Do the problems of timlides differ in St. Petersburg, we will find out on Saint TeamLead Conf

In February of this year we held the first conference for timlids and about timlides. The conference was attended by more than 500 people. The main result is that, in principle,
The community recognized the existence of problem
, as evidenced by the number and composition of the questions that were raised at the round table (we wrote about it in the 3 r3r3292 review
). Since there is a problem, we need to look for its solution, which we plan to do within the framework of Saint TeamLead Conf in St. Petersburg
24 and 25 September
. Reception of applications for reports is still underway, and it's too early to talk about a specific program. Let's talk about the objectives of the Program Committee, recall the last conference, and also talk about what awaits us at the end of September in St. Petersburg.
Do the problems of timlides differ in St. Petersburg, we will find out on Saint TeamLead Conf  
send the application . The Program Committee accepts abstracts
before August 10th
The selection is strict, but it is fair, and for those who passed it, we try to make it as easy as possible to make a terrific report. We take care of the costs associated with arriving at the conference, conduct trainings and webinars for future speakers, and organize a special program.

Take part

Summarizing, in the autumn Saint TeamLead Conf we will certainly bring something new, because we already know our audience, we know what pain they experience. And, most importantly, we will find the answers - honestly!

Already received more than 50 applications , so as a program you can not doubt. Book your tickets Advantageously, company can schedule a conference visit for several employees, and approve the membership of the participants closer to the event.
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YouTube channel, which publishes video reports on the management of Management Channel.
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