GitLab moves from Azure to the Google Cloud Platform. News about moving and maintenance dates

GitLab moves from Azure to the Google Cloud Platform. News about moving and maintenance dates
Translation of the post from the blog is moving to the Google Cloud Platform on July 28. We tell what this will turn out for you now and in the future.
For us, always in the priority there was an increase in speed and reliability of . Both of them gradually grew, and meanwhile we planned serious changes that could provide a real breakthrough: to make GitLab cloudy ( snow native ) Application for Kubernetes.
post about migration , and ...
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Accelerate the bootstrap of large databases using Kubernetes

Accelerate the bootstrap of large databases using KubernetesWith this article, we open a series of publications with practical instructions on how to make life easier for yourself (exploitation) and developers in different situations that happen literally every day. All of them are collected from real experience of solving problems from clients and have improved over time, but still do not pretend to be ideal - consider them more like ideas and preparations.
I'll start with a "trick" for preparing large database dumps like MySQL and PostgreSQL for their rapid deployment for various needs - first and foremost, on development sites. The context of the ...
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Migration of ElasticSearch data lossless

Migration of ElasticSearch data lossless
Academic design of the data warehouse recommends keeping everything in a normalized form, with links between. Then the rolling of changes in relational mathematics will give a reliable storage with support for transactions. Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability - that's all. In other words, the storage is specially built for secure data updates. But it is not optimal for searching, especially with a broad gesture on tables and fields. We need indices, many indices. The volumes expand, the recording slows down. SQL LIKE is not indexed, but JOIN GROUP BY sends meditation to the query scheduler.
The i...
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10 reasons for[не]use k8s

10 reasons for[не]use k8sToday we will talk about Kubernetes, about the rake that can be collected with its practical use, and about the developments that helped the author and who should help you. We will try to prove that without k8s in the modern world, nowhere. Opponents of k8s will also provide excellent reasons why you should not jump on it. That is, in the story we will not only defend the Kubernetes, but also abuse it. Hence the name appeared in the title.[не] .
This article is based on report of Ivan Glushkov at the DevOops 2017 conference. The last two places of Ivan's work were somehow connected with ...
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Configure the automatic launch of UI tests Android applications through TeamCity

Configure the automatic launch of UI tests Android applications through TeamCitySooner or later any tester developing the practice of self-testing faces the problem of autonomous execution of its tests. And, if the expert is experienced, then he tries to face this as early as possible. So I, after the first successful run of the autotest locally, decided to immediately configure the launch in TeamCity.
I note that we do not have any expertise in remote testing of Android tests, so we had to assiduously google, but I did not find deployed guides either. Therefore, I decided to burn this manual.
android sdk tools (Command line tools only) and unpack it into ...
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Announcement DevOps-conference DevOops 2018

Announcement DevOps-conference DevOops 2018
It's been at least a few years since the word "DevOps" became a rumor. Who only did not implement it, and what only did not.
Meanwhile, the area is very unexplored, concealing many discoveries. For example, the Russian-speaking community still has not decided on the terminology: someone already now employs people for the position of "devaps", and someone always says that "devaps" is a culture and practice designed to unite the development, that's why it's not right to call the post that way.
Many people are looking for an answer in books, since many have appeared recently. For example, one of the most ...
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Extend the build process using MSBuild

Extend the build process using MSBuildThis article will discuss how to extend the process of building a project using MSBuild.
Basic concepts - what is target and task in MSBuild
The life cycle of the MSBuild assembly is - which sequence of calling
Prepare the environment for examples
Targets in MSBuild - an example of using some of the MSBuild
target tags.  
Creation of own target MSBuild
Tasks in MSBuild - an example of using some MSBuild
Variables and macros in .csproj
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Abstract of the book Practical Guide to Testing in DevOps, Katrina Clokie

The book tells how to build a test to not just catch bugs, but to avoid their appearance. We liked it very much, so we decided to support the tradition of the abstracts on Habré on the rights of the old-timers and lay out the most interesting theses.
Abstract of the book Practical Guide to Testing in DevOps, Katrina Clokie  
- here the author explains why these items are highlighted and what they are important.

Practice of cooperation in DevOps

The more people communicate, the more they understand what their colleagues are doing and how they can be helped. Therefore, Katrina suggests that they discuss testing more often. This can be done in several ways:
Review ch...[/h]
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Monitoring and Kubernetes (review and video report)

May 28 at the 3 r3r34 conference held within the framework of the RIT ++ 2018 festival. RootConf 2018
, in the section "Logging and Monitoring", the report "Monitoring and Kubernetes" was sounded. It describes the experience of setting up monitoring with Prometheus, which was received by Flunt as a result of the exploitation of dozens of projects at Kubernetes in production.
Monitoring and Kubernetes (review and video report)  
By tradition, we are pleased to present video with the report (about an hour, ? much more ...
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Is it possible to make friends with Gitlab CI + Docker + Systemd

A micro note about how to run the Docker with Systemd inside Gitlab CI Runner. Perhaps someone will be useful, perhaps someone has already solved a similar problem in other ways and it will be interesting if you share in the comments. GitHub
You can start it like this:

pip install virtualenv
virtualenv venv
source venv /bin /activate
pip install -r requirements.txt
--image dramaturg /docker-debian-systemd # used image
[--network host]# network type if
is required.[--volumes]"/sys /fs /cgroup: /sys /fs /cgroup: ro" " <другие> " # this volume is mandatory for systemd, you can add your own space ...
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