Expand the LINSTOR store for Proxmox

Expand the LINSTOR store for Proxmox
LINBIT recently released their new solution for orchestrating and managing multiple DRBD arrays.
For example, you can have several nodes and each will have its own LVM or ZFS pool in which LINSTOR will automatically create new volumes and replicate them between nodes using the DRBD protocol.
LINSTOR supports thin-provisioning, snapshots and many other interesting things.
This solution is well suited for virtual machines and containers.
LINSTOR Satellites
I believe that you already have a Proxmox cluster, I have three nodes pve1 , pve2 and pve3 ...
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First impressions of the transition from Ubuntu ??? LTS to Ubuntu ??? LTS

As you know, the main visual change in the release of 18 is the rejection of Unity and the transition to Gnome 3. Here I want to share my impressions of the transition from 16 to 18

First about the good

Release 18 brought us a new Linux kernel (???) with patches from Meltdown and Specter, which are included by default and, according to the predictions of experts, should greatly degrade the performance of the computer. However, despite the fact that my processor (Intel Core i5) is on the list of vulnerable ones, which means that the patches for it are included, which is confirmed by the ...[/h]
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ToFoIn v 1. Redundancy of gateways and switching between external channels in FreeBSD


In the last publication, the issue of organizing reservations for local network gateways was considered. As a variant of the solution, a script was proposed, which at that time solved the problem, but had a number of shortcomings. After some time, it was possible to eliminate these shortcomings, partially to rewrite the code and to get something acceptable at the output. Now we can say that the scripts are sufficiently tested to be called stable. To simplify the understanding of the entire system, the main points for setting up secondary services (in terms of the topic of the article) ...[/h]
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Linux at home or

How to get Linux to run professional software through Wine using the example of Adobe Photoshop SS 2018 without using the Play on Linux toolkit.
All that will be written under the cut is an experiment that you can turn on your workstation with an operating system based on the Linux kernel or on the macOS as you like.
Wine Staging with the support of Gallium Nine, version ???r3r3196.  
And also the necessary software (as an experimental example is indicated Adobe Photoshop SS 2018)
The first stage is
Preparation of the working area
The first thing we need to do at this stage is ...
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Au /Ni /MgO: heat exchange at the nanometer level

Au /Ni /MgO: heat exchange at the nanometer level  
Scientists of our time, like a hundred or three hundred years ago, are in constant search for something new. Every time a new property of a substance, phenomenon or process opens up, great minds seek this practical application. Today's research is no exception. Every day, the amount of data in the world is growing steadily. Therefore, the development of new ways to store information is now on the wave of popularity, like quantum computers, devices based on microorganisms, etc. As the basis for possible carriers of the future can be a variety of things, from skyrmions to photons. Today we will consider ...
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Linux in RAM: debirf way 2018

Linux in RAM: debirf way
You want to have absolute disk speed? Let's see in it in 2018 with versioning and automation.
before run this tutorial
you must know
linux essential
difference between bash and sh (debirf writen on .sh )  
how to format usb key (any way)  
what drivers you need for your hardware (or you can debug it via dmesg | lspci )  
how to automate you desires.  


you can replace:

  • usb letter from /dev /sdb to any else ( /dev /sdd )  
  • working directory from /root ...
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Information Security? No, did not hear

Information Security? No, did not hearA friend of mine asked me today about the hygiene of digital behavior. I will try to outline the principles, following which you will improve your security in the network.
In this article, I tried to go from quite trivial advice to quite difficult to implement. Everyone must decide for themselves what level of security is acceptable to him personally. Here everything is exactly the same as with safes: there is a safe for one hundred dollars, there is a safe for one hundred thousand dollars. It is foolish to store millions of dollars in the first, and a handful of small things - in the second.
If yo...
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A local web server under Linux, with automatic host elevation and switching versions of PHP

Most likely some parts of this article are already familiar to many hobblers, but in connection with the purchase of a new working laptop I decided to collect all the grains together and organize a convenient tool for development. I often have to work with a lot of small projects, with different versions of PHP, often translate old projects into new versions. In the distant past, when I was a Windows user, I used OpenServer. But with the transition to Linux, I lacked the simplicity of creating hosts and switching versions that were in it. Therefore, we had to make an even more convenient solution ...
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Zabbix as a security scanner

Zabbix as a security scannerHello!
We all know and love such products for vulnerability assessment processes like Nessus , Qualys , Max Patrol and all sorts of other OpenVAS .
One of the main tasks that they solve is to ensure the control of versioned vulnerabilities.
This is a fairly simple process of comparing installed software versions to the hit in the range "does not contain known vulnerabilities." Well, then the guys responsible for information security, together with the development and administrators decide what risks you can take, and what you need to patch right now.
There are a ...
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Dental 3D scanner Shining 3D Autoscan DS EX (Unboxing) from 3Dtool

Dental 3D scanner Shining 3D Autoscan DS EX (Unboxing) from 3Dtool
Hello everyone, with you company 3Dtool .
Today we got into our hands quite an interesting thing from the company Shining 3D, namely 3D scanner Shining 3D AutoScan-DS-EX.
Link to the scanner
Link to 3D equipment for dentists   Hello everyone, with you company 3Dtool .  Today we got into our hands quite an interesting thing from the company Shining 3D, namely 3D scanner Shining 3D AutoScan-DS-EX.  Link to the scanner    Link to 3D equipment for dentists ...
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