Jira DataCenter - what is it? How does it work? How to deploy?

Jira DataCenter - what is it? How does it work? How to deploy? 3r? 3531. 3r3-31. 3r? 3510. Introduction 3r33511. 3r33518.  3r? 3531. With the spread of the Agile philosophy, Russian IT specialists are gaining more and more expertise and competence in customizing and managing products for development teams, the most popular of which is still Jira. However, working with the highest, most productive and highly available version of it - the Jira Data Center - still raises a lot of questions. In this post I will talk about some of the principles and mechanisms of the Jira DataCenter, which we apply in practice. I'll start with a story about the Jira cluster structure...
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SAFe or Scaled Agile Framework

What is SAFe? 3r33112.
What is Agile, many people know. An even greater number of people involved in IT use terminology. Even more who heard about Agile. 3r3144.
Not everyone who confidently uses the term Agile for communication, criticism, for that; in order to present your team or company in the best light, for example, what is the difference between SCRUM and Agile; and often put an equal sign between these two different concepts. But not so long ago in 201? SAFe also appeared. What is it and why is it needed? 3r3144. 3r314. 3r3143.
One of the important advantages and disadvantages of ...
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Chinese polysilicon giant increases power

Chinese polysilicon giant increases power  3r366.
 3r366. Chinese polysilicon producer Daqo New Energy in December 2018 reported that it had increased its production capacity to 3?000 tons /year, followed by an increase of ?000 tons /year for 6 months and another 3?000 tons /year by the end of March 2020.
 3r366. 3r311.
 3r366. Another turning point in the plans of the Chinese giant for the production of polysilicon 3r3r177. Daqo New Energy <{full}> by systematically reducing the price of raw materials for the production of solar panels passed. The last stage in increasing the production capacity has already been passed, and the process goes ...
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And who is in your gang?

 3r3659. 3r3-31. It so happened that in the companies where I worked, I loved all sorts of tests from the arsenal of HR. All - and managers, and ordinary performers, chased through these tests.
 3r3659. Tests, as a rule, determined the type of personality in relation to professional activity - what a person is most inclined to, what is easy for him, what activity makes him tense, and what is better not to take at all.
 3r3659. To our surprise, we found that different tests reveal approximately the same tendencies. If one test showed that a person, for example, the soul of a company...
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Habro suicide. Why 1C programmers will save the world

Hope for change faded away. Qualitative changes can only be carried out by the head of the company, or very expensive consultants. The changes will take years - with our blockheads on the ground. No one will understand the essence of transformations, so no one can develop them. Instead of one inert system, we get another - more efficient, but also inert. Any relatively large change in market conditions will require a quick restructuring of the company, but we do not have people who are ready to understand and implement these changes.
Or is there? Maybe look around? Who do we have besides the ...
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Who and why makes TeamLead Conf

Meet - this is the backbone of our program committee. TeamLead Conf : Georgy Mogelashvili (Booking.com), Nikolai Krapivny (Badoo) and Stanislav Tsyganov (Tutu.ru). Those people who form the content and set the direction. We asked them a few simple questions about the work of the PC, the selection of topics and topics that will focus on the next February conference. 3r3308.  3r33333. 3r3308.  3r33333. Who and why makes TeamLead Conf 3r33333. 3r3308.  3r33333.

- Tell us in a few words about your work.

3r3308.  3r33333. 3r33333. George Mogelashvili ( Glamcoder ...[/h]
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FunCorp dictionary

FunCorp dictionary
3r33571.  3r3-3579. 3r33571.  3r3-3579. 3r33557. Amnesty 3r33558. - The task is to unban all users. 3r33571.  3r3-3579. 3r33571.  3r3-3579. 3r33535. An example of using 3r36464. :
 3r3-3579. - On February 2? we send a letter about amnesty. 3r33571.  3r3-3579. 3r33571.  3r3-3579. 3r33557. Java boyars 3r33558. - developers using java. Can be used with any respected programming language, but not suitable for PHP and jаvascript. 3r33571.  3r3-3579. 3r33571.  3r3-3579. 3r33535. An example of using 3r36464. :
 3r3-3579. - Java boyars, how to add an HTTP request header to the context of a logback? 3r33571.  3r3-3579...
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Elections, elections

John sat and stared blankly at the monitor, which contained a spreadsheet with tasks. He himself did not know what he was trying to see there - he just leafed it up and down, tried to peer at the letters, read the words, but could not understand what he wanted to achieve. Two days have passed since the funeral of the scram board, but nothing happened. 3r33838.  
Two tasks have a mark of accomplishment - aha, this is Tom, his tasks. For the rest - silence. 3r33838.  
- So, gang. Said John loudly. - What did you do for two days? 3r33838.  
The programmers broke away ...
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"Warm lamp" sound with your own hands. What if you cross the store, club and workshop?

 3r33410. 3r3-31. "Warm lamp" sound with your own hands. What if you cross the store, club and workshop?  3r33410.
 3r33410. The phrase “Warm Lamp” has long become a meme. It is used everywhere and in the most unusual context. For me personally, with these words, an old tube radio from my childhood comes to mind, to which I attached an external antenna (to increase sensitivity) and a converter to escape into shorter waves, on which the jamming of “enemy voices” was less intense. For most, they are more likely to be associated with low frequency amplifiers.
 3r33410. However, this article is more about marketing. Today, offline trading in gadgets is beginning to experience a crisis, but it’s st...
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Development of technical specifications according to GOST 34 is easy and simple

Often you hear the opinion that drawing up a Technical Specification in accordance with GOST 34 (TZ) is not only laborious, but also extremely annoying, because you have to write a lot of nonsense and water. But think: the development of this GOST was carried out by entire research institutes, it was a project at the state level, the experience of hundreds of automation projects, complex projects was summarized. Could they write nonsense?
In fact, with the right approach, GOST is very helpful not only in the development of the TZ, but during the implementation of the automation project as a ...
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