How to earn more in the IT sector in Russia?

 3r3152. 3r3-31. In this article, I decided to conduct a review of how to live a programmer in Siberia, namely in Novosibirsk. Because not everyone is ready and, frankly, they want to go to Moscow or St. Petersburg. Abroad, too, the decision is not for everyone, at home and the earth helps, as they say. Not everyone is ready to leave their homelands and families for the sake of the laurels of Google and Silicon Valley. Therefore, the idea was born to search and see what options exist for young and more advanced programmers to implement and earn money in their hometown. The more I searched and looked, the more I realized that the material goes beyond the borders of my native land, so now it's more objective to say how to make more money for a programmer in Russia as a whole.

Internet, technology and freelance

 3r3152. It seems to me that now generally you can not go anywhere. Remote work and freelancing is now extremely common among representatives of the IT professions. Because everything that you need is in your head. Meetings via Skype or other messengers allow you to supervise projects, work and even study. In a global world in fact there are no borders. For an IT specialist, there is an option to keep your lifestyle, stay close to your loved ones and work all over the world. One moment, these are time zones, but you can come up with something.
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The BRIGHT CITY innovation and research and educational infrastructure cluster (AU Technopark - Mordovia, FSBEI HE "MSU named after NP Ogarev", LLC NIIIS named after A.N. Lodygin). Specialization: lighting, fiber optic instrumentation. 3r380.  3r3152.
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Innokam in Tatarstan. Specialization: oil and gas processing, petrochemistry, automotive. 3r380.  3r3152. 3r380.  3r3152.
Innopolis, a new city created as an answer to Silicon Valley in the USA 3r3-363.
3r380.  3r3152.
Aerospace cluster of the Samara region 3r3-368.
3r380.  3r3152.
The cluster "SMART Technologies Tomsk" in Tomsk 3r380.  3r3152.
Innovation cluster of the Ulyanovsk region with an emphasis on nuclear development 3r3r78.
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Factories and large production 3r3124.
 3r3152. Yes, despite the fact that it sounds not as modern as a cluster. Dozens of factories and industries that require IT specialists work in Novosibirsk and the Novosibirsk region. This is a great opportunity to become a narrow and sought-after specialist in the field of automation, etc. I looked at the HeadHunter gj query “IT-specialist” found 194 vacancies, on the website with inquiries it was a bit more complicated and the results showed not such a wealth of vacancies of just 73 pieces.
 3r3152. But you should not despair if there are no suitable vacancies near you right now. In fact, progress is proceeding rather quickly, even into bulky factory structures. Some of my acquaintances have found a good position in the quality of management of building production automation systems. Although yesterday this work unit was not. Therefore, you need to monitor the markets and be ready!
How to find a permanent job and growth? 3r3124.
 3r3152. From my own experience and the practice of my friends and acquaintances, I can say that 80% of IT people periodically “work”: temporary projects for part-time work, permanent remote projects are not full time. This allows you to increase your income and your skills to develop. Here to help, both domestic exchanges and foreign, depending on your specialization. Made a selection of some, in my subjective opinion,
 3r3152. 1. (the largest international stock exchange)
 3r3152. 2. (programming + design) 3r3137.  3r3152. 3.
 3r3152. 4. 3r3137.  3r3152. 5. and (mainly 1C) 3r3137.  3r3152. 6.
 3r3152. 7.
 3r3152. 8. (not free consultations, but for me this service is quite questionable)
What else you need to know to earn more? 3r3124.
 3r3152. No matter how it sounds unpatriotic, but the presence of "paper" from foreign universities or prof. organizations are always a significant bonus for an applicant for any position in IT. Therefore, online self-education is already a solution for working professionals or for those who already understand what narrow specialization they need to get. Here everyone can be assisted either by online universities or universities that have developed online education at a steep level. I give my personal selection of foreign educational institutions, which are worth paying attention to IT-specialists: 3r3137.  3r3152.
 3r3152. 1. 3r3131. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
 3r3152. 2. Stanford 3r3-340.
 3r3152. 3.
Kutztown University of Pennsylvania
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