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 3r3197. 3r3-31. mRemoteNG again cake If you are the administrator of several dozen Windows and Linux servers, packs of switches and routers, then without a remote connection manager you can quickly and safely go crazy. 3r3182.  3r3197. 3r3182.  3r3197. 3r3174. TL; DR 3r3-33175. . mRemote, the development of which was abandoned long ago, has gained a new life. If you use RDCMan or Remote Desktop free from Devolutions - try mRemoteNG! 3r3182.  3r3197. 3r311. 3r3185. 3r3182.  3r3197. 3r3174. mRemote [/b] - In the past, a very popular remote connection manager. Unfortunately, its development was abandoned around 2009. Flaws in the interface, glitches with new versions of RDP made me abandon it. 3r3182.  3r3197. 3r3182.  3r3197. For a while, was enough. Remote Desktop Connection Manager 3r3185. (aka RDCman 3r3-33175.) from Microsoft. 3r3182.  3r3197. 3r3182.  3r3197. 3r3182.  3r3197. 3r3182.  3r3197. Switches and Linux servers lived in a separate console 3r3334. SuperPutty . I was not delighted with either the first or the second utility. I slept especially badly because of the saved passwords, which were encrypted according to the principle of Security through obscurity. Fail ! 3r3182.  3r3197. 3r3182.  3r3197. Then he switched to 3r3174. VisionApp vrd . 3r3182.  3r3197. 3r3182.  3r3197. 3r3182.  3r3197. 3r3182.  3r3197. Commercial, it turned out to get the NFR license. Not bad, but buggy manager. And not very functional. Its strength is that the storage of connections in SQL Server is necessary in order for your entire team to have a common connection base. Now the product is called 3r3353. ASG Remote Desktop
. 3r3182.  3r3197. 3r3182.  3r3197. Dual impressions of vRD forced to think about the alternative. It did not take long to search, in 2014 the market was already dominated by 3r361. Remote Desktop Manager 3r3185. from the Canadian guys from Devolutions. 3r3182.  3r3197. 3r3182.  3r3197. 3r3182.  3r3197. 3r3182.  3r3197. Great product that is very intensively developed. It seems to have everything you could wish for. Autocomplete forms on web consoles. Own PowerShell module. Awesome (you can't say otherwise) integration with KeePass - you are welcome. 3r3182.  3r3197. 3r3168. And most importantly - a quick search for the server. By name, description, by tag. This increased the ease of administration on the order. 3r3173. We bought several licenses for work. The problem, as always, was one - the price. $ 200 for a license is humane for Enterprise and not for personal use. 3r3182.  3r3197. 3r3182.  3r3197. There is a free version of this product. Inside, the same flagship RDM 3r3–3175. but the functionality is rather modest. The lack of password inheritance and the love of memory were forced to look around and look again for an alternative for personal use. 3r3182.  3r3197. 3r3182.  3r3197. And she was found. It turned out that the good old 3r3r174. mRemote brought to more than working condition. 3r3182.  3r3197. 3r3182.  3r3197. 3r3394. 3r3182.  3r3197. 3r3182.  3r3197. Open Source project licensed under the GPLv2. Judging by the page on GitHub, he has at least 2 active developers and several dozens of committers. And they really rule the bugs and add new features. 3r3182.  3r3197. 3r3182.  3r3197. The program works fine in Windows 10. Putty mod is responsible for SSH, and not a third-party component as in RDM (third parties in practice usually “buggy /hang /brake”). 3r3182.  3r3197. 3r3182.  3r3197. Briefly run through the functions. 3r3182.  3r3197. 3r3182.  3r3197. 3r3174. Connections 3r3ir3175. : RDP, SSH, ICA, VNC, Telnet, HTTP /HTTPS. 3r3182.  3r3197. 3r3182.  3r3197. 3r3117. 3r3182.  3r3197. 3r3182.  3r3197. 3r3174. Inheritance [/b] : any connection properties, including passwords. Hierarchical inheritance. 3r3182.  3r3197. 3r3182.  3r3197. 3r3128. 3r3182.  3r3197. 3r3182.  3r3197. 3r3174. Storage connections [/b] : in file, in SQL Server. 3r3182.  3r3197. 3r3182.  3r3197. 3r3182.  3r3197. 3r3182.  3r3197. 3r3174. Encryption [/b] : full file encryption of connections, a choice of three algorithms, password encryption in SQL Server. 3r3182.  3r3197. 3r3182.  3r3197. 3r33150. 3r3182.  3r3197. 3r3182.  3r3197. 3r3174. Import connections [/b] : from built-in port scanner, Active Directory, RDCMan. 3r3182.  3r3197. 3r3182.  3r3197. 3r3161. 3r3182.  3r3197. 3r3182.  3r3197. There is a search for connections, but unfortunately with RDM does not go to any comparison. 3r3182.  3r3197. 3r3168. Yes, the project is far from the best commercial designs, but it is fully working, developing and has a relatively lively 3r3169. Reddit forum
and bugtracker. 3r3182.  3r3197. 3r3173. 3r3174. I summarize [/b] . It seems to me that mRemoteNG is today the best alternative to commercial connection managers. 7zip pressed WinZIP and WinRAR. qBittorent reclaims the mTorrent site. 3r3182.  3r3197. 3r3182.  3r3197. Good things need to be maintained. All the more open source. 3r3182.  3r3197. 3r3182.  3r3197. Project page on 3r3184. GitHub
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