The Maze Runner: Real-Time Analysis of Rat Neural Brain Activity

The Maze Runner: Real-Time Analysis of Rat Neural Brain Activity  
What superpower would you choose: flight, invisibility or telepathy? Alive, in a sense, the embodiment of the latter has always been the character of the X-Men comic, Professor Charles Xavier, who appeared back in 1963 from the pen of Stan Lee. But in the comics and not such superpowers can be found. What about reality? Is it possible to read the thoughts of another being? As it turns out, it is now possible, but not as you imagine. Today we are going to get acquainted with the study, the main achievement of which is reading the electronic activity of neurons in the brain of an experimental rat running through the maze in real time. How did the scientists manage to get into the head of the rat, what did they manage to achieve and what are the prospects for their technology? The research report will give us answers to these and other questions. Go. scientific report 3r3r-3259. and 3r3182. additional materials 3r33259. to him.
This study first of all confirmed that reading of neuron activity in real time is possible. When it comes to such a complex system as nervous, any delay in the analysis of its activities greatly reduces the accuracy of the data obtained. Therefore, this study is of such importance.
With the help of his technique, scientists were able not only to build a route of movement for the rat, relying solely on brain activity, but also to reconstruct this route using the memory of the test animal. This is really incredible, damn difficult and uniquely promising.
Further improvement of the system will allow analyzing data with greater accuracy and speed, which will allow understanding the principles of the brain, interconnection of neurons with each other, their reactions to external factors and compare certain events occurring with the body with the activity of certain neurons, and not parts of the brain as a whole.
The brain is still one of the most neglected systems in the world. However, the efforts of scientists whose imagination in creating new methods of studying it is truly limitless, we can understand more. And the more we know about the work of the brain, the better we will be able to influence it. In a good way, of course: diagnosis of diseases in the early stages, treatment of advanced brain diseases, etc. In this case, knowledge is not only strength, but also health.
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