We work in the console quickly and efficiently

3r3650. In the network you can find a lot of tips on how to work effectively in the console. In most of these articles, the authors talk about the banality of the type "learn hot keys" or "3r39292. Sudo !! Launch the last command under sudo". I will tell you what to do when you have already learned the hot keys and know about 3r?392. sudo !! . 3r3651. github 3r3638. . 3r3651.
3r3650. Summary:
The required minimum is the current directory.
Route shell should be clearly visible.
The username does not carry a payload if you always sit under one user.
Hostname is useful if you ..
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Meet the Windows pseudo console (ConPTY)

Meet the Windows pseudo console (ConPTY)Article published August ? 2018
This is the second article about the Windows command line, where we will discuss the new Windows pseudo console infrastructure and programming interfaces, that is, Windows Pseudo Console (ConPTY): why we designed it, what it needs, how it works, how to use it, and much more.
In the last article "A heavy heritage of the past. Windows Command Line Problems » we talked about the prerequisites for the appearance of the terminal and the evolution of the command line in Windows, and also began to study the internal device Windows Console and Windows ...
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A heavy heritage of the past. Windows Command Line Problems

A heavy heritage of the past. Windows Command Line ProblemsForeword from the author, Richard Turner of Microsoft. This is an article about the command line: from its appearance and evolution to plans for a capital repair of Windows Console and command line in future versions of Windows. Whether you are an experienced professional or a novice in IT, we hope that you will find the article interesting.

A long time ago in a far-distant server

From the first days of the development of computer science, people needed an effective way to transfer commands and data to the computer and see the result of these commands /calculations.
One of the first ...[/h]
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Google's Shell Style Guide (in Russian)

Which Shell to use is
Bash The only shell script language that can be used for executable files.

Scripts must begin with #! /bin /bash with a minimum set of flags. Use the set to set the shell options, that would call your script as bash did not violate its functionality.


Restricting all shell scripts to bash, gives us a consistent shell language that is installed on all our machines.


The only exception is if you are limited by the conditions of what you are programming for. One example is the Solaris SVR4 package, which requires the use of ...

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We use the screen space optimally with WPF Data Triggers and Stack

We use the screen space optimally with WPF Data Triggers and StackThis article discusses how to use WPF Data Triggers in the Stack monitor partitioning scheme to fully automatically give the application all of the desktop space when other applications are not running. Stack is a Windows window manager that uses WPF XAML as the markup language.
A splitting screen for large monitors (see below the cat) from the box breaks the desktop into two main zones - the central one (I usually use it for browsers and IDE) and side (RSS Reader, messengers and terminal windows). This scheme is fixed. Those. If you only have a browser open, Stack will leave an empty space ...
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