Released 3CX v15.5 Update 5 Beta and REST-integration with AmoCRM

This week we presented an update to 3CX v15.5 Update 5 BETA. In the update, new types of reports appeared, the record of conversations was improved, new CRM-integration modules (including Russian AmoCRM) and other improvements were added. Let's consider what appeared in this release. See video .
Released 3CX v15.5 Update 5 Beta and REST-integration with AmoCRM  
This opportunity was often requested by the heads of call centers. Now the supervisor in one report can analyze the work of several groups of operators. If the call center serves several projects - such a report is simply necessary!

Improvements in the recording of conversations

Update ...[/h]
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CRM-integration 3CX with Google Contacts

CRM-integration 3CX with Google ContactsIn the last article, we discussed the integration of free edition of IP-PBX 3CX with Microsoft Outlook . And in this article we'll talk about a similar integration with the service Gmail /Google Apps (G Suite). For example, having shared access to a Gmail account, several employees of the company can work with a single contact database, thus organizing the simplest CRM system.
CRM-integration 3CX with Google contacts can open a card of an already existing contact, create a contact if it is not present, and also store the call information in notes to the contact.
Outgoing calls are ...
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"Right" call to softphones from AMOCRM (call2click)

Greetings, community!
Who was involved in the integration of asterisk and amocrm, he knows that it is possible to initiate a call from AMO only by originating. The original is when the server first calls to your extension number, and when you pick up the phone, a second call is made to the desired customer number. Sometimes this decision for various reasons does not suit clients or me.
Attempts to persuade tech support AMO to stick the possibility of placing links like "sip:" or "tel:" instead of calling the script amocrm.php with the original failed. Then this "crutch" was born. Perhaps ...
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CRM-integration with Outlook in the free version 3CX

CRM-integration with Outlook in the free version 3CXIn this article, we'll show you how to run in your company. free IP-PBX 3CX , combined with a mini-CRM system based on the very popular Microsoft Outlook email client. 3CX offers integration with Microsoft Outlook immediately out of the box. And, pay attention, not only in the editorial Pro, but also in edition of Standard . Given that this edition is offered free of charge to small companies - you get a very tempting offer to start your business!
After installing CRM-integration, a window with information about the calling client will open in Outlook. If no contact is found, Outlook ...
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Integration of telephony with the service MySklad

Integration of telephony with the service MySklad Site
MySklad is one of the most popular SaaS solutions for managing trade in Russia. In 201? according to CNews Analytics, MySklad ranked seventh in terms of revenue from cloud service providers. Innovation of the product at the time of launch was that it allows you to automate the accounting of trading and warehouse operations online.
Offering opportunities for business lines such as wholesale and retail, online shopping and manufacturing, the service could not do without a CRM module. And, of course, it is important for us to be represented as a telephony service capable of being ...
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The basic instinct of business: the edge of corporate security

The basic instinct of business: the edge of corporate securityHave you ever tried to introduce new regulations and instructions in the company? If so, you probably know what a storm of indignation is coming from the collective. At a minimum, you are quietly hated, as a maximum - there are gossip, some unmotivated statements of withdrawal and a general panic. Should I roll back the process? No. If there is resentment and resistance to such a "restriction of freedom", most likely you have hurt someone's interests. And like you do not bend, but introduce minimal measures to protect, but in the opinion of some employees, tighten the nuts, plant the regime, press ...
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We implement target marketing on the site

We implement target marketing on the siteThis article may be of interest to marketers who are thinking or are already trying to implement targeted communications with customers in digital channels. Also, it can be useful to site specialists in terms of organizing integration with the CRM system. Users of SAS client analytics solutions learn how to expand their capabilities by tuning the proper management of client experience in digital channels.
Buyers today are able to quickly switch between service providers in most competitive markets. For example, simultaneously using products from different banks or visiting different food stores...
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Inventory Monitoring System or CMDB on the knee

Inventory Monitoring System or CMDB on the kneeMany years ago I worked as a system administrator in one not very large, but good company. Everything is standard: several servers, unpretentious workflow, mail, Internet, accounting, file resources, user workstations. Yes, oh, these jobs :). Support for users always takes a special place in the heart of any system (and not the system administrator too).
One fine morning, I received a rather impressive "stick" from the leadership for the unexpectedly become inefficient computer chief accountant. Nothing exotic - the place on the system disk suddenly ended. The OS "fell" and refused to go up ...
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