Virtual server with protection against DDoS-attacks on

Virtual server with protection against DDoS-attacks on  
With the notion DDoS attack Already many are familiar, but not all of them have come across and know how to deal with such attacks.
Almost always the attacker sets a task to make your online resource (web-site, game server, etc.) inaccessible, the goal of obtaining private data is not.
DDoS-attack - it's very simple /cheap and effective, it's possible to successfully conduct it on a small online store, anyone can directly from their home, losses from the downtime can reach hundreds of thousands of rubles, especially if you are actively launching advertising campaigns . , renting the protected communication channels in the company DDoS-Guard, we provide protection services against DDoS-attacks to its customers. This cooperation provides significant savings for end users of hosting. So, the configuration of the VPS-server for 6000 rubles. on DDoS-Guard will cost on with connected protection service from DDoS only 2090 rubles. per month.
Rule number 1 for all whose income is directly related to the activities on the Internet - to connect protection services by default. It is inexpensive and ensures the normal operation of your resources, preventing losses from the actions of most intruders.
And if you have a service at hand that allows you to conduct DDoS attacks, you can test the protection of virtual server on Free of charge within 3 hours after instant registration.
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