What is written in tech support video streamer?

Hello. Dozens of different calls open daily to our support, from simple questions “help set up a cluster” to very complex “the stream does not work, sometimes the stream stutters”, but there are questions that already have an eye twitching and every employee can answer in detail. 3r33130.  
And since the questions do not stop, so you can answer here. 3r33130.  
Times , Two ) On this topic, read them if you work with videos, but here I will give a short and comprehensive answer:
Modern Internet streaming is 3r330. HLS protocol 3r3387. . Sometimes DASH, but it does ...
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Set-Top-Box and experiments with Android in the container LXC

As there was a strange need to run Android in a Linux container, and that it turned out


Running Android in a LXC container in my opinion is a logical decision if you want to have transparency and reliability of Bare Linux and use the huge potential of good (and not very good) third-party applications for Android. Also this configuration is of interest as a platform for debugging your own image of AOSP under conditions that are as close as possible to combat ones.
For the experiments, a progressive and inexpensive Chinese set-top box based on 64 bit ARMv8 from Amlogic S905x ...[/h]
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