Sandbox in Windows

The sandbox is a new lightweight tool in Windows that allows you to run applications in a secure, isolated environment.
Have you ever been in a situation where you need to run some program, but you are not quite sure about the source of its origin? Or another example - the need to check something on a “clean” version of Windows. In all such cases, there used to be only one way out - install the OS on a separate physical or virtual machine and conduct the necessary experiment. But this is no longer the case.
Microsoft has developed a new mechanism called 3r3148. Sandbox [/b] (eng. Windows Sandbox). This is an isolated temporary environment in which you can run suspicious software without the risk of harming your PC. Any software installed in the Sandbox remains only in the Sandbox and cannot interact with the main OS. As soon as you close the Sandbox - all its contents are irretrievably destroyed.
Here are the main features of the Sandbox:
3r3148. This is part of Windows. 3r3149. If you have Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise, then you can already start using it.
3r3148. From scratch. 3r3149. Every time you start the Sandbox, you get the same, clean, unchanging environment. Exactly what your OS was immediately after it was installed.
3r3148. No trace. 3r3149. When you close the Sandbox, all applications installed in it, all files created there, are destroyed. The Sandbox was closed - there were no traces of its existence.
3r3148. Security. 3r3149. Hardware virtualization is used, which uses the hypervisor to run a separate OS kernel and isolates it from your main OS
3r3148. Efficiency. 3r3149. Uses integrated task scheduler, smart memory management, virtual GPU.
RemoteFX .
In addition, Microsoft has worked extensively with graphics and driver manufacturers to integrate graphics virtualization capabilities directly into DirectX and WDDM (the driver model in Windows).
As a result, the graphics in the Sandbox works as follows: 3r33232.  
The application in the Sandbox uses the graphical functions in the usual way, without knowing who and how they will perform 3r33252.  
The sandbox graphics subsystem, having received graphics rendering commands, sends them to the main OS 3r33252.  
The main OS, having received graphics rendering commands, perceives them as if they came from a locally running application and executes them accordingly, allocating and managing the necessary resources.
This process can be represented as follows:
This allows the virtual environment to get full access to hardware accelerated graphics, which gives both performance gains and savings of some resources (for example, battery power for laptops), due to the fact that heavy graphics on the CPU are no longer used for drawing graphics.
Use of the battery 3r33232.
The sandbox has access to information about the battery charge and can optimize their work to save it.

Reviews and bug reports

Any new technology may have bugs. Microsoft asks to send messages about them and offers new features through 3r33282. Feedback Hub
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