Migration from Check Point from R??? to R???

Migration from Check Point from R??? to R???
Hello colleagues, welcome to the lesson on migration of databases Check Point R??? to R???.
With the use of Check Point products, sooner or later, the task of migrating existing rules and database of objects arises for the following reasons:
When purchasing a new device, you must migrate the database from the old device to the new device (to the current version of GAIA OS or higher).
You must update the device from one version of GAIA OS to a higher version on the local machine.
To solve the first task, it is only appropriate to use a tool called Management Server Migration Tool or simply the Migration Tool. To solve task # ? you can use the CPUSE or Migration Tool.
Let's consider in more detail both methods. VK , Youtube and Telegram . If, for some reason, you can not find the document or solve your problem with Check Point, you can safely refer to We are .
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