Trends of online education: the experience of TED, LinguaLeo, Knewton and other

Trends of online education: the experience of TED, LinguaLeo, Knewton and other  
What today has become a large and mature digital technology market was built by self-taught enthusiasts. Fifteen to twenty years ago, no one taught website design, and universities did not produce programmers with a specialization in the web. Today, the entrance threshold is much lower, largely due to the availability of education: the Internet is full of online courses. And this is good (if you do not go for any "become a C ++ programmer for three days and get 200K").
We have collected our top 5 trends in online education (and in training in general), which seem to us especially important. At the end of the article - a survey, we hope that you will agree to participate and note which trends seem to you the most relevant.
Affinity VR [/i]
Take VR. Once on TED showed the developers of a virtual biochemical laboratory, which enabled students in video glasses to work with equipment, which they can touch only at the best in a few years. These are expensive professional systems that are used to conduct biochemical reactions or study strains of bacteria.

Usual students in most cases just talk about modern methods of work, from time to time conducting simple practical exercises. At best, such a student will get acquainted with the equipment by photo, scheme or video. In a virtual laboratory, he has the opportunity to work with virtual components completely immersing himself in the conditions in which professionals work: you can put experiments, conduct a laboratory journal, share information with colleagues.
Augmented Reality (AR) is another training component that allows you to see tips, tips, descriptions of objects that fall into the camera lens of a smartphone or video glasses. An example is the training of a young specialist in information security in the data center or the practice of medical students in the clinic.
Study of dinosaurs using AR. Source: Derek E. Baird
AR can be used in the school, at the institute, at the advanced training courses.

Social and competitive factors

It is difficult to specify some basic principles of work, everything can change. But the fact that the social factor helps to learn is proved long ago. Some of us (the vast majority) stimulate the success of others. Understanding this principle, developers of all sorts of trackers, including Fitbit Flex 2 and Garmin VivoSmart, introduce social "competitions" into their software.
We at Skillbox actively use the competitive factor. For example, on the recent past intensive design the author of the best thesis received iMac, and three more students - the possibility of internship in AIC.
Thesis the listener is intensively Skillbox
In addition, according to experts, about 70% of people are obtained. new knowledge and experience through social connections and informal relationships. Training can occur through forums, wiki-pages, chats. Why is that? Perhaps co-education helps to reduce the feeling of isolation, raises the effectiveness of information transfer.
Another social component is gaming. All the same learning processes are much better in game form. Developers of software for learning foreign languages ​​often introduce into their applications such elements - the receipt of game currency, the ability to compare their results with the results of training of other participants in the system, etc.
Appendix Lingua Leo
This method uses LinguaLeo in its application for learning English. The user sees how well he has progressed compared to other members of the system.
We also try to experiment with game mechanics: for example, our PhotoshopBattle passes in several rounds according to the principles of the game of elimination. 8 designers of the country take part in it, fighting each other for the title of the best.



Another modern approach that allows you to master a small amount of material in a short period of time. A certain program is taken, and the process of obtaining knowledge is divided into short sessions, the duration of which is literally several minutes. An example is the same foreign languages. Many language online services recommend doing a little, at intervals of 5-10 minutes several times a day.
For micro-education, mobile applications, short videos, animation (including text), and infographic are ideally suited.
By breaking down into small portions, knowledge is better absorbed. a person does not have time to get tired and remembers everything read and viewed. The advantages of micro-education are increased concentration of attention, accessibility (you can learn anything at any time almost anywhere), modularity and flexibility.
Another example of micro-learning is the course. Coursmos , users of which study different topics on the example of commercials lasting 1-3 minutes. An example of hybrid micro-teaching (that is, micro-learning is combined with some other method) is a service for children from Tinycards from Duolingo: it offers the opportunity to study, for example, astronomy with the help of cards. Each card shows an object for study and its description.


One way to convey practical experience is mentoring.
Mentor transfers his knowledge to the ward, directs, prompts and, what is important, motivates - that is, fulfills the role of not just a lecturer, but also a teacher in the true sense of the word.
Today, information technology and telecommunications allow the learner to find a mentor thousands of miles away - which is great.

There is no limit to the perfection of

In general, the trends described above are far from all: modern education is much more profound and complex. For effective learning, you can use both different methods individually, and a combination of several of them.
In the following articles, we will tell you how we make our own courses - this is not always as easy as we would like.

What trends in training (not necessarily online) do you consider important and necessary?
Adaptive learning
Virtual and Augmented Reality
The social component of
Something different (excel in the comments)
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