Transferring PBX configuration to 3CX PBX Express service

In this article we will explain how to restore backup copies of existing PBX installations when using 3CX PBX Express. The ability to restore the configuration allows, for example, to move the local server to the cloud, change hosting or restore the PBX in the cloud after a serious local failure. The only requirement when moving the configuration is the option “License data and FQDN name” in the backup must be enabled. 3r3145.  
Before moving your PBX to the PBX Express service, please note the following: and select restore backup. Insert the archive link and enter the password if you used encryption. Also specify the time zone of the copy of the PBX and the administrator's e-mail address (it will receive a notification of recovery). 3r3145.  
3r3138. 3r3145.  
The backup file will be downloaded directly from its location to the cloud copy of the PBX - and the system will be ready to work in a couple of minutes. 3r3145.  
Read more about the service 3r3147. 3CX PBX Express
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