Analysis of the performance of WSGI-servers: return uWSGI to the place

Analysis of the performance of WSGI-servers: return uWSGI to the place3r33333. Last week, a translation of a two-year-old article 3–3–35 was published. Analysis of the performance of WSGI-servers: Part Two 3r33333. where it was undeservedly deprived of the glory of uWSGI. 3r33333.  
It is urgent to double-check the tests! 3r33333.  
3r311. 3r33333. Code 3r33353. There are no versions of the packages and modules used. 3r33333.  
Therefore, to run tests and get similar results - not work. 3r33333.  
Next, my quest, to run the tests and compare the results on the charts. 3r33333. 3r33333.  
3r3333. Steps
wrk ???
3r33333. Find
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Hypervisor for Dummies

Hello! I decided to share the experience of creating a hypervisor based on Ubuntu server ??? LTS and a free virtual machine virtualbox 5.2 with a web-based management interface for both the server itself (webmin) and virtual machines (phpvirtualbox). On the net you can find a crooked instruction to raise the above on ubuntu server 16.0? but this instruction is obsolete and offers a version of virtualbox 5.0-? despite the fact that at ??? version 5.2 had already taken root in the official repositories. Here we fix it all. This instruction applies to ubuntu server 14.0? and to ???. On more ...
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We deploy the Kubernetes HA cluster on Baremethal using Kubeadm and Keepalived (a simple guide)

 3r3309. 3r3-31.
This article is a free interpreter of the official 3-3333 manual. Creating Highly Available Clusters with kubeadm
for Stacked control plane nodes . I do not like the complex language and the examples used in it, so I wrote my manual.
If you have any questions or something is unclear, refer to the official documentation or ask 3r311. Google
. All stages are described here in the simplest and most restrained manner.
 3r3309. 3r318. The input to r3r3115.
We have 3 nodes:
node1 (???.11)
node2 (???.12)
node3 (???.13)
We wi...
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Introduction to WSGI Servers: Part One

 3r3406. 3r3-31. This article is a translation of Kevin Goldberg’s “An Introduction to Python WSGI Servers: Part 1” article with minor additions from the translator 3r33382.  3r3406. 3r33382.  3r3406. Introduction to WSGI Servers: Part One 3r33382.  3r3406. 3r33382.  3r3406. 3r33380. A brief history of servers WSGI Python
3r33382.  3r3406. 3r33394. WSGI [/b] Servers appeared because web servers at that time could not interact with applications written in Python. 3r33394. WSGI [/b] ( Pronounced “whiz-gee” with a solid “g” ) Was developed ...
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How to patch find under FreeBSD?


We teach FreeBSD to look for files by extended attributes

Summary: The FreeBSD OS has a file system-level control mechanism for extended file attributes (extattr). Using the standard commands setextattr, getextattr and rmextattr you can create, read and delete comments, keywords and other file metadata. But you cannot search for files by extended attributes. In addition, extended attributes are lost when copying a file. In two articles, I will offer my patches for the find and cp commands that eliminate these shortcomings. However, I am not a professional programmer ...[/h]
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Build a web-based server farm for Kubernetes using LTSP

3r33815. Build a web-based server farm for Kubernetes using LTSP  3r33824. 3r33815. In this article, I would like to show you one cool technology, I successfully use it for Kubernetes. It can be really useful for building large clusters. 3r33818.
 3r33824. 3r33815. From this point on, you no longer have to think about installing the OS and the individual packages on each node. What for? You can do it all automatically through Dockerfile! 3r33818.
 3r33824. 3r33815. The fact that you can buy hundreds of new servers, add them to your work environment and almost instantly get them ready for use is truly amazing! 3r33818.
 3r33824. 3r33815. Intrigued? Now let's ...
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We work in the console quickly and efficiently

3r3650. In the network you can find a lot of tips on how to work effectively in the console. In most of these articles, the authors talk about the banality of the type "learn hot keys" or "3r39292. Sudo !! Launch the last command under sudo". I will tell you what to do when you have already learned the hot keys and know about 3r?392. sudo !! . 3r3651. github 3r3638. . 3r3651.
3r3650. Summary:
The required minimum is the current directory.
Route shell should be clearly visible.
The username does not carry a payload if you always sit under one user.
Hostname is useful if you ..
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Expand the LINSTOR store for Proxmox

Expand the LINSTOR store for Proxmox
LINBIT recently released their new solution for orchestrating and managing multiple DRBD arrays.
For example, you can have several nodes and each will have its own LVM or ZFS pool in which LINSTOR will automatically create new volumes and replicate them between nodes using the DRBD protocol.
LINSTOR supports thin-provisioning, snapshots and many other interesting things.
This solution is well suited for virtual machines and containers.
LINSTOR Satellites
I believe that you already have a Proxmox cluster, I have three nodes pve1 , pve2 and pve3 ...
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First impressions of the transition from Ubuntu ??? LTS to Ubuntu ??? LTS

As you know, the main visual change in the release of 18 is the rejection of Unity and the transition to Gnome 3. Here I want to share my impressions of the transition from 16 to 18

First about the good

Release 18 brought us a new Linux kernel (???) with patches from Meltdown and Specter, which are included by default and, according to the predictions of experts, should greatly degrade the performance of the computer. However, despite the fact that my processor (Intel Core i5) is on the list of vulnerable ones, which means that the patches for it are included, which is confirmed by the ...[/h]
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ToFoIn v 1. Redundancy of gateways and switching between external channels in FreeBSD


In the last publication, the issue of organizing reservations for local network gateways was considered. As a variant of the solution, a script was proposed, which at that time solved the problem, but had a number of shortcomings. After some time, it was possible to eliminate these shortcomings, partially to rewrite the code and to get something acceptable at the output. Now we can say that the scripts are sufficiently tested to be called stable. To simplify the understanding of the entire system, the main points for setting up secondary services (in terms of the topic of the article) ...[/h]
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