Saving data from a Linux partition

 3r3118. 3r3-31. Hello! 3r3105.  3r3118. I recently launched one toy in wine on my laptop with Kubuntu ???r3r3105.  3r3118. Everything was stuck and a file system error appeared on restart. 3r3105.  3r3118. There were important data on the laptop, so you need to get it somehow. 3r3105.  3r3118. Welcome under the cut! 3r3105.  3r3118.
3r3105.  3r3118. What comes first to mind? 3r3105.  3r3118. We have 2 ways to solve the problem:
 3r3118. 1. Try to repair the FS and get a working OS
 3r3118. 2. Copy the data and carry Linux
 3r3118. I chose option ? but I will tell about 1 too)
 3r3118. Restore the file system. 3r3105.  3r3118. Everything is simple here - we boot into recovery mode
 3r3118. and in the initframs console enter:
fsck /dev /sda5 -y
3r3-300. 3r3105.  3r3118. Where instead of /dev /sda5 is the path to your partition with
 3r3118. 3r3342.
Help me! I do not know on which partition is Linux [/b]
If you have Windows installed, then the problem is solved simply. 3r3105.  3r3118. Go to the formatting partition hard drive and look at the size of the partition. 3r3105.  3r3118. We find. 3r3105.  3r3118. Remember the disk and partition number. 3r3105.  3r3118. In Linux it will be
 3r3118. /dev /sd {x} {y}
 3r3118. Where instead of x is the letter by the disk number (a corresponds to 0 to the disk, b is 1), and y is the partition number
 3r3118. 3r3114. 3r3114. 3r3105.  3r3118. After entering the command reboot. 3r3105.  3r3118. If we see an error message, then turn off the BIOS /UEFI Security booting. 3r3105.  3r3118. We try to boot again. 3r3105.  3r3118. The system should boot. 3r3105.  3r3118. But I didn’t need a section with Linux - I have long wanted to try a new distribution. 3r3105.  3r3118. So I decided to just copy the data from the Linux partition. 3r3105.  3r3118. How to do it? 3r3105.  3r3118. Of course, using the terminal from recovery mode) 3r3105.  3r3118. We start linux, we select additional options of loading. 3r3105.  3r3118. We select recovery mode, further the terminal. 3r3105.  3r3118. Insert the flash drive. 3r3105.  3r3118. Since we did not open the gui, terminal only, we will have to mount the USB flash drive ourselves. 3r3105.  3r3118. To find out which device the flash drive represents, enter the lsblk command. 3r3105.  3r3118. In my case, this device is /dev /sdc
cd /mnt
mkdir usb
mount /dev /sdc /mnt /usb #mount flash drive
cp folder_your_want_to_copy /mnt /usb
umount /mnt /usb # do not forget to unmount the flash drive
3r3-300. 3r3105.  3r3118. This solution will suit you if the system does not want to boot even after fixing fs or you just don’t want to continue using it like me. 3r3105.  3r3118. I hope the article helped someone. 3r3105.  3r3118. If there are questions left - write in the comments, I will try to help)
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