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Hello, Habr! I present to your attention the translation of the article " : Big Ball of Mud " By Brian Foote and Joseph Yoder.
From the translator: The article "Big Ball of Mud" was written by Brian Foute and Joseph Yoder in the summer of 1999. She talks about the most common antipatterns of software development, the reason for their emergence and development. Despite the fact that more than 18 years have passed since the publication, the described problems have not disappeared anywhere, so most of what is written is relevant to this day. This is the first part of the article of the three, the rest I hope to post in the near future.


In recent years, several authors have[Garlan и Shaw, 1993] [Shaw, 1996] [Buschmann и другие, 1996] [Meszaros, 1997]presented patterns that characterize the architecture of high-level software, for example, PIPELINE (conveyor) and LAYERED ARCHITECTURE (multilevel architecture).
In an ideal world, all systems would be a model of one or more similar high-level patterns. Nevertheless, in real life everything is not so. The architecture, which is currently dominant, has not been discussed yet. It is a question of BIG BALL OF MUD or BIG MUD OF MUD.
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