Place of jazz in the IT department

Imagine that you are the head of a small IT department, and the ideal engineers who work for him are
3r376. are engineers 3r311. 3 - 4 levels
3r376. able to independently decide not only 3r318. difficult task
, but also to build a process, it is necessary to solve complex tasks
3r376. disciplined and responsible 3r377.  
3r376. motivated and eager to improve what they touch
3r376. respect and get along with each other
3r376. your department is small, you constantly communicate, discuss and know who lives with what in terms of work at this point in time
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Check Point for Check Point Security Settings

Check Point for Check Point Security Settings  
Relatively recently, we published an open-access mini-course "3r3-39. Check Point for a maximum of 3r3-3209.". There we tried briefly and with examples to consider the most frequent errors in the Check Point configuration from the point of view of information security. In fact, we told you what the default settings are bad for and how to tighten the screws. The course (unexpectedly for us) received pretty good reviews. After that, we received several requests for a brief “squeeze” of this material - 3r3144. security checklist [/b] . We decided that this is a good idea, and therefore we publish this ...
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PSEFABRIC is a new approach to network management and automation. Step to the ideal

Before you start

All that is referred to here is more related to data centers and office networks 3r-3295.  
it will be about the project.
See also 3r3187. article
which outlines the basic principles of PSEFABRIC.

The ideal network management system

I dare say that from the point of view of control and automation 3r33340. PSEFABRIC
Now the closest of all other solutions is to what could be called the “ideal network manager.”
If you have a good car, then you know what a good control system is. You, as a user, need to know only how ...[/h][/h]
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3CX Video Conferencing WebMeeting - the complete guide

3CX Video Conferencing WebMeeting - the complete guide 3r33412. 3r3-31. For our customers, who often use 3CX WebMeeting video conferencing, we have prepared a detailed guide that will guide you from creating a conference to creating a webinar video for Youtube. System administrators can use it as a cheat sheet, especially when introducing new employees to the course. We will look at the various ways to create a conference, the tools you can use, and the management of participants.
 3r33412. [h3] Creating a videoconference 3r3-3322.
 3r33412. The 3CX web client uses 3r310. WebRTC technology
, which allows you to create video conferencing in ...[/h]
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7 best free programs for conducting webinars in 2018

 3r3-3559. 3r3-31. 3r33544. 7 best free programs for conducting webinars in 2018
3r33542.  3r3-3559. 3r33544. At the most basic level, the webinar software includes video conferencing and audio conferencing. Some also offer features such as screen sharing, video recording, file sharing, and integration with other software, such as Microsoft PowerPoint. 3r33547. 3r33542.  3r3-3559. 3r33544. Most of the webinar software is paid and many users come to traditional video conferencing software. Video conferencing software and webinar software are often very similar, but differ in the number of participants and functionality. However, many find the functionality ...
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The real speed of Wi-Fi (throughput)

The real speed of Wi-Fi (throughput) 3r33333. 3r3-31. The continuous hyip around the gigabit Wi-Fi speeds of modern standards provokes engineers to clarify this topic in a way that everyone can understand. 3r33524.  3r33333. What are marketers trying to pull behind their ears? What do engineers say? Where is the truth? 3r33524.  3r33333. As always, somewhere nearby. What bandwidth is expected in real conditions and why - you will find the answer in this article. If there is absolutely no time to read, but I want to know the magic number - 75 Mbps per dual band access point, on all 3r3496. . Who are interested in the details, read ...
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Configure Firefox /Chrome for very slow and limited Internet

3r3-31. 3r33939. Let's try to make from, for example, Firefox a browser that will be useful when you have very expensive traffic, or very low Internet speed, and you urgently need to shovel a bunch of textual information in a minimally readable form, of course, without jаvascript. To do this, we will make a separate Firefox profile for a rainy day. This approach should work for Chrome as well, because the plugin uses the same plugin to reduce traffic. 3r33939. 3r3394.  
3r33939. For comparison, in this mode article loads consuming 106 KB of traffic, while in normal mode Firefox spends about ...
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Germany has developed requirements for home routers

Germany has developed requirements for home routersFor a long time, articles regularly appear on the Internet about the vulnerability of routers for the SOHO segment. I also published an article as find out that your Mikrotik is hacked . The sharp increase in our participants Channel to Telegram showed that the problem is extremely acute. 3r362.  
But the problem is more global. 3r362.  
The overwhelming majority of users who buy a router for the home do not understand how this “black box” works. They poke the buttons in accordance with the instructions «quick start». And someone purely by the method of "scientific ...
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Client Internet in an isolated QEMU virtual machine using port tunneling through the SPICE channel

The usual approach to connecting a virtual machine to the Internet is similar to connecting any other device to the network and consists of connecting a virtual or forwarding real network interface, as well as setting up and checking network connections, services, routing rules and filtering traffic and so on.
If the virtual machine is a server or is a virtual desktop and is assigned to a specific user, this approach is fully justified, but what if the virtual machine is a public virtual desktop and anyone can connect to it for free?]repository. in it, they ...
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ENOG 15: “Why is the Internet still online?”

ENOG 15: “Why is the Internet still online?”
Hello, Habr! This is both a transcription and a partial translation of the hourly session called “Why is the Internet still online?” From 3–3–36. Fifteenth meeting 3-3320. "Eurasian group of network operators". 3r33462.  3r33470. 3r33462.  3r33470. Qrator Labs thanks all the panellists: Alexey Semenyaka, RIPE NCC; Ignas Bagdonas, Equinix; Martin J. Levy, Cloudflare; Alexander Azimov, Qrator Labs and moderator Alexei Uchakin from the podcast 3r312 command. LinkmeUp 3r320. for permission to publish this text. 3r33462.  3r33470. 3r33462.  3r33470. Network research engineers are involved in this discussion, so the ...
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