5 Prioritization techniques for IT teams

Is it always easy to define priorities in the tasks of a large project? And if in priority are five urgent tasks? Ten?
Experienced project managers and product owners know that one intuition is indispensable here. In order not to fail the team and meet the deadlines, today, useful methodologies for determining priorities, as well as modern tools that help visualize data and miss nothing in their work processes, come to the aid of managers.
5 Prioritization techniques for IT teams
Hygger.io (implemented or only planned)...

"Digital States": how they evolved

In last article we figured out what the digital states are in essence, on what ideas they are based and what were the first working systems in the US and the USSR.
Now we propose to move on to an important period when the possibility of combining disparate technologies on one platform met with a desire to make them mass.
"Digital States": how they evolved


To meet the consumer

In the review of the first systems of the digital state, we stopped in the 1980s and noted that in the States by that time formed ...[/h]

From Excel to SED: how to organize a convenient processing of materials for the scientific conference

In this article, I want to share my experience in organizing the collection, review and discussion of materials sent by participants in a scientific conference held annually by our department.
We accept materials by e-mail in formats OpenOffice and Microsoft Office, but the original layout of the collection, in accordance with the requirements of our printing house, is prepared in the format * .docx. Interaction between the authors, the organizing committee and the reviewers had to be organized in such a way as to take into account all incoming files, changes and comments made to them. To control ...

The origins of motivation in the management of Agile and SCRUM

The origins of motivation in the management of Agile and SCRUMAgile and SCRUM are project management techniques, the essence of which is the principle of "checking and adapting". This process consists in the fact that it is possible and necessary to introduce as often as possible small milestones of the product in order to understand whether it is creating exactly what the market and the consumer need. This means that market analysts and needs are often conducted, and changes from the original plan in the event of a change in the consumer's desires are desirable, if necessary. Realization of the project is carried out by iterations in 2 - 4 weeks, which allows ...

Production of information systems. Part 3. Implementation of the design solution


Brilliant plans are lucky for the designers.
Bad plans carry on the performers.
Wieslaw Brudzinsky.
At this stage, the process begins to revolve around the project manager. Again, the evaluation of labor intensity, the definition of terms, the coordination of volumes, the approval of the order of execution, etc.
Since we are talking about large projects, then with a high degree of probability for the implementation of the project solution, the entire production process of the information system ...[/h]

Barcode scanners for EGAIS: myths and reality, selection criteria

What should be the product manager. One of the opinions from Yandex is

This summer in Yandex will be the seventh School of Managers . Every year, several hundred people claim to take part in it. Most of them have a lot of questions about what the manager's job in Yandex is and what you need to do to basically be a good manager.
What should be the product manager. One of the opinions from Yandex is
Many of you are familiar with the traditional approach with the division of project and product managers. In Yandex, there is often no such division, and you, most likely, will need knowledge and skills of both specializations in the work. The role of the manager is constantly evolving. Companies and services are growing, processes are ..

What moves IT in business: springboards and obstacles

What moves IT in business: springboards and obstacles According to some sources global cloud traffic by 2021 will reach 95% of total data center traffic. The economic situation, as well as the law on the storage of personal data of Russian citizens on the territory of the Russian Federation, stimulates the development of domestic data centers, the growth of cloud providers' business. Many of our companies, meanwhile, are only at the very beginning of the journey and are quickly lost in the variety of different technical possibilities. On the one hand, they understand that cloud solutions and corporate mobility will support their business at no ...

On the "expiration dates" of the employee

The other day a friend asked me to take a fresh look at his resume. As it turned out, his current job was his first and only job, and he worked on it for almost 14 years. IT company, medium management. In the summary, he indicated only his last position and it seemed that all these 14 years the man worked in one position I recommended him to paint his vertical-horizontal growth, and she thought about the stories of employees with 10+ years of experience. We will look at them from two perspectives: from the side of the company and from the side of the employee.
On the "expiration dates" of the employee ...

Seminar "Development vs Exploitation. Why neither Agile, nor DevOps - this is not a magic pill ", March 2? Moscow

Seminar "Development vs Exploitation. Why neither Agile, nor DevOps - this is not a magic pill ", March 2? Moscow  
We are launching a new direction of DataLine Universities - seminars on supporting Internet projects and interaction of development and operation.
The format will also be new - now we will conduct online broadcasts from all our seminars!
Date : March 22 in Moscow.
Theme : "Development vs Exploitation. Why neither Agile, nor DevOps - this is not a magic pill, and how to live with it. "
The leader of the course is : Alexei Pristavko , Director for Web Projects DataLine.
There are only a few places left, we ...