Introduction to WSGI Servers: Part One

 3r3406. 3r3-31. This article is a translation of Kevin Goldberg’s “An Introduction to Python WSGI Servers: Part 1” article with minor additions from the translator 3r33382.  3r3406. 3r33382.  3r3406. Introduction to WSGI Servers: Part One 3r33382.  3r3406. 3r33382.  3r3406. 3r33380. A brief history of servers WSGI Python
3r33382.  3r3406. 3r33394. WSGI [/b] Servers appeared because web servers at that time could not interact with applications written in Python. 3r33394. WSGI [/b] ( Pronounced “whiz-gee” with a solid “g” ) Was developed ...
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Docker for Symfony 4 - from local to production

Docker for Symfony 4 - from local to production


One fine day, I needed to deploy the development environment for my project. Vagrant is already fed up and wanted to have a single development environment for all project participants that would be identical to the production server. Accordingly, having listened to the information about the hipster docker, I decided to start to understand it. Next, I'll try to describe in as much detail as possible all the steps from installing the docker on the local machine until the product is deployed on the KVM.
Source stack of technologies:
- Docker
- Symfony 4
- nginx
- ...[/h]
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We reduce the number of layers of architecture from 5 to 2

We reduce the number of layers of architecture from 5 to 2

Working on several open-source projects, one day I decided to simplify my life and developed an Upstream-module for nginx, which helped me to remove bulky layers of multi-layer architecture. It was a fun experience that I want to share in this article. My code is publicly available here: . You can lift it from scratch or download the Docker image from this link: .
On the agenda:
Introduction and theory.
How to use these technologies.
Performance e...
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The Nchan module of the nginx web server. Working with Websocket, EventSource (Server-Sent Events), Long-Polling

This article will review the capabilities of the module. Nchan web server nginx, which replaced the deprecated module NGiNX_HTTP_Push_Module. Module Nchan supports the basic technologies for sending Websocket messages, EventSource (Server-Sent Events), Long-Polling. For horizontal scaling, a cluster of redis servers is used.
statistics . Yes, not only 6% of web browsers are not supported. However, if the client has included in the contract an item on the support of Opera-mini, then without a fallback on Long-Polling can not do. There is one more thing that reduces the availability ...
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Another option for generating thumbnails for images using AWS Lambda & golang + nodejs + nginx

Hello dear users of Habra!
My name is Nikita, at the moment I'm working as a backend developer in a mobile application startup. Finally, I have a truly non-trivial and rather interesting task whose solution I want to share with you.
What actually will the conversation go on? In the mobile application being developed, there is work with images. How can you easily guess: where there are pictures, there are likely to appear previews. Another condition, almost the first common task that was set for me: to make it work and scale in the cloud on the Amazon. If there were a few lyrics: there was ...
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Setting Let's Encrypt wildcard-certificates in CentOS 7 with validation through CloudFlare API

Setting Let's Encrypt wildcard-certificates in CentOS 7 with validation through CloudFlare APILike many, I have long waited for the possibility of obtaining wildcard-certificates from Let's Encrypt. And now the moment has come, and the manual on the hub is not. Well, let's try to fix it.
This is the simplest manual on setting up wildcard-certificates from Let's Encrypt.
Instead of CloudFlare you can use a different service, because plug-ins are in the EPEL repository.

Installation of certbot and plug-ins

We do not need to put the latest version of certbot with github, because the required functionality appeared in version ???.
To install the certbot and its plug-ins...[/h]
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Docker-images with support for GOST certificates in openssl, curl, php, nginx

In this article I will talk about how I solved the problem of integration in a test mode with services that work using algorithms defined by GOST R ???-2001 (obsolete) and GOST R ???-2012 . I will give examples of some of the problems that I encountered in solving the problem, I will give links to the ready solution and I will show some examples of their use.
GOST-engine . On the Internet, it is often mentioned that a Russian company has made efforts to develop it, but there is no information about the authors of the product in the repository itself. Taking this opportunity, I ...
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Sending mail from the Docker-container (dockerization postfix and sasl)

When I located the application in a Docker container and tried to send an email to a mail server in another Docker container, I encountered an unexpected problem. The postfix mail server by default sends mail to any recipient domain only from the local client. All other domains must be registered in the relay_domains parameter, and if the mynetwors parameter is configured correctly, the mail will be sent to the domains listed in the relay_domains parameter from the client from mynetwors.
In principle, this was enough for me, because The application should theoretically send mail to exactly ...
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Eternal photo archive for the house

I do not understand the desire to nostalgic for old photographs. But the girls can not be altered, so I had to think about the vault for everyone, so that they no longer bothered to show off the company of the falcon and seals. In a public cloud to spread all the pictures in a row do not want to.
Eternal photo archive for the house
The SSD resource of the drive is theoretically unlimited, if not to exceed the number of rewriting cycles per cell.
Make a system of storing and viewing the home photo archive from any device in the house,
and take it away for the next 10 or 20 years. At the same time, you can pour and see ...
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NGINX and gRPC are now real friends

NGINX and gRPC are now real friendsA few days ago a new version of Nginx - was released. ??? . The main feature of this release is native support for HTTP /2 proxying, and, as a consequence, gRPC.
Another important gRPC feature is native backpressure support. This property is implemented with the help of the deadline abstraction: the client's initial timeout will be displayed through the entire hood of services. If the next call does not fit into the specified deadline (timeout), then the entire call cap will be secured...
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