DNSCrypt 2.0 and ad blocking

In this article I would like to consider the innovations of Dnscrypt, on a concrete example, which is sure to be useful for someone.
For those who do not know, Dnscrypt is a unique protocol for encrypting DNS traffic. It makes it possible to protect DNS communications from interception and spoofing, and, for example, bypass blocking implemented at the level of DNS queries.
Of the main features of the new version, first of all, I want to note the possibility of communication with the server via the TCP protocol, which makes this channel more stable and less noticeable.
In this article...
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Straightforward DNS: doing the right thing

Straightforward DNS: doing the right thingWe present to your attention the very emotional story of Lev Nikolaev ( @ Maniaque ) On how to configure DNS and especially how to do it is not necessary. Right after each item, you can mentally add: "Please do not do this!" In his report, Leo says so.
The article will consist of three parts:
1. How to make a resolver (unbound, bind)
Resolver - this is the thing that you prescribe in the settings of your operating system, so you can turn human-understandable addresses such as ya.ru into an incomprehensible ???.242.
2. How to keep the zones (PowerDNS) ...
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