", or train in front of a mirror a corrosive "I said!" And with an infernal laugh the ghost of Loni Golubkov.
This article does not set itself the goal of persuading the reader in favor of investing in cryptology...

Why are network engineers programming

Why are network engineers programmingIt is interesting to exchange opinions and experience of using programming languages ​​in solving network engineer tasks, if you use any methods and approaches of automation, write about it in the comments, and I'll tell you about some of my developments in this direction.
Not so long ago, I was a participant in the project to change the scheme of IGP interaction, within the project it was necessary to make a migration in a live network. Given the scale of the project, the work was broken down into several independent stages, and developed a fine, in terms of network design, migration plan ...

Data exchange in distributed networks

In decentralized networks, processing data is much more difficult than in centralized ones. In addition, technical schools and universities teach, mainly, the programming of client-server systems. Therefore p2p-programmers are orders of magnitude smaller than programmers of client-server systems.
By this article, I decided to partially fill the gap by listing the eight distributed technologies known to me: the first three describe ways of distribution (distribution) of data over the network, others 5 explain distribution methods (separation) of data.
Data exchange in distributed networks ...