Summing up the comments on the article on the IP

Thanks to everyone who was noted in the comments on my first article 3r375. . It turned out interesting (and, as usual, mentioned a lot of valuable).
 3r395. For those who do not have time to study all four hundred comments, I collected a brief content under the cat.

 3r395. Not all factors in favor of PI, which I indicated in 3r314. first text 3r375. were supported.
 3r395. The flexibility of contracts really depends more on how much a particular person is important to the company. My experience suggests that cooperation with the PI is usually practiced in those positions where partners ...
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How to earn more in the IT sector in Russia?

 3r3152. 3r3-31. In this article, I decided to conduct a review of how to live a programmer in Siberia, namely in Novosibirsk. Because not everyone is ready and, frankly, they want to go to Moscow or St. Petersburg. Abroad, too, the decision is not for everyone, at home and the earth helps, as they say. Not everyone is ready to leave their homelands and families for the sake of the laurels of Google and Silicon Valley. Therefore, the idea was born to search and see what options exist for young and more advanced programmers to implement and earn money in their hometown. The more I searched and looked...
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How freelancers live: do not work with “all-knowing” clients and allow yourself to prokrastirovat

How freelancers live: do not work with “all-knowing” clients and allow yourself to prokrastirovat

They say that freelancing is chosen in order not to have to go to the office. And Vyacheslav told us that office for work is better than any beach.
We release the second interview about guys from 3r317. Freelance
- how to automate escort services and to whom to delegate the routine.

Vyacheslav Balobanov - a developer with 10 years of freelancing experience, creates complex Internet projects, information systems, websites and applications.

1. Describe your best freelancing project - the one you are really proud of.

In fact, I am proud of every second project, because their level is quite high. And this is not only and not so much because of the quality of my work, but because of the level of clients and the scale of the projects themselves.
If you choose one, there was experience in testing the security system of a foreign Internet service, everything worked in the browser ...[/h]
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Check out the PI - the only way

Check out the PI - the only way 3r3178. 3r3-31. For each article on Habré, concerning the advantages or disadvantages of an IT person’s design, such as an IP, hundreds of comments are written by supporters and opponents of this scheme. It feels like the market still has a choice. But I am sure that with the development of remote work, with all sorts of agile-approaches and practices that have developed in interaction with remote teams, there is simply no other way in IT. PI is the only form of relationship that corresponds to reality, and not “stretches” on it with difficulty (if you do not consider more “cunning” cases - LLC...
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How do freelancers live: from developer to technical copywriter

How do freelancers live: from developer to technical copywriter

Hi, Habr!
On the tenth issue, the guys closed the format 3r3166. "10 questions to the programmer" 3r320. . We in the Freelance team were upset at first, and then decided to pick up the idea with their permission. We are opening a new season in which we’ll find out how and how freelancers live.
We talked with Dmitry, a freelance technical copywriter, a former teacher and developer.
Dmitry developed software for the western market and did the documentation for it in English. After proofreading, the texts were returned almost unchanged. “Then I realized that I could write well,” says Dmitry. At ...
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“Lock-free, or not lock-free, that is the question.” Or “Healthy sleep, worse than bitter radish”

3r3-31. 3r33347. On writing this article, I was moved by comments to the article "3r333. How to right and wrong sleep
3r33347. This article will discuss the development of multi-threaded applications, the applicability of lock-free to some cases arising in the process of working on 3r339. LAppS
, about function 3r311. nanosleep
and scheduler violence.
NB: Everything discussed concerns development in C ++ under Linux, but it can be applied to all POSIX.1-2008 compatible systems (with an eye on a specific implementation). 3r33333.  
3r33347. In general, everything ...
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As we are web studio in Bali relocated

As we are web studio in Bali relocatedAfter some time after the final transition to freelance , the number of customers inexorably increased, despite the number of hands and bandwidth. Having found some friends-freelancers with similar problems, we decided to merge for the sake of good goals and create our own web studio.
As the years went by, the processes were getting better, the web studio was gradually expanding, replenishing with new staff and remote workers. It so happened that the people who were very close in spirit, temperament and character got to the office, who were responsible, easy on the rise and with whom it ...
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"Free" tablets for prisoners - not at all free of charge

"Free" tablets for prisoners - not at all free of charge  
Tablet JPay. Source of the image: JPay
Download music album - $ 46. Send an email to 47c. Videochat with his wife - $ 18 /hour.
The ugly scandal unfolded around the "free" tablets for the deprived of freedom: they were not only an excessively expensive paid system "for learning and communication," but also something else.
unfolded its extremely raspiarennuyu program, in which each prisoner was "gifted" iPad-like device, the initiative sharply and unexpectedly turned; all seized about 1?000 copies, previously distributed between prisoners in prisons throughout the state. An unnamed ...
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Remote work, how it works

Remote work, how it worksCurrently, more than 5 years, I work as a staff member on a remote scheme. In this article I will talk about how I came to this work, what are the pros and cons, and what I plan to do with it all.
I started my career in IT from work in 1C-franchisee, where I received average money for my small town, then I was drawn to something more "cowardly", I began to learn Python /Java. This allowed me to create several projects, which to this day bring me an average zp for my city, but it did not work out cool. Eggs and money for the discovery of something more serious and risky I did not find, so I ...
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Personal experience: Data Engineering on Upwork

I worked for many years as Data Engineer and Data Scientist, I solved complex business cases, built large systems, deduced all this in production. In early 2017 I threw drink, smoke and work in the office and went freelancing, experimenting with alternative forms of employment. Quite a lot of time I spent on Upwork. Judging by the numerous comments, the reputable audience does not fully understand what it is. I'm broadcasting.
Upwork is the world's largest freelance exchange. Date Satanists and the date engineers are few to anyone in this world are needed (compared to translators, webmasters ...
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