Quickly configure Continuous Integration for .NET Core using Travis-CI. Very short

Quickly configure Continuous Integration for .NET Core using Travis-CI. Very short
For some requests, I publish a very short extract of my previous article on setting up Continuous Integration, but "as a checklist for C #." At the same time he added several alternatives to Travis.
Reading takes no more than 3 minutes, who cares - I ask under the cut.
.NET Core SDK . Create a new repository and project.
dotnet new sln --name CIDemo
dotnet new web --name web
dotnet sln CIDemo.sln add web /web.csproj


Add a .travis.yml file to the project's root folder.

    language: csharp
dotnet: ???
sudo: false
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We pack into containers, deploim, monitor - the program Root Conf

The fact that RIT ++ - this is a festival for those who make the Internet - not empty words. We really believe that it is useful to understand not only the intricacies of your stack, but also be aware of the general trends of the industry and know who lives next door.
And who is side by side with backenders and frontenders? That's right, exploitation! And Root Conf - a conference on the support and operation of IT projects, monitoring, virtualization, CD /CI, fault tolerance and everything else.
We pack into containers, deploim, monitor - the program Root Conf ...
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Kubernetes NodePort vs LoadBalancer vs Ingress? When and what to use?

Kubernetes NodePort vs LoadBalancer vs Ingress? When and what to use?
Recently I was asked what is the difference between NodePorts, LoadBalancers and Ingress. All these are different ways to get external traffic to the cluster. Let's see how they differ, and when to use each of them.
recommendations are calculated for Google Kubernetes Engine . If you work in another cloud, on your own server, on a minicube or something else, there will be differences. I do not go into technical details. If you want more details, refer to official documentation .
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Development of its visualization plug-in for Grafana

Development of its visualization plug-in for Grafana  
Grafana is a handy tool for visualizing and monitoring temporary data from a variety of sources. In this post, I want to tell you the key concepts of developing your plug-in.
You can create your own plug-in for convenient development of temporary data visualization, use the Grafan engine to create queries or to expand the graphs functionality for your needs.
Download and run Grafana in any way: https://github.com/grafana/grafana
After starting through bin /grafana-server the folder should appear. data  



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Monitoring applications with Prometheus

Monitoring applications with PrometheusGood evening!
This week we are launching the fourth on the account course flow "DevOps: Practices and Tools" , so according to tradition a small interesting article for you.
Let's go
In this practical guide, we'll look at how to integrate Prometheus monitoring into an existing application. Monitoring the application can give an idea of ​​how and when the application is used. Moreover, potential problems can be foreseen.
Key points:
Exploring ways to monitor applications and servers using Prometheus;
Running Prometheus in Docker;
Monitoring and instrumentation of the ...
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Kubernetes-HA. We deploy the failover cluster Kubernetes with 5 masters

In this publication I would like to talk about the Kubernetes cluster with high availability (HA).
Table of contents:
The list of used software
List and purpose of hosts
Principle of operation and deployment
Preparing the OS for deployment. Install docker, kubeadm, kubelet and kubectl
Preparation of the configuration script
Creating the cluster's etcd
Initialize the wizard using kibeadm
Configuring CIDR
Initialization ...
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DevOps Moscow meetup: Monitoring

May 16 we invite engineers to the next Mitap of the DevOps Moscow community to Avito's office. The second meeting will be devoted to monitoring after a long break. In the program - reports on both the monitoring toolkit and the incident-management in general. Representatives Avito, Okmeter.io and Badoo will perform. Register for a meeting and invite colleagues. Under the cut - abstracts of speeches, links to the registration and video transmission of mitapa.
DevOps Moscow meetup: Monitoring registration is required ...
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Rethinking the conference

Rethinking the conferenceAttitudes towards conferences in the IT environment are ambiguous: some in the boiling atmosphere of the meetings feel like a fish in the water, others are more annoying because nothing good or new can be heard for work.
Nevertheless, conferences are useful, and participation in them allows us to exchange knowledge and to know what breathes and in what direction the industry moves. And if the conference is held in another city or country, it is also a wonderful occasion to see the world. The main thing is that participation does not turn into "academic tourism" sponsored by the employer.
About ...
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Features dapp that make life easier

The article presents (and is demonstrated in short video clips) a toolkit that facilitates the development and debugging of configurations with dapp - Open Source-utility, which we use daily for building and maintaining CI /CD processes.
Features dapp that make life easier
: Recently, the support for the YAML syntax in dapp has been announced, the features of which can be read in of this publication . By default, all the tools described below will be valid for both it and the configuration in Ruby DSL (used in previous versions of dapp), and if it is not, it is specified separately.
Introspection of stages
Writing ...
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How we build DevOps in a team of 125 developers

My name is Alexander Chernikov , I am the head of development in the division "Digital Corporate Bank" of Sberbank and Sberteha.
I'll tell you today about DevOps in Sberbank Business Online (SBBOL), which we built in a big team (125 developers) with a great Review (75 PRs per day). Now the debugged CD (CI) process for pull-requests (hereinafter PR) is an integral part of the job and our pride.
How we build DevOps in a team of 125 developers  
plugin . Those. he every 15 minutes (cron) bypassed PR with new comments test this please ...
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