User experience on 5G NR networks, expected under real conditions

 3r3197. 3r3-31. User experience on 5G NR networks, expected under real conditions
3r3184.  3r3197. 3r3184.  3r3197. 3r3178. Test download speeds on 5G NR networks in the range up to 6 GHz in Tokyo
3r3184.  3r3197. The 5G NR SA macro network segment model in Tokyo included 20 new 5G NR base stations, which were located on the same sites as the existing LTE cells. The 5G NR network model in Tokyo operated in the 100 MHz band at 3.5 GHz and the Gigabit LTE TDD core network in three LTE spectrum bands (3 × 20 MHz) (in Figure 1). The distribution between base stations and devices was modeled on the basis of high-resolution 3D maps of Tokyo, taking into account possible losses ...
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7 best free programs for conducting webinars in 2018

 3r3-3559. 3r3-31. 3r33544. 7 best free programs for conducting webinars in 2018
3r33542.  3r3-3559. 3r33544. At the most basic level, the webinar software includes video conferencing and audio conferencing. Some also offer features such as screen sharing, video recording, file sharing, and integration with other software, such as Microsoft PowerPoint. 3r33547. 3r33542.  3r3-3559. 3r33544. Most of the webinar software is paid and many users come to traditional video conferencing software. Video conferencing software and webinar software are often very similar, but differ in the number of participants and functionality. However, many find the functionality ...
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Phase antenna center (FCA) and its search in Ansys HFSS

Phase antenna center (FCA) and its search in Ansys HFSSWhen calculating the high-frequency technique with the use of mirror reflecting systems (parabolic mirrors), there is always the problem of searching for the phase center of the antenna (FCA), since proper operation of the mirror is possible only if the focus is on an antenna (called the feed, feeder, feedhorn) which has a phase wave front in the form of a sphere, and the center of this sphere is in the focus of the mirror. With any deviations, both the shape of the phase front from the sphere, and the displacement of the FCA from the focus of the mirror - the efficiency of the mirror system falls...
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The real speed of Wi-Fi (throughput)

The real speed of Wi-Fi (throughput) 3r33333. 3r3-31. The continuous hyip around the gigabit Wi-Fi speeds of modern standards provokes engineers to clarify this topic in a way that everyone can understand. 3r33524.  3r33333. What are marketers trying to pull behind their ears? What do engineers say? Where is the truth? 3r33524.  3r33333. As always, somewhere nearby. What bandwidth is expected in real conditions and why - you will find the answer in this article. If there is absolutely no time to read, but I want to know the magic number - 75 Mbps per dual band access point, on all 3r3496. . Who are interested in the details, read ...
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As in the 1980s, people downloaded

As in the 1980s, people downloadedradio games. 3r3-31. 3r3116.  3r3116.  Bristol, 198? July, Monday evening. Your parents are watching Coronation Street on the first floor of the house, and you are hiding in the bedroom, pretending to be doing homework. In fact, you bent over a cassette recorder, holding your fingers over the buttons, waiting impatiently. Chills of joy run over your body when you hear the announcement on the radio: "and here is the moment you all were waiting for." A pleasant click is heard after pressing the "play" and "recording" buttons simultaneously, and after a few seconds the room is filled with a strange metallic ...
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We clone a contactless card using the

We clone a contactless card using themobile app.It was always interesting to see what was going on with a bank card under the hood. How the bank card and POS terminal communication protocol is implemented, how it works and how secure it is. This opportunity appeared before me when I was an intern at Digital Security. As a result, when analyzing one known EMV card vulnerability in MagStripe mode, it was decided to implement a mobile application that is able to communicate with the terminal via a contactless interface, using its own commands and detailed analysis of requests and responses. And also try to implement a method of cloning MasterCard ...
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Overview of the cloud controller TP-Link Omada OC200

 3r3952. 3r3-31. This is our first version of the hardware controller for the Omada EAP line. It supports access via the cloud, mobile app and network. And all this without paid licenses and monthly deductions. To remotely manage your network, you only need to connect to our cloud. In general, everything as you like. 3r33937.  3r3952. 3r33937.  3r3952. Under the cat review of the interface, plus a bunch of details on the connection, configuration and deployment. 3r33937.  3r3952. 3r33937.  3r3952. Overview of the cloud controller TP-Link Omada OC200
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Introduction of LoRaWAN in an agricultural enterprise. All about building, running and solutions

Introduction of LoRaWAN in an agricultural enterprise. All about building, running and solutions 3r3163. 3r3-31. Good day! 3r3151.  3r3163. 3r3151.  3r3163. Today, with this post, I will begin a series of stories about how I met and built my first network LoRaWAN. I will tell about the tasks, decisions, and victories over myself. 3r3151.  3r3163. 3r3151.  3r3163. Once a task appeared to me: To find /implement a security system for sprinkling machines, such as "Frigate" (for the understanding of readers: there is a problem of theft of sprayers). After long tinkering on the Internet, I realized that there are simply no sensible decisions on the Ukrainian market. 3r3151.  3r3163.
3r3151.  3r3163...
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mmWave in smartphones: how Qualcomm made the impossible possible

mmWave in smartphones: how Qualcomm made the impossible possible 3r3122.  
Qualcomm recently unveiled the world's first fully integrated 5G NR (mmWave) and sub-6 GHz RF modules for mobile devices. Until now, mmWave signals have not been used for mobile communication due to numerous technical difficulties. Therefore, many in the industry were convinced that this is simply impossible. How the difficulties were overcome and what effect the millimeter range will have on 5G - in our review below. 3r3122.  
3r311. 3r3119. 3r3122.  
By 202? mobile data transmission traffic around the world will grow 30 times compared to 2014 and will be ...
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Losses in mismatched line

In the literature described approximate formulas for calculating additional heat losses in uncoordinated transmission lines (cables, waveguides) due to standing waves. The limitation of such formulas is that the own losses of the matched cable should be up to 2 dB. Today, high-loss cables are increasingly used for microwave frequencies above 1 GHz. Broadband antennas often have a CWS 1. To find a compromise between the length of the line (for example, the antenna's suspension height), its cost, to estimate losses in a deliberately mismatched line (for example, 75 Ohm cable in 50 Ohm systems)...
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